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Goth Women, Girls

Different Looks of Goth Women and Girls

Although most of the time outsiders can readily see someone who adheres to the Gothic lifestyle and identifies themselves as a Goth, the reality is, by Goth standards, Goth is mostly what you interpret it to be, and can be expressed in a multitude of ways. At least that's the theory expressed by many.

While real Goths do acknowledge this, still most embrace a certain, unmistakable look which leaves little question as to what they represent.

Now across cultures this can change. For example, Japanese Goth, at least with women, has a more of a Lolita and cosplay look than those in the Western world will have. That's a strongly cultural practice expressed through the prism of Goth.

Western female Goths, for the most part, dress in a darker, more sinister way, usually with the heavy dark eye shadow and dark clothes.

There are also hybrids of Goths, as far as fashion goes, including blending with punk, steampunk, and other subcultures.

In this article we'll look primarily at the fashion of what would be considered a more pure Goth look, although not from a superior attitude, but from a traditional lifestyle, if the word traditional and Goth can be included together.

Western Goth

Gothic Western women, as mentioned, have the very dark eye makeup and dark clothing, as this first image reveals. There are of course many different accessories, hair and outfits, but this is as close to a ubiquitous look as you'll get with Gothic women living in the West.

Gothic Woman


In this next photo we get a good look at the general way Japanese Goths dress, including that Lolita look that is so popular in the country. This is very typical of how Japanese girls and young women dress.

Gothic Japanese Girls


The photo of the young women below was taken at a Gothic festival, and it's highly unlikely the girls below are living a Goth lifestyle. Even though Goths dress and live in a creative manner and without set rules and guidelines, as mentioned, there is still a certain way real Goths dress, and this is more cosplay than it is real.

Gothic Western Women?


Goth Woman Sitting


Here's another look at Japanese young Goth women, with a different look than those in the photo above. These have the elevated shoes - very popular among many Goths - and those nice-looking black hat and bow.

Goth Japanese Girls


A significant number of Goth women like to dress in Victoria fashion, as seen below, along with including props. In this case the umbrella and cross stand out. There are even some Gothic people who claim to be Christians, which may be the case with this Goth woman, although the cross as a Gothic symbol outside of Christianity is part of the subculture.

Goth Woman with Umbrella and Cross


We finish this brief look at Gothic women with this photo of another very traditional Gothic outfit. the dark eye shadow, lipstick and clothing easily identify this young woman as living the lifestyle of a Goth.

Traditional Gothic Western Woman Fashion



Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on July 25, 2018:

Greetings my little Darklings.

Coming up in 'Olde London towne'. The Mary Shelley Gothique Ball to mark the 200th anniversary of her FRANKENSTEIN novel.

Sweet dreams.

The Limpet.

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on September 30, 2016:

Greetings Darklings!

After a hot summer it's reality check tyme as my wardrobe currently has more non goth. As winter approaches we shall be dressed to the hilts.

sweet dreams!

the limpet

Michaela from USA on September 23, 2015:

Gothic Lolita and the fashions of Japan are in no way connected to the Goth movement itself. Gothic Lolita is just a subset of the Lolita fashion in general, which has it's own subculture and values, unrelated to Goth. Very rarely do these Japanese girls listen to Goth music or indulge in any kind of Goth "lifestyle".

In the west, Goth is heavily based around a certain type of music and less on the fashion, so really it's impossible to tell a real Goth just by looking at them most of the time. A person could be entirely devoted to Joy Division, love spooky things, and read Gothic Literature as a hobby and yet never dress the part. Does that make them less Goth? Heck no!

Ian Stuart Robertson from London England on May 14, 2014:

i am revisiting all of these pages pertaining to 'goth' just to check on any comment i made which i now regret. Here in 'olde London towne' there is a flourishing Goth counter culture and there is a 'Bohemian' type of precinct which caters for the underground scene adequately. Nearby the corporate I.T. firms have set up shop and what you in the States call 'geeks' we say 'gonks' so smug snide and selfish! Give me the goth anyday.

Carlon Michelle from USA on August 09, 2011:

I learn something new every day. Smile!

Kitty Fields from Summerland on August 09, 2011:

The girl in the "Western Women" pic in the middle is actually what they call a "cyber goth", sort of a raver/goth mix. She's probably into industrial music. The last girl looks more emo to me. Great hub though, thanks! Voted up and awesome.