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Extraordinary Gothic Fashion of Yasutaka Funakoshi

Tokyo's Goth Fashion

Designer Yasutaka Funakoshi showcased a taste of the goth subculture of Tokyo via his Alice Auaa Fall 2012 collection at Japan fashion week.

The many outfits and looks were amazing, and the makeup and hairstyles were bold in some cases; ranging from the elegant to a ratty, messy look.

There were so many different things going on that it is hard to grasp it all with a cursory look. You have to examine the ensemble closely and individually to
really take in the detail included in the outfits, hair and makeup ... from head to toe.

One thing all the models wear is that Goth face that alludes to the isolationism portrayed by the lifestyle. Add to that the disparate outfits with a touch of a variety of styles, and you have what seems to be a fusion of theater and art to create an amazing collection.

Women's Gothic Ripped Crossed Tee

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Dark and Light Colors

With a rare exception, this Goth collection is a contrast of dark and white colors.

I also like that the makeup person didn't attempt to cheat on the Goth look, but in my opinion and experience, captured the look accurately and compellingly; at least in one expression of it.

But a picture is like a thousand words they say, so let's get into the photos, which are easier to absorb than any words could explain.

Goth Rapunzel Fashion

In this first outfit it looks like it has a Goth Rapunzel looking going for it, as evidenced by the long braided hair hanging down the front of the white, jagged-edged dress.

That wild hair goes with the somewhat disheveled look. And those boots, along with the dark eyes and lipstick, stand out strongly in an otherwise very light-colored theme.

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Goth Pantaloons and Vest

Although the hair, eyes and lipstick are the same here, the outfit is wonderfully different. That pantaloons, vest combination looks fantastic, and those stockings and shoes finish off what is a very unique look.

Did you notice what appears to be a cape being dragged behind her in her left hand? Her facial expression is really cool in that wearing the same makeup she can make herself look so different from the prior image.

Below you see her donning the cape. Although it's interesting, I like the top photo better with the outfit being more opened up.


Gothic Fallen Angel Art

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Gothic Table Fashion

It's not that often that you see someone wearing a table as part of their outfit, but you have it here. I wonder if the model had a hard time keeping from smiling?

While the table is a novelty that attracts tension and generates buzz, it hides what I consider a really nice looking ruffled top that looks fantastic. It's hard to see, but she's also wearing some cool Gothic jewelry on a finger of each hand.

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Black Floral Gothic Lolita Corset

Black Gothic Dress

There's nothing not to like about this black Gothic dress. The big belt is outstanding, and those little bands around the bottom of the sleeves are really nice, as are the collar, shoulders, and the cool buttons going up both sides of the front.


Retro Gothic Fashion

Although this outfit could be interpreted in more than one way, I see it primarily as a retro Gothic look. This is a fantastic dress, with the cascading shoulders looking unbelievable.

The way the top tapers down to the flatter middle and finishing off with a slight widening at the bottom of the dress is also fantastic to me.

While the hat is playful, I guess this dress just looks too nice to have that as a distraction. Also the sleeve on the one side didn't do much for me; probably for the same reason.


Gothic Dress

This particular dress left me struggling as to how to define it, as it appears to have a number of elements that could be used, but it didn't quite do it for me, so I just used the term 'Gothic dress,' which is as good as any.

I like the black, fluffy neck piece and jewelry on top, as well as the flared look on the bottom. The color of the dress and its design wasn't bad, but it seems a little too understated with the rest of the outfit and look of the model.


Cute Gothic Flapper Dress

I'm just having fun naming the overall outfits and dresses how I see them, so naming this as a flapper dress was how I view it. I think I may even be close to some of the inspiration behind it, based on that neck wrap and the bottom of the dress, which has some flapper in it to me, although it's not as low as the dresses in those days.

I'ts a really cute dress and the overall look really works to me.


Gothic Feather Dress

What about this wonderful feather dress with the beaded waist and accompanying feather shoulders? This is a little more bold than the prior outfit, although it is much more different than it appears at first if you look at the detail.

That hand jewelry also looks great. I like the one above better than this one, but it's still a nice design.


Steampunk, Space Fashion

This is a very cool outfit, with a combination of Gothic, steampunk, and what appears to be a space theme.

Without a doubt or hesitation, my favorite is the baggy pants. They look amazing, and those boots look fantastic with them.

The top is very busy, and the cute shoulders narrowing down to the longer sleeves is a nice touch. That leather corset is also very cool and unique looking; something I haven't quite seen the likes of before.

What about that longer, leather band on the left sleeve? It looks pretty nice, but in this case it may have looked better to have one on both arms.


Gothic Fashion of Yasutaka Funakoshi

Seeing the fashion of designers with influences from various part of the world is also an entertaining and satisfying experience, as it has been viewing the designs of Yasutaka Funakoshi.

For me, I saw a lot of Western influence blended in with the Tokyo Gothic fashion scene, and the splendid results reveal an amazing interpretation of East/West fashion based upon the past, present, and view of the future.

The results are magnificent and compelling, as you can see.


SmartAndFun from Texas on March 23, 2012:

Awesome photos! I never knew Goth could be so beautiful!

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