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Footwear for Brides

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Bridal Shoes That Are On Trend Are Fabulous

I have put together a great selection of fabulous bridal shoes. I hope you will take a few minutes and check out the latest greatest bridal shoe trends. Shoes are a very important part of a bride's wedding day ensembles. Your wedding day will be one of the most important events in your life, your wedding day ensemble must be perfect head to toe.

Today's wedding themes are numerous, and most brides will choose that special bridal gown to compliment the theme of their wedding. It only makes good sense that the bride's shoes should also compliment not only her bridal gown but the theme of the wedding. Brides today are very lucky because the shoe industry has today's bride well covered. The marketplace is brimming with bridal shoes of all kinds of styles. The bride no longer has to settle for the classic white satin pump of the past. There are so many wonderful different bridal shoe styles, it isn't hard for a bride to find that perfect pair of bridal shoes to compliment her beautiful wedding gown. However, she may also be lucky enough to find that perfect pair of bridal shoes that will also complement her very own unique personality.

When I attend a wedding I always check out a bride's shoes very carefully, and I am pleased to see that the new bridal shoe trends have taken hold. In years passed the bridal shoe was pretty predictable, most often a white satin pump, with perhaps a bit of sparkle. The new trends in bridal footwear are pretty spectacular.

While we're on the subject of bridal shoes. What do you think about saving one's bridal shoes? I think it sweet to save one's bridal shoes. I hope that someday in the future those shoes will again have the chance to be worn. Perhaps to be part of a daughter or Granddaughters bridal ensemble. I have added some instructions, along with helpful tips on how to store those wedding day shoes. If your bridal shoes are properly stored, they will stay as beautiful as the day they graced your walk down the aisle... Remember every bride needs something old. However, no bride wants to wear old looking shoes. So store those wedding shoes the right way.

Source: Bing Free to use and share

Source: Bing Free to use and share

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Helpful Tip....

Do you know how to store your beautiful wedding shoes?

Will you be saving your wedding shoes?


How To Properly Store Your Wedding Shoes - Someday you may want to pass your fabulous wedding shoes down to a loved one...


How To Store Your Wedding Shoes

Do you love the beautiful hat boxes in the photo? Check out how you can make one store your wedding shoes in. ( Browse Photo to visit website, for easy instructions.)

You chose your wedding shoes very carefully, they carried you down the aisle on one of the happiest days of your life, and they served you well as you danced the night away at your reception. You got tons of compliments on those special shoes. You might want to save those magical shoes, and pass them down to a loved one for their special day. Every bride needs something old.

How To Store Wedding Shoes

1. Collect the proper supplies you will need.

A. You will need a good oversized box.( I like a hat box.) This type of box will give the shoes plenty of room to actually stand up in the box, without touching its pair.

B. Lots of white tissue paper. You need enough tissue paper to stuff both shoes tightly and to add to the box to keep your shoes in place.

C. Two large white cloth shoe covers.

D. optional: a handful of dyed lavender buds. Lavender buds are known to repel various types of bugs. Plus they have a fresh soft smell and help keep out moisture.

Step 2.

After your special day, let your shoes set put for three or four days. This will ensure that there will be no moisture in the shoes when you go to store them.

Step 3.

Take a white tissue and stuff your shoe to make sure it keeps its form. If your shoes are sandal with straps just make sure they are stuffed to appear as if your foot is in the shoe.

Step 4.

Take 2 large plastic bags, again clear in color or white. Place each shoe in a plastic bag, Secure the bag at the top with a piece of ribbon or cloth. No wire ties.

Step 5.

Now place each shoe in its cloth bag. Make sure the cloth bags are large enough not to impede the shoes stuffed structure.

Step 6.

If you will be adding lavender buds, add them now at the bottom of the storage box. cover with a layer of tissue.

Step 7.

Place your shoes on top of the tissue in an upright standing position. Take crunched up white tissue and place it between the shoes and around the shoes to ensure that the shoes will not fall over with the movement of the box.

Step 8.

Place your store wedding shoes in a clean dry atmosphere. Such as your closet. Make sure not to store the shoes in an attic or garage due to the severe temperature fluctuations.

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