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Footed Pajamas for Plus Size Women--Ideal for Cold Weather

Being large size myself, I feel qualified to choose appropriate clothes,not always easy to find, for other generously proportioned people

Did You Know You Can Get Plus Size Footed Pajamas For Women?

Also Called Onesies, they're really cute and comfortable

At first you might think that plus size footies, or footsies, or even onesies, are a strange choice. The first time I saw onesies was when my grandson came home from university and started wearing his leopard skin outfit around the house, as a sort of lounging suit. I laughed and thought he was really freaky, and didn't waste a moment telling him so. He looked at me pityingly and said they were now the in-thing and that some of his bolder friends were even wearing them to go out. I didn't believe him, but started keeping my eyes open, and found that he was right.

My Next Visit Was Quite a Surprise

Next time I visited, my granddaughter was wearing the cutest animal footed pajamas, and she looked adorable. But I never thought they would be doing plus size onesies, although I could see they were fairly wide and lent themselves to large sizes.

Then I looked around shops that sell clothes for larger ladies, and I found there were plenty of plus size women's footed pajamas (or pyjamas as we prefer to spell them where I come from)

Take a Deep Breath, and Off We Go

Your venture into unknown realms:

And remember, I would not disappoint you by showing you anything which doesn't come in a large size. These are all for you (and you known who you are!).

Furthermore, if you decide you would prefer ordinary pajamas instead of footed pajamas, click on any of the Amazon links and you'll be transported to their web page, where you can type "plus size pajamas" into the search box, and find an appealing variety of pajama styles in your size.

I think any of these plus-sized pyjamas would be ideal presents.

Here's a Little Warning Before We Go Any Further:

Do not wear these Onesies to a formal function

I would say they are not appropriate attire for:

  • posh balls or graduation ceremonies
  • opening new dams and shopping arcades
  • meeting important dignitaries such as Royalty or Presidents

Fleece Women's Onesie

One-Piece Pajama Jumpsuits for Men and Women, Unisex. with Detachable Feet

How Do I Look?

If you are accustomed to wondering "does my bum look big in this?" the answer is always going to be "yes" if you are wearing one of these, but no bigger than anyone else's, because everyone looks chubby in these. But so what? You will be lovely and warm, comfortable and cuddly.

Plus size footed pajamas in various colours - Sheer glamor is not an option with onesies, but cuteness and adorableness is on the cards!

Plus Size Footed Pajamas in Animal Prints--Do You Want to Be a Zebra, or Even a Leopard?

You're bound to find some in the shops, as animals are always popular to some people, including me.

You Can Get Several Bird and Animal Style Onesies as Well

Take a look at the giraffe below.

Onesies on YouTube - (Another Name for "footed Pajamas")

They lend themselves to humor, don't they?

This one is a music rap video, but there are lots of other to see.

Now How About Your Very Own Grown-up Pajama Party?

That would be quite a laugh!

But bear in mind the questions I have posed below:

A Few Questions are Lurking at the Back of My Mind:

I do think these onesies are cute and snug; and they would certainly keep you warm when you are lounging about the house

But -

1. if you go partying in them, are they a bit of a disadvantage? They would possibly cause a stir and attract comments and jokes, of the kindly variety, but would they cause you to heat up and come to the boil, so that you wish you could shed them, and wear something a bit cooler and less like central heating when you are dancing, or doing a little flirting?

2. And would you overheat if you wore them in bed?

3. How would you feel about having to undress completely in order to go to the loo (bathroom if you're American)? I know some footies have sort of access areas or flaps which you can unbutton in order to do the necessary, but many of them are front-opening and, to my mind, devoid of convenience when you most need to use the convenience, if you get my meaning.

4. Last but not least, do you think they could be passion-killers or would your Significant (or Insignificant) Other find them strangely sensual and appealing? Would it be a weird variation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which so far I have resisted reading (I swear)?

I only asked because my mind is mulling over these questions, and there's bound to be someone who can give me the answer.

Me and My Significant Other Wearing Footsies

Footed Pajamas Are Cosy and Fun--But Are They Just a Passing Fad?

That's what we thought about platform shoes, mini-skirts and hoodies, but we were wrong, weren't we?

Well, what do you think about plus size footed pajamas? I love to hear from people round the world

Joyfulcrown on December 17, 2014:

I had some when I was a kid. I haven't considered until now. I'm always cold so it a good & cute idea

GrammieOlivia on September 12, 2014:

Cute but not for me, I think I would be swimming in a sea of body moisture. I'm a hottie and could not stand anything like this to sleep in. Too bad, because they are cute!

Nathalie Roy from France (Canadian expat) on September 12, 2014:

last time I wore a footed pajamas I was 7 years old. I remember loving them

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on September 12, 2014:

It has been years since I wore footed pajamas. I had to laugh at myself when I realized I was about to leave the same message that I left on here 6 months ago about my feet staying cold.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on March 14, 2014:

@Merrci: I've just written a new page which you will find above called Cotton Onesies for Plus Size Women, so there's no need for the air conditioner because there isn't a fleecy onesie among them

Merry Citarella from Oregon's Southern Coast on March 07, 2014:

These are so cute! I do agree though I'd be looking for the air conditioner in them after a short time. But who can resist them? Great lens!

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on March 07, 2014:

@OhMe: Look no further!

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on March 07, 2014:

My feet stay cold so I need some footed pajamas.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on February 24, 2014:

@favored: Yes, I am surprised too

Fay Favored from USA on February 24, 2014:

Seems these are making a fashion statement. I showed my husband and he couldn't believe how popular they are.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on January 17, 2014:

@gottaloveit2: very sensible! Of course you could always go out to the mailbox if you wear sunglasses and cover your face with a scarf

gottaloveit2 on January 17, 2014:

I have 3 onesies that I mostly wear when I'm alone in my chilly house. No need to worry about me even going to the mailbox in mine.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on December 18, 2013:

@leatherwooddesign: My 78-year-old brother was a bit stunned when I sent him a man's version of onesdies because he feels the cold. He said his lady-friend would laugh at him. I thought "how is she going to know?"

Marisa Horn from Rintown Pa on December 17, 2013:

I have to remember these are not for formal wear. lol - that is cute

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on November 25, 2013:

@BLouw: Certainly not before your time - they used to be called baby-grows, and were popular at least a quarter of a century ago, if not half. It just took a long time for the grown-ups to catch on!

Barbara Walton from France on November 24, 2013:

In my youth I dreamed of these, and as students my friend and I actually toyed with the idea of making and selling them. We called them 'sleep suits' rather than onesies. Missed opportunity or way before my time? (The footed ones are especially good - who doesn't have cold feet?)

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on October 26, 2013:

@Lorelei Cohen: : Thank you for your message which will be dealt with as soon as possible.

This is an automated reply.

Lorelei Cohen on October 26, 2013:

I had a pair of these PJs when I was younger and I loved them. They were great because they did not twist around you at night like a nightie does and they kept your tootsies warm when you were out of bed.

davenjilli lm on October 25, 2013:

hahaha, love sized footie pajamas - your sense of humor rocks this lens

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on September 05, 2013:

@Nancy Hardin: I like the idea, but I hate my feet getting too hot

Nancy Carol Brown Hardin from Las Vegas, NV on September 01, 2013:

I would love one of these for the ankles get so cold in my living room. Maybe I'll be back to get one soon......

Barbara Radisavljevic from Paso Robles, CA on April 05, 2013:

I tend to have the same doubts as you about the difficulty of managing one's bodily functions while wearing them. I certainly would advise anyone with a bladder infection or tendency toward it to avoid these.

Ruthi on April 05, 2013:

The idea of a grown-up pajama party is delightful and I think footed pajamas would be the perfect attire for the event.

Yvette Munro on March 20, 2013:

These look so warm and comfy. Great lens.

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