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Flower Tattoos on the Foot

Flower Tattoos

Flower Foot Tattoos

Flower foot tattoos can be a great way to be inked with the idea of being part of your fashion statement.

Whether you're at the beach or stepping out on the town, in a number of situations a foot tattooed with a flower can be a part of your ensemble.

You do have to think carefully through the decision though, as where you work or the lifestyle you live must be considered when placing any tattoo in a conspicuous place.

If you're required to dress a certain way at a potential place of work, displaying a tattoo on the foot could be a negative game changer, as many employers wouldn't hire you if it could be detrimental to their business and outside the company culture.

But, if you are able to cover it in those situations, it is a great choice to place a tattoo, as flowers on the foot are a good conversation starter and attracts attention to the bearer of them.

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Flower Tattoos and Color

One thing that that is by far the most popular choice for foot ink is the decision to go with color, for the most part, rather than darker ink.

There are exceptions of course, but this is one place that color is desired to be part of the tattoo design.

That makes sense with the ladies, as many do consider it a potential part of an outfit when they get inked, so color will look great when wearing those flashy pumps.

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Henna Flower Foot Tattoos

One option for those wanting to use a foot tattoo as a fashion statement but not wanting to make it permanent, is a henna tattoo.

As you see below, they look gorgeous, and the designs can really look amazing in a variety of social circumstances.

The flowers and scrolling, swirling design are magnificent.

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Blue and Red Rose Tattoos

This is a cute set of almost matching red and blue rose tattoos. The decision to have a red rose on one foot and blue on the other was a good one, otherwise it may have been too overwhelmed with the somewhat loud blue color alone.

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Flower Foot Tattoo on Big Toe

Now this is a wonderful choice for a person wanting a flower tattoo on the foot which can also be hidden in most circumstances. If you wanted to wear sandals or are somewhere where you don't need to wear shoes, such as at the beach, this type of tattoo works fantastic.

I do like the three little flowers and the subtle scrolling needling through them. It's simple, nice and elegant.

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Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Cherry blossoms, around the world, are among the most popular of all flower tattoo designs, and you can see why from the vibrant color and subject matter.

This one looks great with the nicely done stem or branch with the flowers beautifully dangling off the sides of the plant.

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Scrolling Flowers

This is a fantastic scrolling flower foot tattoo, and that hue that was decided upon was a terrific choice.

When someone designs a tattoo based somewhat on a loose interpretation of a vining flower like done here, it can really look great when done right, and in my opinion this was done very well with this tattoo.

The detail is amazing, and the slender, scrolling branch with the flowers really works.

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Pink Flowers

Pink and reds are always a good choice for flower tattoos when you're looking for color, as they stand out real nice but, in most cases, aren't so loud they can be overwhelming.

I like how the artist when light pink on the outside to darker pink on the inside of the flowers. While I'm usually not a fan of blue used in the way it is here as a background, in this case it looks really nice and accentuates the flowers well.

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Tiger Lily Tattoo

I love tiger lilies, growing up with many of them surrounding me in the flower garden. They also translate compellingly into a really nice tattoo design on the foot, with those gorgeous colors and easily identifiable flower petals they bear.

The closed and opened look of these tiger lilies complement one another very well.

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Black and Whiter Flower Tattoo

In this final photo we have the only tattoo with contrasting black and white flowers in this gallery. It's of very high quality.

The many shades of white, black and great blend together to quite a nice flower portrait on this woman's foot. Black as the background of choice really sets off nicely the grey and white flowers. Designing them as a group also adds to the tattoo.


Flower Foot Tattoos

You can see from this gallery of flower foot tattoos why some many women choose this as their design of choice.

There are an endless number of ways a flower tattoo can be made, and the choice of colors almost endless, depending on your favorite and how you want to tattoo to look when you're going out or including it as part of your outfit for the day or night.

A foot tattoo and flowers are a terrific combination for those wanting to make a subtle and beautiful statement.

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