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The Classic Sheath Dress That Defies Time

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The Classic Sheath Dress


The Classic Sheath Dress

The simple classical sheath style dress is often made of a fabric that is lightweight, such as cotton jersey, silk, or even fine wool blend. These lighter weight fabrics assure that the sheath drapes well over the body, and just slightly hugging a woman's natural curves. A classic length will most typically fall to the knees or mid-calf, keeping the design - line sleek in appearance. However, not to say that you won't find sheaths in mini's and maxi's styles, as well as floor-length evening dresses. The neckline of the sheath can vary widely, some designed with high necklines, and some with lower sexy plunging necklines not to mention the classic boat neckline. In regard to the sleeves, a true sheath is designed to have the three-quarter length or long fitted sleeve. The cap sleeve became popular in the 1960s.

Today you can find many sheath style dresses that are strapless or with a spaghetti strap. As you can see the sheath dress of today can vary, depending on the fashion designers. However, ultimately the fabric will dictate the purpose of the dress. If a sheath dress is made of silk and strapless, one would surmise it's to be worn for a formal occasion.


The Versatility Of The Sheath Design

The sheath is elegant, feminine, yet can be a very practical style for business. Although it has a figure-hugging design, the sheaths style provides the most figure types a slimming silhouette. It also flatters the waistline and can provide most women that well sought after hourglass figure. The long lines skim over the figure and can be worn comfortably by most figure types.

In the workplace, the sheath gives its wearer a polished look, with its hemline at or below the knee, and slightly scooped neckline it offers a wonderful professional look. The sleeve of the workplace sheath should be comfortable. Such as or three quarter length sleeve or a long sleeve that ends at the wrist. The cap sleeve is also a great choice for work and can be easily layered by adding a jacket or a sweater. The formal or evening styled sheath dress, as a rule, will possess a deeper cut neckline, and in some cases a shorter hemline. The deeper cut neckline is a great frame for a statement necklace or a simple strand of pearls.


Just who is responsible for designing the first sheath dress

Let's Talk Sheath Dress Trivia

In 1926 "Vogue Magazine" published "Coco Chanel's" little black sheath dress on its cover. The" little black dress" was first made popular in the 1920s, by the well - known fashion designer "Coco Chanel ". She truly Intended the style trend of her little black dress to be long-lasting, very versatile, and yet affordable for or women of all classes. Little did CoCo ever realize or dream that her simple classic black sheath dress endures and go on for many decades to come.

The first Chanel dress was designed with a simple design. It was calf-length had a straight line and had a few diagonal lines which made it easy to wear for most figure types. Vogue called it "Chanel's Ford". Naturally, Vogue was referring to "Henry Ford's" Model T automobile. Chanel's little black dress took off like gangbusters. It became a staple for not only wealthy women, but copies were soon produced which made it affordable for all women to have at least one little black dress in their closet.

The little black dress continued to be popular through the Great Depression, due to its affordable price. it remained very popular through the 1930s, and soon Hollywood discovered it. Hollywood's influence on the little black dress was evident, but for very practical reasons. As movies were being shot in Technicolor, the little black dress became common for filmmakers to depend on, because most colors become washed out, and distorted on the big screen. During World War ll, the little black dress continued to be popular, in part due to the widespread rationing of textiles.


Designers Of the 1960s Made Sheath Dress Sizzle

In the 1906's well-known designer "Bill Blass" went on to design his own version of the little black Sheath "Blass" kept the dress simple and elegant, where many other designers were hell-bent on making it skimpier and much sexier. He kept the design especially simple, using wonderful new fabrics, and patterns.

The popularity of the sheath has not in the least suffered over the last 45 plus years. The casual fabrics, especially knits, have made this popular dress perfect for business, travel, and not to mention evening wear. The new fabrics and designs make it an attractive choice for fashion-wise women of today. Designers today have made it easy to find little black dresses in figure-flattering styles, by making sure their designs are simple and versatile.

Audrey Hepburn Brought Chic To The Sheath Dress


Can Anyone Forget The Sheath Hepburn Wore In Breakfast At Tiffany's?

"Audrey Hepburn" made this little floor-length black sheath the dress every woman wanted to own in 1961. Hepburn wore this fabulous sheath in the movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's". Where she portrayed the character "Holly Golightly", a somewhat naive, eccentric woman that was making her way in New York City in the early 1960s.

Do you know how designed Audrey's little black dress for Breakfast At Tiffany's?

Audrey Hepburn LBD was designed by designer "Hubert de Givenchy".


Jackie Kennedy Onassis Style Icon

The 1960s will be remembered for a time when fashion changes came fast and furious. The "Kennedy's"was in the White House, and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy is young and vibrant, took the country by storm with her wonderful flair for fashion. " Jackie" became a fashion icon very quickly in her few years at the White House, and her influence on women's attire continued throughout her life. Jackie's day wear generally consisted of simple sheath dresses with a cap sleeve. Jackie also loved Chanel's suits. On a casual day at the White House, Jackie would most often be seen in a simple pump shoe, sheath dress, very classical jewelry, such as her three strands of pearls.

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First Lady Melania Trump Looks Lovely In A Sheath...

It appears that the new first lady of the United States "Melania Trump" simply loves sheath dresses, and wears the style frequently. She may just take her place as the First lady of Fashion. She certainly has the perfect figure to look elegant in any sheath dress. She does not appear to be smitten with any hemline length. She seems to love the classics when it comes to fashion.

Don't Shy Away From Color When Purchasing A Sheath Dress

Love the bright colorful dresses? The sheath dress may be classic with a modest style, but many are all done up in bright colors, as well as prints. The sheath dress is not your basic black or gray jersey dress anymore. While the demure colored sheaths are suitable for the office, there are sheaths out there in every juicy color, not to mention wonderful prints. Therefore, after work enjoys wearing a colorful casual designed sheath dress. The colorful "little numbers" are fashion-forward, and fun to wear. Whether it be an on fire red or a graphic print, you'll look more than fabulous in a colorful sheath dress.


Sheath Dress It Takes Off AT Least Five Pound

Plus Size Women A Sheath Dress Can Be Your Friend

Did you know that a sheath style dress can make your figure appear smaller? Yes, a well-fitted sheath can be very slimming. So, you plus size women next time you are shopping, try on a few sheath dresses.

The sheath dress can make you look slimmer, its fitted waistline can work to create the illusion of curves, and also give the appearance of longer legs. The elongated design of the sheath can make the figure look five pounds thinner, and a bit taller too. To further this lengthened look, add a pair of high heel Pumps. The higher heel will keep that longer line going, and also will add a look of elegance to your look.

If you have curves play them up, add a belt to make that waistline get noticed. Another tip to give your body an elongated appearance, add a long length necklace. Make that jewelry work for you. One more suggestion, add a longer length jacket.

How Should A Sheath Dress Fit?

Accessorizing A Sheath Dress

Use Your Imagination

The neat minimal design of a sheath dress makes it very easy to accessorize. When accessorizing a sheath choose tasteful eye-catching accessories. Such as a colorful scarf, brooch or necklace. A strand of pearls is always a good choice for a classic sheath dress. Love statement jewelry why not a chunky necklace or an ornate cuff bracelet dangling at your wrist.

For that special night out, think accessories that will add some personal flair to your outfit. The simplest of sheath dresses can really come into its own with a pair of sexy stiletto shoes. Add a sparkly earring, perhaps a sweet little shawl, and you are ready to make heads turn. Hey, if it's special evening out, why not try a brighter shade of lipstick? You will sizzle from head to toe.


" Night Time Is The Right Time" - A sheath dress can so easily be all dressed up for that special night out!


" Night Time Is The Right Time"

A sheath dress can be accessorized to simply come alive after dark. It can be the simplest of sheath dresses, add a pair of strappy stiletto shoes, put on some great earrings a well-chosen shawl or cardigan sweater, and you are good to go. It also never hurts to change up your hairstyle from that daytime look to something a bit different for that special evening out. How about a bit brighter shade of lipstick? Another way to dress up a sheath, add a statement necklace. Dress up that sheath dress, the look will never let you down ...

Shoes And The Sheath Dress Mix It Up - Just Because You Can!


Shoes And The Sheath Dress - Anything Goes

When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes to wear with a sheath dress, think fearless, fabulous or fun. Let your occasion, and your personality dictate the shoe.

The Right Shoe? Believe it or not, the sheath dress can be worn with many different shoe styles. The classic pump is most commonly worn with a sheath dress. However, you might be surprised how cute a sheath looks with a sandal or oxford. Pair your favorite sheath with a knee high boot for a sporty look or a pair of booties for a bit of a "rocker" look. Don't be afraid to experiment when choosing a pair of shoes to wear with a sheath dress. Make it personal, let your personality shine through.

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