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Faith Tattoo Designs and Meanings


Faith plays a major part in the majority of people's lives around the world, as it acts as an anchor in the storms that we all encounter, helping us to not drift off into the seas of despair.

While faith can be applied to oneself, it's not something most people can count on when we are battered by circumstances beyond our control or understanding.

That means people need to look to a higher power if they are to be able to not only cope, but thrive in the midst of the storms of life.

For Christians, they put their faith in Jesus Christ, who they look to as their Savior; not only a Savior from sin, but from many of the difficulties of life as well.

That means even if they aren't delivered out of their situation, they will be able to survive it with their faith in Christ in tact.

For others, faith can be in a wide variety of gods, or even knowledge in some cases, where people think it'll help deliver them from uncertainties.

Whatever it is to different people, faith is a powerful force that has been a part of the life of mankind, probably from the beginning of time.

That translates well into those who want to express faith in a tattoo design.

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Faith Tattoo Designs

Faith tattoo designs are, for the most part, expressed in the word "faith" itself, with the major difference between tattoos being the font chosen, or some additional elements to make the tattoo word look more interesting and compelling.

Let's take a look now at several faith tattoo designs that look great on the bearers of them.

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Faith Tattoo on Wrist

With this first faith tattoo the placement is on the wrist, which when thinking of a font tattoo, is a good place to put it.

What is most attractive to me about this particular tattoo are the lines beneath the lettering. The font isn't a bad choice, but the addition of the swirly lines add a nice touch to the overall look.

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Faith Tattoo on Bicep

This faith tattoo is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, the placement. The inside of the bicep, in general, isn't always the best place to have a tattoo inked, as it's difficult to show it other than posing like this guy is doing. That is limiting to me, and makes you wonder why have a tattoo if it can't be seen.

As for the design the fonts and the scrolling underneath look good. Scrolling is a natural addition to tattoos that are primarily lettering, especially those related to religion, as it adds a Gothic feel to it.

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Faith Rib Tattoo

Displaying a faith tattoo on the rib of this side is quite a bold statement to make.

This particular font design is interesting because of the way the top of the "F" scrolls over to embrace the dot of the "i."

Also to the left of the "F" is some scrolling that gives the appearance it's flowing through the "a" to cross the "t" of the letters. Pretty cool look.

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Faith Tattoo with Scripture from Hebrews 11

For those not familiar with the Bible, the words beneath the word faith in the tattoo is a reference to Hebrews 11:1, which says this in the King James version of the Bible:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

It's considered by a large number of Christians to be the "faith" chapter of the Bible.

What's a little odd to me is the choice of placement. And since it's a Bible verse, the font used could have been much more ornate to give a better ambiance to it.

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Faith Tattoo on Neck

This is an nice combination of themes if that is in fact faith combined with an infinity sign.

Since infinity refers to something without limit, faith would go together with it well to create a powerful symbol and message.

As far as placing a tattoo on the neck, that's not always a good idea if it's a permanent tattoo, although if you wear long hair it's easy enough to cover up.

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Faith Tattoo with a Butterfly

With this last faith tattoo we have a cute butterfly appearing about to land on the word, or at least expressing some curiosity towards it.

It's always impossible to know exactly what someone is thinking if they don't say why they have a certain tattoo design, in this case it could be that the butterfly represents it taking part in the nectar of faith, as butterflies like to do when they flutter from flower to flower. That would actually make sense with this tattoo design.

The choice of font is a good one, and the scrolling works nice because it's not overly done.

Faith and Tattoos

Because faith is such an integral part of our lives, it's inevitable that it would be expressed in some way using ink.

With most of the faith tattoo designs being reflected in fonts, that's the major element someone should think about when considering this type of tattoo. That applies to any tattoo which includes lettering in it.

And with faith, it's very important to include the scrolling and secondary elements to create a nice design that conveys the message you want to deliver with a nice aesthetic effect. These faith tattoos all do that.


Jenny Stub from Missouri, US on June 07, 2012:

I absolutely love the faith tattoo on the back of her neck. It is beautiful. I only have one tattoo and don't plan on getting more anytime soon. But if I did I would definitely consider something like that. Voted up!

Catherine Taylor from Canada on June 07, 2012:

Great tattoo pictures and very well written. I enjoyed this b very much and it has made me consider getting a "faith," tattoo myself.