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6 Disadvantages of Beard Oil

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If you are looking into investing into beard oil after hearing about it being an essential product for keeping your beard in great shape, then you do right. Although, I will advocate there are a lot of awesome things that beard oil does for your beard, they aren’t all built the same and they can certainly come with a fair few disadvantages that it is worth looking out for.

We are going to discuss in more detail the following disadvantages of beard oil below:

  • Beard oil can get incredibly expensive
  • They can cause allergic reactions
  • Not all beard oil is certified as safe
  • Cause beard greasiness
  • They lack any real hold
  • Creates a shiny potentially unnatural look

#1 Beard Oil is Expensive

If you have done any sort of research into beard oils, one of the first things that might strike you is just how expensive they can get. A good beard oil will easily cost you anywhere in the region of $20 to $30 for a 30 ml beard oil. Then if you do the maths on how much you are applying onto your beard and how often you are doing it.

It’s really not that long before you finish the entire bottle within a month, especially as your beard grows out longer and longer, requiring more and more oil. Your beard grooming routine can quickly become rather expensive. So one main disadvantage of beard oil is that it can majorly hit the wallet if you let it. Luckily, there are a range of cheaper beard oil alternatives that you can try out as well — that are just as effective.

#2 Cause Allergic Reactions

Of course, one aspect is that they have the potential to cause allergic reactions and cause irritation to the skin. We recommend as well as other beard brewing companies to test a patch of skin first before going ahead and applying it right to the beard.

If you know you are quite sensitive to beard oil in general, it’s worth staying away from oils that contain essential oils. So go for the scentless options as these tend to be nicer to your skin. Again, though make sure you are definitely trying out a small patch of skin before going ahead and applying it.

#3 Are They Actually Safe?

One thing that should be noted is that not all beard oil producers are certified, so this is something that is worth looking out for. Beard oils if concocated in the wrong manner can actually be quite harmful to you, babies and potentially pets. High concentrations of essential oils can cause difficulties with breathing and increased sensitivity to sunlight. Some of the oils can actually be bad for your beard, which is pretty ironic.

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That’s why it is worth carrying out that bit of extra research into the actual beard company that you might be buying the beard oil from. Then further research into the actual beard oil itself and the ingredients they are using. You can ask for certifications and if they are unable to provide or point you in the right direction, that might raise a few potential red flags. Put it this way, not all beard oil is created equal, not by a long shot.

#4 Beard Greasiness

As we have just discussed, beard oils aren’t all created equal, even the certified ones. See, you will get some beard oils that have a much heavier blend than some lightweight ones. What you can find is that the heavier blended beard oils although great at conditioning the beard can get your beard feeling literally a bit down.

They cause a greasiness that can actually be quite uncomfortable for a lot of guys. Instead, you might prefer using a much lighter (and often more expensive blend) or prefer the use of a beard moisturiser or a beard balm rather than a beard oil in this instance. It’s worth testing out a few beard oils as they certainly aren’t all the same but this is something to keep in mind. This is often why I like to use a beard oil as I head to sleep for a deep conditioning effect and don’t have to spend my day with that greasy beard feeling.

#5 Lacks Hold

Of course compared to a lot of other beard grooming products, a beard oil is the only one that really lacks any hold at all with your facial hair. Sure, they are good for taming up the beard and softening it up a bit. However, if you have got quite an unruly beard to start, just using beard oil won’t stop it from beard hairs sticking out everywhere.

You will need to look into flattening it and straightening it with a heated beard comb, styling balms and other techniques. Sure a beard oil will help with the overall taming of it, but it won’t allow you to style the beard and can still look a bit of a mess post beard oil application. It will just help the hairs become shinier and the hairs softer along with helping to moisturise the beard.

#6 Creates a Shiny Beard

Granted, now this is an advantage for some but really I think the look of a shiny beard can give a bit of an unnatural look to beard and overall be a ‘bit much’. Instead, we much prefer the look of matted type and textured beard that a beard wax can create or a beard styling balm.

These give a beard an added depth, they still allow the beard and facial hair to give the appearance of being cared for but they are much less in your face. Where a shining beard that catches some light will probably raise more questions than you were anticipating. This is a subjective and preference aspect to a beard oil but it is something to certainly think about.

Of course, if you have any questions with regards to the beard oil disadvantages then please do let us know in the questions and answers section just below and we will be more than happy to help you. Plus, if you think of any potential draw backs, side effects and general bad aspects to beard oil that we forgot to mention, please mention them in the comment below too, so that future readers can pick up on them.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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