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Dandelion Flower and Seed Tattoo Designs

Dandelion Flower Tattoo

Dandelions, for most of us, were a big part of our childhood, as we'd grasp the flowers when they were going to seed, and shutting out admonitions to not blow on them because they would produce more of the unwanted flowers, we puffed out our cheeks, took a deep breath, and blew as hard as our little lungs would allow us to.

To our delight, those little white seeds would float all over the yard, and if there was a good wind, go sailing off to who knows where.

That has provided great fodder for those with fond memories of those whimsical times, and inspired many to get a tattoo celebrating those wonderful, fun moments.

Although some point to the dandelion being a symbol of several things, including happiness and faithfulness, it's hard to really know if that's really the case. I've really never heard anyone I know mention it, but others make the claim that it's so.

One assertion I do agree with is could easily be used as an inspiration for those needing to make a breakthrough in their lives, centered on the way the dandelion flower can break the soil in the most harsh conditions and thrive, while other flowers and plants around it struggle to survive.

Others believe you can blow on the dandelion and while the seeds are flying away you can make a wish and have it come true.

Dandelion Tattoo Designs

As for the tattoo designs used in a dandelion flower, probably 85 percent to 90 percent are of the dandelion in its seeding stage, with the seeds being blown across the body to produce a nice looking tattoo.

This is done no matter what part of the body the person chooses to have the tattoo inked on. I guess it goes back to what we talked about: blowing those dandelion seeds remind us of those magical days of our childhood when we were carefree.

Another important part of the dandelion tattoo design is the inclusion of birds in many of them. It seems the seeds are either being portrayed as turning into birds, or the birds are playfully flying around with the seeds as they flutter through the air.

Finally, most dandelion tattoos are inked on with dark colors, but occasionally another color is added, and when done right, looks really good. I've got a couple below to show you.

Some of the tattoo designs also have some green on the leaves, but the majority of them weren't very impressive.

Dandelion Tattoo on Side

Usually when I write about tattoos I like to include one that isn't real impressive. This one fits the bill to me. It's not horrible, but the design was very stiff and mechanical, and didn't give the sense of wonder we usually associate with the flower of our youth.


Dandelion Tattoo on Small of Back and Side

Here's an example of what a dandelion tattoo looks like when there are birds included. Too bad the dandelion itself wasn't more on the back than on the side, as you don't get a real clear view.

Fortunately, whoever took the picture did a good job and allowed us to see most of the design.

As for the birds, you see them about have way from the dandelion starting to show up. This is a popular choice of tattoo design when considering a combination of a dandelion and birds.


Dandelion Tattoo on Shoulder

This is probably a temporary tattoo, although I'm not 100 percent sure. What I like about it is the dark interior of the dandelion, as well as that dark stem. While that isn't accurate as to the real color and look of a dandelion, I do like it form an artistic perspective.

The brownish hue surrounding the dandelion seeds soaring off is a nice touch.

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Dandelion, Seed, Bird Tattoo on Foot

This is a very unique dandelion tattoo; not so much in the subject matter of a dandelion, seed and birds, but rather in the sense it gives you that someone either just blew the seeds off the dandelion, as evidenced by the bending flower and seeds struggling to stay in place.

Also those thinner and straight seeds show the wind was apparently a mighty gust. The birds gradually getting bigger as they move across the foot looks great too.


Dandelion Tattoo Design on Wrist

What is appealing about the dandelion wrist tattoo below is how different it is from the prior tattoo on the foot. Here we get the sense of a gentle wind lazily blowing the seeds around. That's shown by the way they're turning in all directions

It's a pretty good job of presenting that in such a small space. The dark ink looks really good to me.


Green Dandelion, Seed, Bird Tattoo

This green, or possibly turquoise colored dandelion tattoo design works great for me, and I'm not one to heap too much praise with loud color, as they aren't appealing to me.

Even with the large amount of greenish color, it doesn't take away from the great design and nice looking flower head or as it is sometimes called: clock.

The tattoo was recently finished, so those colors will tone down some have be more subtle.


Dandelion Tattoo

Some of you may be surprised, but this is really one of my favorite dandelion tattoos of this bunch. What makes it so attractive to me is the way the outer part of the seeds are shown as being attached to the top, but, for the most part, the rest of the seeds are assumed rather than shown. That creates a fantastic effect to me.

The mostly clear stem and slightly lit up center make this an awesome design.


Dandelion Back Piece Tattoo

In our last dandelion tattoo design, we have close to a full back piece with all of it flowing together nicely. While I really like this tattoo as well, to me it would have looked better with the leaves left a darker color rather than the green. I think that takes some away from the quality.

The birds flying away with the floating seeds looks nice. Again, you get the sense of a slight wind gently blowing the seeds away in various directions.


It is always amazing to see how creative people can get with relatively limited subject matter. With a dandelion you must include the seeds, or else why have it inked on you. That is the entire basis behind the reason for it being so desirable as a tattoo.

Placing on the dandelions on different parts of the body, including various wind directions and strengths, adding birds or color, and adding to or leaving out part of the realistic part of the flower makes for a wide variety of dandelion tattoo designs that provide a lot of options and terrific results, as you can see here.

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