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How to Care for Your Curly Hair so You Can Start Loving It!

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LOVE your curls!

LOVE your curls!

Have You Been Fighting Your Curly Hair?

Have you been fighting your curly hair? Have you been relaxing it, flat ironing it, crying about it, and spending waaaaay to much time over it? So did I. My curly hair REALLY got curly at about puberty and ever since then until I was in my late 30's I straightened it, bought all kinds of stuff for it, cried about it, tried to tame it, and even at one point shaved my head bald. Looking back I don't know why I did all these silly things. Although I have to say the feel of the wind on a shaved scalp is kind of nice and now I know why my dog sticks his head out of the car window, I do like my curls MUCH better. (I'm also now past the age of being so impulsive) I want to share with you just what I hope will be helpful information that you can use for your hair. Maybe then you won't have to struggle as long as I did.

It's All About the Hair Care Products

Do you remember how our mom's or our grandmother's used to say "Well honey, you get out what you put in." and we looked at them and went "Huh?" Well I am here to tell you that it is true. You honestly can't be using cheap store brand shampoos and conditioners on your curls and expect to get great and wonderful results. I'll tell you that in an effort to save money I was guilty of this most of the time and I basically just walked around looking like an unkept poodle that had stuck it's paw in a light socket! Not a pretty picture. Our natural curls are much drier than our straight-haired counterparts. We need more extra emollients for our kinks and curls than what most of the store bought shampoos can deliver. It took a long time for me to accept this realization because I basically am frugal when it comes to spending money on beauty products. Frugal is actually putting it mildly. I did a little searching on the internet for shampoos for really curly and kinky hair as well as products for African American and ethnic hair. I came across many sites and after much searching and product usage I've come to absolutely LOVE Ethique Frizz Wrangler Shampoo Bar for frizzy hair. Yep I said it, a shampoo bar. Yea, I couldn't believe it either, but Oh GIRL, let me tell you, this little shampoo bar was unbelievably moisturizing. Who Knew? Now, each curl just feels like it is individually wrapped in silky softness and my hair will actually bounce now!!! BOUNCE!!! As opposed to sticking out like chunks of dead straw! I also love it because it's super easy to pack for travelling! When I'm not using my shamppo bar I like to use the following three products my sweet daughter picked up at the store for me one day. The co wash is so moisturizing and the tea tree oil leaves my scalp feeling clean and fresh. I don't have dandruff but if you do then the tea tree oil is a bonus! The set also comes with the leav in conditioner. For some extra moisturizing Aunt Jackie's moisture sealant is a perfect compliment to the other two I mentioned.

A Less Expensive Alternative

Okay, if you are anything like me you are going to say, surely I can do this cheaper. Well if you want to go that way hopefully this advice will help. Just stay away from the cheap shampoos. PUT THEM DOWN! Go with the most moisturizing shampoo you can find at the grocery store. Neutrogena has some good ones and get a conditioner for DRY hair. Target also has an inexpensive shampoo bar called Love and Beauty for about $4.99 that's pretty decent. What I used to do before I found the shampoo bar was to only shampoo my hair two or three times week. For the in between times I would have to detangle my hair so I would essentially "wash" my hair with the conditioner. Yep you heard me right. It made it have more slip and softness to it. I would then use a leave in conditioner and just carefully pat it onto my curls while they were still sopping wet.

Are you Combing Your Hair Wrong?

I should note at this point that I don't normally comb my hair. Unless you want a bunch of split ends you should only really ever finger comb curly hair or use a VERY wide tooth comb when it is wet with conditioner. Once I put on the leave in conditioner, then just pat my hair with a towel. I do not rub at it or disturb the curls because if you do this it will start to get frizzy and fuzzy. Resist the urge to play with it and don't dare comb it now or you will separate all those nice little spirals. Several other curly haired girls I've known have also expressed this to me as well. Get the product in while it's wet, get it finger combed in the shower or use a WIDE toothed comb or detangling brush like the one below, then pretty much leave it alone.

Blowdrying Your Curls

I wouldn't dream of bowdrying my hair unless I had Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercream to put on it right out of the shower to insulate against all that damaging heat. But if I do then I will just snap on my diffuser, use the lowest setting and, above all I just gently dry without disturbing the curls.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this will be your starting point for realizing that you can tame your tresses and it doesn't have to be with relaxers and hot irons. I actually spend less time and money on my hair now than when I tried to defy what God gave me. I now spend very little time on it and get better results than when I spent hours trying to force it into something it clearly wasn't. All it takes is the right products and to just let it do it's thing!! Good luck my fellow Curly Haired Girls!!! I'd love to hear some of your tips as well, I'm always open to something new and wonderful!

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Painter Penfield from Tampa Bay area Florida on February 05, 2011:

I am addicted to hair products and have very curly hair too. Good advice for us curly girls. Recently discovered Argan oil from Morocco. My hair and skin love it. I leave oil on for a couple of hours before shampooing and hair feels like silk ;). I use it in between shampoos if hair feels dry or frizzy too.

A Design By Angie (author) on September 30, 2010:

Thank you!!! I just LOVE IT. It's like the difference between night and day. Let me know how you like it!

Carrie L Cronkite from Maine on September 30, 2010:

You go girl! I've been naturally curly for about 5 years now and I love it. I also stopped the relaxing, blow drying, flat ironing and have learned to love the curls God gave me. I'm going to try the shampoo and conditioner you recommend! Excellent hub! And your curls are beautiful!

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