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Looking to get the product residue out of your hair?

Just yesterday I was scrolling through my news feed and saw yet another friend had fallen victim to the build-up created by most hair products. As I clicked to comment this remedy, I was sad to see the only other suggests were... you guessed it... more products!

Before running back to Target, take a look under your sink. Check in the bathroom cabinet, or on that shelf in the laundry room everyone forgets about. Did you happen to see a bottle like this anywhere around? If so, great! You've got the best natural hair detox out there! If not, great! It's only $10!


Your Hair and PH

We measure PH, in my eyes, starting at 7. Seven is water, seven is neutral.

The lower the scale goes from seven, the more acidic. The higher it goes indicates more alkaline. Alkaline is great for many things, but shampoo is not one of them.

High PH level products will cause real damage to a protein in hair called keratin. This will invite room for two very unwanted friends; breakage and build-up.

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How do I use it?

Because Apple Cider Vinegar’s pH level hangs out around three, it is best to dilute your vinegar just a bit before using. I’ve had great results from a 3-1 (ACV-H20) mix in a spray bottle. I like the spray bottle because putting the nozzle directly on my scalp and moving it around as I spray absolutely guarantees my hair will feel well cleansed and nourished when I am finished.

If you experience any grease build up, breakage, itchiness, frizz, or damage, I get it. I have super thick hair, and it seems like products can stick around for decades sometimes. Not to mention the heat products creating breakage and more grease- fresh out of the shower! Try taking the frustrations from that out on an ACV hair cleanse twice per week. I have a feeling you will be answering questions about your hair’s new shine and volume in no time.

How did you discover this?

A tale as old as time, my grandmother is the true ambassador of this cure. For years she's been flaunting her shiny, flowing, thin hair in the rays of California's sun; raving on the effects of the vinegar in her hair. From distance and from touch the astonishing effects are undeniable.


Order the one I use

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