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Review on Cellglo Facial Soap Bar in Malaysia

Is It Worth Buying?

Are you one like how I used to be? Searching for the right products, but just can't seem to find it? Invested so much on facial products, but yet to experience the outcome that you desire? Are you also at the verge of giving up of searching for the right products and solely depending on frequent facial treatments (torturing at times!)? If yes, don't give up! This is the exact reason why I am writing this article, in the hope that people like you (or people like how I used to be) would find this article insightful and gain some extra inputs!

Before I begin with my personal experience on using the Cellglo Soap Bar, let me briefly tell you about my past experiences with other products. I have to admit, I was so naïve when I was in my teenage years. I couldn't care much in terms of what products I'm using and how it would affect me in the years to come. Hence, I have been using numerous facial products, ranging from affordable to products that are overpriced. However, none of them seem to work. I have an acne-prono and oily skin. This makes it even more difficult for me to find a suitable facial products. I've been searching up and down for the right facial product and have been struggling for many years to search for the right product. However, none seems to suit my skin type.

When Cellglo was newly launched in Malaysia, I was a little skeptical about the benefits it claimed. It sounded too exaggerated and I just didn't want to try it out. However, it was due to the recommendation of my relative that I decided to give it a try. Of course, initially I was really worried if this investment on the facial soap bar would be paid off. The 1st day of trying it was definitely a great experience, but generally one has to try a product for at least a week to know if it really is suitable for your skin type. After using and observing it for a week, I noticed my pores were significantly smaller (not totally gone) and my skin was less oily.

Looking back, it has been at least 2 years now since I've started using Cellglo Soap Bar. I've seen the significant changes it made to my face for the past 2 years. My face has started to become smoother and less oily. Not only that, the soapbar could last me for a least 5 months. However, it varies to everyone, depending on your usage of the soapbar. Given the price and the cumulated outcome from using it, I'd say it's totally worth the price. I would definitely recommend to people who are struggling with acne prone skin and oily skin type. However, ultimately it is still up to you to decide and say for yourself about this product. Try this product for yourself and I believe you'd be recommending it to your friends and people around you just like what I am doing now. :)

However, it is vital to note that, changes won't take place overnight. It takes months to years to see the significant change. Sometimes, you won't be able to tell the difference until someone approaches you about the changes occurred.

On the side note, whatever you use on the face is only an external facial care. Therefore, it is equally important for one to not neglect on the internal part of your body. One still have to be careful with what you consume, especially spicy and fried foods. Try to avoid those foods, if you can. Daily fruits and vegetables intake is also highly recommended for the nourishment of your body and regeneration of your skin cells. Moreover, detoxification of your body would also enable you to have a better lifestyle.

Lastly, you could look up for more information on this product on Google if you are feeling as skeptical as I was last time. Only when you have tried it yourself, would you be convinced by the product. Anyway, I hope this article was a good insight for you in terms of the optimal care you should have, be it internally or externally. Cheers!

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