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Before Buying From Steady Hands, Here's What You Need to Know is an online retailer located in New Jersey. The company, a small independent brand established in 2017, makes anime-inspired clothing. They don’t have a lot of products available for sale on their website. Most of their products are listed as either sold out or coming soon.

This Tanjiro Cardigan is an example of the anime-inspired clothing offered by Steady Hands

This Tanjiro Cardigan is an example of the anime-inspired clothing offered by Steady Hands

Is Steady Hands a Scam?

Steady Hands anime-inspired clothing is expensive, so it's important to know if it is safe to buy from them before placing an order. I can only speak to my experience, but I placed one preorder which I received without any issues. The two cardigans I received are well made and of high quality. I have since placed another preorder. Preorders may take weeks to ship. There is a business called Steady Hands located in New Jersey that has a D+ rating. However, that is based on only one complaint related to a “Problem with a Product or Service.” The D+ rating is for:

  • Failure to respond to 1 complaint(s) filed against business
  • Length of time business has been operating

However, just because Steady Hands didn’t respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint, it doesn’t mean they didn’t resolve the issue directly with the customer. I can’t find any rating on


My order was shipped using USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is expensive because many of the items Steady Hands sells are heavy and shipping prices are based on package weight. They list approximate prices as $10 for the US, $17 for Canada, and $25 for any other international order. Occasionally, some products are listed as “Free Shipping in the U.S.” Steady Hands ships worldwide. They mail orders twice a week.

“…any item ordered during the week should ship on the following Tuesday.”

It may take weeks for preorders to ship. Keep this in mind when ordering gifts.

Customer Support

Customer service is available through an online form on the website.

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Returns and Exchanges

Steady Hands has a generous return policy because they give 90 days to make a return. If they make a mistake, they will pay for returns. If you don’t like the item, you will have to pay for return shipping. If you ordered the wrong size, you will have to pay both return shipping and replacement shipping. Refunds cover only the cost of the products, not the shipping costs. Each product has a sizing chart. The sizing charts are very thorough with measurements for Length, Chest, Arm, Shoulder, Hem, and Cuff.

“It is recommended to compare the measurements on a size chart to a garment you already own to see how it will fit. The numbers given can be off due to the fact that the fabrics have a bit of stretch to them, but are generally accurate.”

Steady Hands provides comprehensive sizing information for each product

Steady Hands provides comprehensive sizing information for each product


Steady Hands uses for payments. When you check out, you will be sent to which uses Stripe to process orders. You can either pay by credit card or through Paypal.

Clothing Quality and Review

Steady Hands products are expensive but, based on the quality of the two cardigans I received, well worth it. They are well made, warm, soft, and comfortable, and perfect for cool spring and fall weather. The designs are interesting and unique. Rather than having anime characters on the clothing, they are inspired by them.

Steady Hands unisex clothing are a great gift idea for teen boys and girls, and for men and women, who love anime. When my kids wear their cardigans to school, they get lots of compliments and many people ask where they got them.

Anime Fashion Haul | NARUTO X DEMON SLAYER | Steady Hands

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