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Burberry Trench Coat Sale

Classic Burberry Trench Coat

Classic Burberry Trench Coat

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Welcome to all those seeking the warmth and comfort of an authentic Burberry trench coat. There is no brand more iconic when it comes to trench coats, than a chic and incredibly well-tailored Burberry. I've tried living through the New York autumn without a trench coat, but knowing the east coast like I now do, I wouldn't recommend it. Each year, I'll think that my wardrobe is good to go, and then fall rolls around, and I find myself completely ill-equipped to deal with the cold weather. It's amazing how a few days of warm weather during the summer makes us forget about the bitter cold and biting wind that mother nature will soon bring.

Looking around I see a lot of folks in their trench coats, but I simply couldn't wrap my head around how a coat with only a thin layer or two of cloth is enough to keep me warm. I myself was the owner of a trench coat and I found it didn't keep me warm at all. But this was before I tried on a Burberry trench coat. They are lined with an inner plaid wool layer and can totally keep you warm enough for fall or winter. What's more is that they keep a very slimming shape which can be very flattering. What more could a girl ask for?

The right raincoat can be worn in winter and spring, rain or shine.

The Burberry fashion house was founded in 1856 with the original design goal being to keep the rain out. Rewind to 1879 London, where a young assistant by the name of Thomas Burberry invented a special kind of fabric intended for a comfortable and rain-proof coat. After much disappointment, his hard work bore fruit, as gabardine, a tough, water-resistant fabric was brought to life. Burberry added shoulder straps and a belted waist to his gabardine coat, and thus became what we know today as the trench coat.

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Where to find Burberry Trench Coats for Sale Online

  • Burberry Womens Trench Coat - On Sale
    Gusts of wind and drops of rain shouldn't scare you from heading out in style. In order to fend off the raindrops, you'll need the staple of any woman's closet, a Burberry khaki trench, and you're more than likely to snap one up for sale at Thefind.
  • Style Hunting: Burberry Trench Deals on eBay
    The perfect Burberry trench coat can be yours on a budget - I've taken a peek on Ebay to check out what was available and there are many beautiful bargains to be had. Reminiscent of vintage Hollywood glamour, your dream Burberry coat awaits.
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A timeless style - Functional, yet totally gorgeous.A timeless style - Functional, yet totally gorgeous.

A timeless style - Functional, yet totally gorgeous.A timeless style - Functional, yet totally gorgeous.

Burberry London Windsor Trench Coat

Mischa Barton loves to flaunt her edgy rocker chick style. She was spotted at the Grand re-opening of the Burberry Store in Beverly Hills sporting a classic Burberry trench coat with a matching chiffon Burberry signature printed dress. Since I've been thinking about purchasing a trench coat to replace my old one, I decided to track it down and found this chic Burberry London Windsor Trench Coat ($1,175 on sale for $705). This double-breasted coat, with it's signature buttons and classic plaid inner lining (love, love, love) will add a new level of sophistication to any outfit you can throw at it. But f you want your own, you'll have to act fast as I don't see these being in stock for very long at this low price. I can't see how anyone would not look cute wearing this iconic must-have trench.

Bold, yet breezy, modern, yet classic, get your Burberry London Windsor Trench here.

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Kate Moss in East London the other day wearing a Burberry trench.

Kate Moss in East London the other day wearing a Burberry trench.


Athena on February 25, 2010:

Yummmy...that Burberry trench sure is purrdy. I love love love Burberry, but this reminds me why I love them. I was in London three years ago and saw all the fashion elite wearing them with their so called "street clothes" in the rain.

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