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Books to Bed Pajama Set for Girls


Books, Toys & Ideas for Infant, Toddler and Grade School Girls

One of the most popular fantasies for a little girl is wishing she was a princess. I'm not sure that dream ever goes away really, because we all want to be loved and feel special.

Books to bed have combined some of the best stories with sleepwear in the hopes of encouraging young minds to read and use their imagination.

Characters like Pinkalicious, Geraldine and Cinderella are all part of the fantasy world our little girls take part in each day. What better way for children to learn than to let them wear their favorite characters while reading about them?

Books to bed make wonderful gifts and help grandparents when wee ones have a sleepover. It creates a bond with the adult as well as with the characters in each story.

Along with character pajamas and books, look for more accessories for the story line. Help your child discover the inner sparkle in her by giving the gift of reading.

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Alexander Doll Cloth Precious Pinkalicious Collection Storyland Series 18" - Give your little girl the doll that goes with the series to help build her imaginat

How much do you like pink? I don’t think that anyone loves pink as much as Pinkalicious. If your child loves the Victoria Kann Pinkalicious series, she will enjoy playing with the doll that is depicted in the books.

Victoria Kann's "licious" Books - Learning can be fun when everything is pink!

Being Pinkalicious, one might say, is the inner most thoughts of every little girl. She has the creative mind that allows her to explore beyond normal boundaries of reality.

Victoria Kann has tapped into the world of a child who thinks there are no limits when it comes to having fun. Take a look at what a typical day is like for this lass we call Pinkalicious.

The narrator describes the details that go into the making of the "alicious" books by author Victoria Kann.

Best selling author Victoria tells about what happens to Pinkalicious in a park. The wand has magical powers turning trash to treasures. It's a book about recycling and becoming "green" in your lifestyle.

Reading the story about Pinkalicious losing her "sweet tooth."

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How does Pinkalicious act when all her friends try to talk her out of liking pink? Will she give in to peer pressure or stand up for her love of pink?

A quick review of the follow up book by Victoria Kann of "Pinkalcious".

Pinkalicious Doll available on Amazon

Pinkalicious Doll available on Amazon

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Pinkalicious Pajamas and Book Set

from Books to Bed (Baby, Toddler and Kids)

What happens to a little girl that loves everything pink, so much that she can’t stop eating pink cupcakes? Little Pinkalicious is warned by her mom to stop eating cupcakes. When she disobeys and gobbles down more she turns pink. Even after she is pink she still keeps eating and turns a bright red!

Being pink isn’t fun anymore when Pinkalicious is teased by her brother. Pinkalicious has to go into action to counteract her pinkness. Read what happens as she discovers that obeying her parents isn’t that bad after all.

Books To Bed Goldilicious - from the Pinkalicious Series

Victoria Kann adds to the character of Pinkalicious with her imaginary unicorn friend Goldilicious. They go everywhere and do everything together like flying, roller skating, playing hide-and-seek and just having pinkalicious fun.

Having tea parties is one of Goldilicious’ specialties and when Brother Peter asks to join in on the fun, Pinkalicious is not very pleased. He in turn threatens to kidnap Goldie, but Pinkalicious plots to rescue her friend.

All the "licious" Books by Victorian Kann

Look for more books in the Pinkalicious series in I CAN READ such as: Flower Girl, Tickled Pink, Pink or Treat, Pink Drink, Pink Pumpkin, Zoo Day, Pink Hat Parade, Merry Pinkmas, Soccer Star, The Pink Princess, School Rules and many more.

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You just have to let your sparkle out.

— a line from the book.

The Very Fairy Princess - by Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews and her daughter share in the joy of writing together. She said, "It's like a sandbox we can get into and play without any other issues." Their love of kids and writing brought them together, allowing them to co-author many books over the years.

The Very Fairy Princess book was inspired by one of Julie's granddaughters. The book focuses on how each little girl is an individual and that we need to celebrate the differences in each child.

The books starts out with a little girl named Geraldine who truly believes she is a fairy princess. The problem is that no one else believes her. All through the day the fairy princess likes to spread a little sparkle into people's (and toys) lives by bringing good cheer.

Geraldine does have some rules though. She only wears dresses. Her favorite classes in school are art and music (naturally). Those are the places where she really gets to shine creatively. But even more than school there is something Geraldine loves the most. Fairy princesses love to sing for sure, but the "mostest" favorite thing she loves is to dance in her ballet classes. With all that spinning and twirling, a princess' crown does tend to get in the way, but it is manageable.

What would an after school snack be without pink lemonade and lots of sparkly sugar cookies? There's just so much to do when you're a fairy princess that it gets exhausting. Little Gerry gets her beauty sleep and wakes to a new sparkling day.

Not a reading of the story, but a brief look at the illustrations to give an idea of the "sweetness" of this little Very Fairy Princess.

You'll connect with your readers. If you type a sentence here about why you love this video.

Julie Andrews reads The Very Fairy Princess: Here Comes The Princess.

"It has sparkles and bubbles, what more can you ask for?"

— A quote from a little Very Fairy Princess.

Books to Bed Very Fairy Princess Pajama Set

Your child will love this set (along with their other books) from award winning mother-daughter team Julie Andrews and Emma. Dame Julie Andrews has authored 26 books over the past forty years. It all began with "Mandy" a ten year old orphan which was the first children's book she wrote for her children.

There are five in The Very Fairy Princess series: the original, Takes the Stage, Here Comes the Flower Girl, Follows Her Heart, Sparkles in the Snow.

Look for her new Very Fairy Princess Christmas book and Free App for your iphone or ipad.

Julie Andrews website

Julie Andrews website

Cinderella Pajamas and Book Set - from Books to Bed (Baby, Toddler and Kids)

Sweet dreams are in order for this little princess when she puts on these "magical" jammies. The fairytale comes to life with all the characters from the story portrayed on this sleepwear set.

Books to bed encourages children to read and retell the story by using the characters on their pajamas.

Image credit of The Rainbow Fish by

Image credit of The Rainbow Fish by

The Rainbow Fish

This is a book with a wonderful story line. It is about a fish that is more beautiful than any other fish in the ocean. What makes this fish different is it's rainbow of colors and sparkles that make up the scales.

He was adored by all the other fish and they would call out to him to play, but he never did. All he would do is swim past them with pride as his scales shimmered in the water. One day a little blue fish asked Rainbow if he would give him one of his scales, but he became angry and yelled at the blue fish. The little fish was so hurt by what Rainbow fish did that he told all the other fish in the ocean. From that day on no one would pay any attention to Rainbow because of his hurtful behavior, and he became the loneliest fish there was.

Searching for answers a starfish directs him to a wise octopus for help. Rainbow didn't like the advice he got. Mrs. Octopus told him to give away all his shiny scales so that he was no longer the most beautiful fish in the ocean. How could he do that? How would giving his scales away make him happy?

Discover what it means to give away the things you most value and how it will change your life as you read what happens to Rainbow fish when the little blue fish returns. A delightful "tale" and lesson on what it means to give to others.

The story is read aloud as you follow along with the pictures.

Books to Bed The Rainbow Fish Book & Pajama Shorts Set for Girls - Also available for boys.

Not your ordinary fish, Rainbow is the envy of every creature in the sea. The Rainbow Fish is a heartwarming “tale” that teaches children the gift of giving, forgiving and friendship.

Help your child remember the life lessons of Rainbow with the delightful eye-catching sleepwear that comes with the story book.

Books to Bed Birdie's Big Girl Dress - Sleepwear and Book Set - Out of Stock

When I was a little girl my grandmother gave me the perfect play outfit that even came with a straw hat. It’s very important for a little girl to have just the right clothes so she can do all the things little girls do. My friend Birdie understands all of this.

Birdie has run into a little bit of a dilemma. Her favorite play dress no longer fits. When her mother takes her shopping for a new outfit, she becomes discouraged because nothing she sees will allow her to be messy, play, hop, skip or even eat her birthday cake. These just won't do.

No worries though, Birdie makes a discovery when she escapes to her favorite place to think … the attic. What does Birdie come up with in her creative imagination? A dress that is perfectly Birdie.

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There's A Fancy Nancy is Every Little GIrl

Nancy likes everything to be fancy. She and her best friend Bree have lots of adventures in the Fancy Nancy book series.

In Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist, Nancy finds that she is having difficulty dealing with her friend being out of town on vacation. She tries her hand at a few things to keep her from feeling lonely. Nancy's mother suggests that she try her hand at painting. Taking it seriously Nancy even builds an art studio clubhouse in her backyard, and attempts to become the fanciest artist she can be.

When Bree returns home, she and Robert take part in becoming artists also. The three of them decide to hold an art show to celebrate their creative works.

You can encourage your child to explore more creative aspects of their personality also. Let them read the story or share it with them at night while they wear their Fancy Nancy sleepwear.

Books to Bed Fancy Nancy - Girls long sleeved sleepwear with story book.

Look for all the Fancy Nancy apparel and books for kids including costumes, backpacks, clothes and accessories from this link.

Google images of Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist

Google images of Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist

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Good Night Moon - Story on Video

Going to bed is sometimes a scary thing for a little one and often they want to stall. Well, I’m not sure our little furry friend is afraid to go to bed, but it does make you suspicious. Just how many things can you find to say goodnight to before falling asleep?

Goodnight moon is mostly a picture book with first words from a Dolch list basically. A cute rabbit is snug in bed looking around the room with goodnight wishes for everything and everyone.

A child will love the story of a small rabbit and the good night wishes sent out to everyone. A video rendition of the book narrated by Susan Sarandon.

Good Night Moon - Pajamas, Book or DVD

Additional Good Night Moon Items

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Twas the Night Before Christmas - Favorite versions of the classic story on video.

Part 1 of the story about a clockmaker and Christmas traditions.

Part 2 of the story when the town tries to find out why the letters to Santa were returned.

Part 3

Part 4

Reading of the classic story of Twas the NIght Before Christmas.

Reading of the Christmas Poem.

Books to Bed Christmas Hoho Pajamas and Book - Click on photo for details.

Buy here on Amazon

Buy here on Amazon

I didn’t learn about this story until I was older, but since then it has become a favorite of mine. It doesn’t really matter which version I listen to or view (and there are hundreds), I have come to enjoy them all.

Do you have a little one that loves for you to read to them? You can begin making memories for your children or grandchildren by sharing some of your favorite stories at bedtime, including this old time beloved holiday tale.

Books to Bed Books To Bed Twas The Night Before Christmas

Begin Your Own Twelve Days of Christmas Tradition

Buy here on Amazon

Buy here on Amazon

A Christmas doesn't go by without hearing the song about the Twelve Days of Christmas, with all the characters for each verse dancing their way into our festivities. It was this holiday classic that inspired our own celebration of story and tradition.

Over the years we have selected a different family for Twelve Days of Christmas gifts. Every day they receive a surprise that coincides with the story, but with a religious theme. The final gift either comes on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day depending on the circumstances. On day twelve we offer a suggestion for the family to extend this same season of giving to another family the following year, keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

You can do the same with the reading of Christmas stories throughout the holiday season. Children will love gathering around in their special pajamas to read their favorite books as families make new memories for Christmas.

Twelve Days of Christmas Sing-A-Long

Have a sing-a-long with your family after you have read the story. See how much they remember.

For more gift ideas visit Pink Décor Accessories & Ideas

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Lucy Bieri from Switzerland on August 05, 2014:

I must say, this is a very well thought about lens. Complete match, they make a great gift.

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on May 17, 2014:

These are such fun pajama & book sets! I know any little girl would love to receive these as a gift.

ToxicFreeClub on May 14, 2014:

Oh wow these are great!!!!

Fay Favored (author) from USA on January 18, 2014:

@dellgirl: Every girl is special, so why shouldn't she have the jammies to match :) Thanks for coming to see me today. Love having you in my camp.

dellgirl on January 17, 2014:

Beautiful, just beautiful. I love these Books, Toys & Ideas for Infant, Toddler and Grade School Girls you have shared.

Fay Favored (author) from USA on January 02, 2014:

@Merrci: These would have been so cool when we were kids.

Merry Citarella from Oregon's Southern Coast on January 01, 2014:

Love this lens! What a fun idea to have jammies that match a book! I can see the little ones anxious to climb into bed to read the story too. So cute!

Fay Favored (author) from USA on December 26, 2013:

@celluliteandexe: I agree, and it doesn't hurt that the jammies are comfortable :)

celluliteandexe on December 23, 2013:

Love this! It's so important to make little girls feel special because they are! Gives them such a boost in their happiness and confidence level

SusanneB on November 19, 2013:

I love this lens so cute

Jogalog on November 07, 2013:

We always have a few bedtime stories. My little girl loves reading.

Gloria Freeman from Alabama USA on October 26, 2013:

Hi what fun to read a good bedtime story and PJs to match.

WriterJanis2 on October 07, 2013:

You have so many great gift ideas for girls here.

Fay Favored (author) from USA on October 01, 2013:

@sharadkgupta lm: Thank you. I appreciate your visit.

Fay Favored (author) from USA on October 01, 2013:

@sybil watson: What a nice memory and tradition you are passing on to your kids.

sharadkgupta lm on October 01, 2013:

Very good work.I love the lens very much.

sybil watson on September 29, 2013:

My mom and sisters always read bedtime stories to me, and I read them to my kids. These pajamas are darling - what a great idea for a Christmas present!

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