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Blossom Tattoo: Chinese, Japanese Flower Designs-12 Seductive Ideas

Chinese blossom tattoo is one of the hottest ink designs nowadays. Many people, especially classic women and cute girls are fond of feminine styles. Asian flower tattoos like Japanese cherry blossoms, Chinese lotus, plum, apple, and sakura are great designs to consider. In China, blossom is associated with female beauty and autonomy. It is also a symbol of love and passion. Let me share my tips on the most tempting Chinese floral designs. Choose from these 12 stunning flower tattoos.

1. Blossom tattoos with Chinese quotes on spine

Your blossom tattoo can be personalized with a Chinese quote. Quotes reveal truth about life. It is the best way to show your personality. Choose a quote that has a special meaning to you. A short quote has 3 to 4 Chinese characters. A longer quote has 8 or more Chinese characters. Remember to put the quote on your spine. Why? Since Chinese writing flows vertically from top to bottom, your quote will look very stylish alongside your blossom tattoo.

Quotes ideas for flower designs include:

  • Learn from yesterday, live for today. 
  • We need not think alike to love alike
  • Beauty stems from the heart, not the eye.
  • Where there is love, there is life.

Plum blossom tattoos with short quote 4 Chinese characters (left). Long quote 8 Chinese characters (right)

2. Blossom tattoo with Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy can greatly enhance your blossom tattoos. Consider putting a Chinese stamp (seal script calligraphy) and matching Chinese calligraphy (5 different writing styles: seal script, clerical script, regular script, running script, cursive script) your flowers. Calligraphy makes your blossom tattoo look sensuous. It speaks enormously about you.

Blossom tattoo with Chinese calligraphy (Beckham cursive style)


3. Classic plum blossom tattoos

You can never go wrong with a classic plum blossom tattoo. A plum blossom design usually has subdued colors and a traditional floral composition. This original design will score you high, for sure, simple but elegant.

Classic plum blossom tattoos - dark red

4. Girly cherry blossom tattoos

If you look for a cute flower design, try the girly cherry blossom tattoo. The Japanese styles are known for their attractive styles, bright strokes and delicate appeal. Pink is often an irresistible choice for women. Flaunt your femininity now!

Girly cherry blossom tattoos - pink, round flowers

5. Sakura blossom tattoo

If you don’t like the full blossom tattoo designs (those with flowers, branches, leaves and tree together), why not try the flowers only, e.g. sakura blossoms. You can accentuate your sakura flower by adding a low profile background. Just make sure you use bright colors for your flowers so they can STAND OUT.

Sakura blossom tattoo - colorful


6. Single flower blossom tattoos

Another popular design is to have the blossom tattoo with ONLY a single flower. This can be a Japanese apple or Chinese lotus blossoms. Single flower designs have a magical appeal. It is sexy and attractive. It draws your eyes directly. No one will ever fail to notice your charming Asian flower. Make sure you add a few falling leaves alongside your floral tattoos to give a romantic feel.

Single flower blossom tattoos - waves

7. Blossom tattoo with animals

Few people associate a blossom tattoo with animals. In fact, this is one big mistake. Tattoo is personally expression. You add whatever designs that are meaningful to you. For those who are animal lovers, this is a great tattoo idea for you. You can add a favourite animal design adjacent to your Asian blossoms. Birds are very popular. However, it can also be your dog, cat, or Chinese zodiac sign. Be creative, you can even have a legendary animal.  

Blossom tattoo with owl, bird

8. Blossom tattoos with insects

People who are fond of little creatures may like the blossom tattoos with insects. These insects can be butterflies, grasshoppers, dragon flies, etc. In fact, butterflies are especially popular among women. Their bright wings and shapes are marvellous enhancements of your flower blossoms.  

Blossom tattoos with butterfly, dragonfly

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9. Fine line blossom tattoos

Fine line blossom tattoos are designs done with meticulous care. The ink shows impeccable details, shapes and arrangement that no one will fail to recognize. It is almost like a portrait. Very often, fine line designs are done in monochrome, meaning single colors. In addition, it is usually in charcoal. Try the Chinese lotus blossoms with matching leaves around them. They look real and will touch your heart. 

Fine line blossom tattoo - charcoal, black and white

10. Chinese Blossom tattoo with tribal symbols

Want to have an eclectic ink, why not mix your Chinese plum blossom tattoos with a tribal symbols? Tribal styles have a wide and untamed look. However, they look especially sensuous when combined with Chinese flowers. This is truly the perfect EAST MEETS WEST design. This urban style will reveal your individuality with class.

Chinese Blossom tattoo with tribal symbolism

11. Blossom tattoo in circle with Kanji symbol

Few people know that they can put their blossom tattoo in a circle. This is a modern and unusual choice, The result is simply fabulous. The apple or plum blossom looks especially feminine yet stylish. To add more punch, throw a kanji symbol or Japanese character into the middle. Now you have an unforgettable Asian flower tattoo.

Blossom tattoo in circle with Japanese / Chinese symbol


12. Blossom tattoos with Chinese painting

Compared to all the other flower designs, the blossom tattoo with Chinese painting this is truly the most flamboyant style. First get your blossom in place, then add elements of a Chinese painting into your design. These elements include a Chinese phrase, big bright flowers like peony, matching leaves, supporting branches. For those who enjoy some exoticism, add a lizard, tiger or mandarin duck. There are unlimited choices there.

Blossom tattoos with Chinese painting, peony



Mariesha on August 29, 2020:

What does the first tatt with the 4characters say

eleni on January 28, 2015:

what does the first tattoo say, the shorter one on the left with only 4 characters?

ellahall2011 on October 23, 2011:

They really look feminine and seductive tattoos!Love to look at them on the women's body.Great hub!

TinaLynn on August 21, 2011:

Some of these tattoo designs are absolutely breathtaking. So beautiful, but not sure if I am brave enough to get a big tattoo!

Sky's End from Florida on July 24, 2011:

These are all absolutely beautiful designs, but I'm a little curious. What are the implications of traditional Asian designs being adopted by western culture? It puts me in mind of celtic crosses, knots, and tribal tattoos being worn by everyone and their mother. At one time, they were significant to the cultures from which they originated. What happens to the meaning behind the decoration when it's taken out of context?

Miss Paula on July 15, 2011:

WOW!!! nice tattoos,they look awesome,thinking about getting one gives me ideas. THANKS AGAIN

fashion on July 14, 2011:

Amazing work is done here.These tattoos are just like a master piece of art and design.

Connie Ho (author) from Quebec, Canada on July 05, 2011:

Hi Stephen, thanks, artistic tattoos is definitely a suitable term. I think tattoo does not need to be eye popping, just nice and zen is enough, chhers.

StephenSMcmillan on July 05, 2011:

Wow! Very artistic tattoos. Love this hub.

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