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Betty Boop Tattoos

Betty Boop Black Decal Truck Bumper Window Vinyl Sticker

Betty Boop Affected a Generation

Betty Boop was a wildly popular cartoon character from the 1930s, capturing the imagination of the men of that period during the difficult depression years; her persona became a welcome distraction in the early years, before her character was reined in by the National Legion of Decency and the Production Code of 1934.

She was an interesting personality in how creator Max Fleischer presented her. Betty Boop was obviously portrayed as a very sexual female, but was also shown to be somewhat innocent, with childlike qualities included.

There was nothing childish about Betty's figure though, and in the first several years of the production not too much was held back, although her virtue remained intact, and there was always an element of simplicity, vulnerability and innocence to here, even with the way she was dressed and acted outwardly.

Betty was pretty much a reminder of the recently bygone flapper days, which for some, was a lot of fun and partying. The depression put a damper on all that, and apparently Betty was created to bring back what was perceived as better days by many.

The higher percentage Betty Boop tattoos are in relationship to her early flapper look. But Betty's look has taken many turns, and tattoos have taken those turns with her.

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Betty Boop As She Was at the Beginning

It's too bad the light reflection on this tattoo takes a little away from the image, but this is the quintessential image of Betty Boop when she was introduced to the public. Everything is captured in the tattoo that Betty Boop was at the time.

The hair, flapper dress and garter on her leg finishes off her overall look nicely. The bands on her wrists also look cute. Fantastic tattoo, and by far the best of the bunch. I only started us off with it to show what Betty looked like at her birth.

Image of Traditional Betty Boop Look

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Another Traditional Betty Boop Tattoo

Here's another traditional tattoo of Betty Boop done very well. This one has her in one of her popular poses, with the hand behind the head and the other on her hip. Also notice how her innocence is represented by her over sized head, implying a girl in a woman's body.

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I really like this Betty Boop tattoo. Unfortunately we aren't able to see the full figure, which includes her lifting her other leg up, which creates the nice shadow in the dress and quality look and feel.

Also, if you ever want to try a test, as shown below and all the Betty Boop tattoos here, as well as illustrations of her, you never see her looking straight at you. If there are exceptions, I haven't been able to find one.

Even though this is a really nice tattoo, it would have been better the image of Betty Boop was a little smaller so you could see all of it, and not have to move around to take it all in. This is a common mistake.

In this case, all that would have had to been done was to move it over slightly on the arm, and possibly reduce the size just a little.

Betty Boop in a Cute Dress

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I don't think there is any doubt this is a nod toward the famous dress flying up in the wind of Marilyn Monroe. Betty has the appearance of being surprised that it happened, although her countenance is almost always the same.

Another little observation about Betty you can look up. Have you noticed her eyebrows never change in her appearance? Check it out and you'll see they always remain in that position. Maybe she had them treated surgically'-).

Betty Boop in Famous Marilyn Monroe Pose

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Betty Boop Angel Tattoo

As with all tattoo themes, tattoo artists like to take some liberties with a character to make them appear different than their traditional look. So it is with this Betty Boop design, where she's unveiled in a pretty and feminine pink outfit, including angel wings.

You also have that famous wink she like to give to the audience, probably as popular as her little hip wiggle.

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There aren't too many sailors I've seen in sailor outfits like Betty Boop is wearing in this tattoo. As a matter of fact, there are none. It is cute though, and that red tie on her front, and holding the little sailor had looks great.

One thing I don't like is her oversized thighs and arms which look a little mannish (bulky). But still a nice tattoo.

Betty Boop in Sailor Outfit

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This is a fun play on the image of Betty Boop, presenting her as a Geisha, with that cute fan and hair we all recognize and associate with these women. Of course the traditional Geisha kimono is a must.

Betty Boop as Geisha

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Betty Boop definitely makes a change in this more modern short skirt and cute hat outfit, with that unique color, which I think would be considered peach. Those high heels also add that more modern look to her. The darker shadow of the had and her head add an interesting contrast to the very light colors of her outfit and legs.

Betty Boop Tattoo with Cute Skirt and Hat


Betty Boop is an amazing creation, and has lasted for about 80 years or so not, and still remains a popular figure in advertising, cartoons and illustration. It was inevitable that those who want a compelling tattoo would look to this pop culture icon as an inspiration for their ink.

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