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The 3 Best Electric Shavers for the Head 2020 Review

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For Head Shavers Quality is a Must

Shaving one’s head has become a rite of passage for many men nowadays with their reasons varying vastly from wanting a clean look, to wanting to hide balding spots by doing away with their hair completely. Despite these reasons or maybe because of them, many of these men have searched high and low for the best reviews so they can find the right one for them. Having the a quality tool for shearing the head is an important aspect to those concerned with appearance and cleanliness.

Finding a top notch tool for the job doesn’t have to be a hassle or create more work for men who want the clean lines of a shaved head. Who wants to deal with the extra fuss of finishing with a razor that can leave behind razor burn and irritation to the scalp? Not many, really, and who could blame them?

Based on their reviews, these are the top three picks for any man looking for the best shaved head imaginable. They are rated for their cost value, their finishes, and their comfort to use on the skin. With all three, you’ll find yourself looking at the top performers in their category and the final decision will come down to price and willingness to try one of them over your old razor or shaver.

Kibiy is Absolutely #1 in my Book and under $40!

Stubble be Gone!


Panasonic at #2 is a Real Contender


Check out the Bald Eagle Pro here!

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In Conclusion

Each of these three shavers have some wonderful attributes that greatly outweighs any drawbacks to them. With the Kibiy, you can enjoy a great low price for your next shaver; the other two have found success in both wet and dry conditions.

Every product will have negatives, this can't be helped. Such is the nature of all man-made products whether they are low cost or expensive. However, my hope is that I have presented each of these shavers (with their pros and cons) in a way that will help you make an informed decision when buying.

Calling all Head Shavers...

Comments are Always Appreciated

M. Victor Kilgore (author) on October 13, 2016:

Have you had good success with the titanium self-sharpening blades of the Karmin T7?

Joy on October 03, 2016:

Best I have ever used is Karmin T7.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 10, 2015:

Great reviews, including the pros and the cons. Helpful information and good images. Hope the shavers find it useful.

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