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The Probiotic Skincare Trend Decoded

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Probiotics For Skin

The wellness world has been going on and on about the word ‘Probiotics’ for years now. It is only recently that the probiotic skincare trend has taken over the beauty world. It has now become a must-have ingredient in your skincare regime which has a world of benefits. Probiotics, simply put, are a strain of good bacteria. Yes, you read it right, we said ‘bacteria’. Bacteria has a bad reputation for being something we should stay away from. But there’s a flipside of bacteria too. There’s something called good bacteria and their job is to keep infections away, boost immunity and regulate skin’s pH level while targeting environmental stressors. Excessive cleansing causes these good bacteria to get washed off and they can no longer keep the bad bacteria in check. When balanced, these bacteria can improve your skin by keeping it hydrated, balanced and acne free.
The probiotic skincare trend
The probiotic skincare trend is a very promising wave that is here to stay. The skin's physical barrier consists of a layer of diverse microorganisms called the microbiomes that help keep the complexion clear and radiant. There are 10,000 different species of these bacteria that promote healthy skin function. Skincare products that contain these bacteria are thought to reset the microbiomes that has been altered by cleansing or other factors.

Probiotics for every skin type

1. Sensitive Skin
If your skin type is sensitive then say hello to hope with probiotics. Continuous exposure to probiotics boosts skin renewal while targeting skin from invaders which help reduce unnecessary inflammation
2. Combination Skin
Probiotics have tons for benefits of combination skin type. It neutralizes your skin's pH level, reduces blemishes, brightens and evens the skin tone to bring out your natural glow and complexion.
3. Oily Skin
Probiotics help strengthen the skin barrier while calming and balancing the inflammatory response of the skin. It helps retain the good bacteria and stores skin’s natural oil keeping acne causing bacteria at bay.
4. Aging Skin

The pH level of the skin increases with age which makes skin dryer which in turn fosters the growth of bad bacteria. Prebiotics powered skincare products aid in reducing the fine lines and age spots giving a younger and healthier looking skin.

Ways to foster the good bacteria
• Cleanse with caution: Introduce a gentle cleanser to your skincare regime and use it twice a day and exfoliate your skin no more than twice a week
• Eat well, stay hydrated: Switch to a healthy fiber rich diet like asparagus, oats, barley etc. which are excellent source of probiotics. Stay hydrated by drinking 2-3 liters of water daily
• Work out: Exercising increases the blood flow to your skin and nourishes it with vital nutrients
• Take no stress: Stress comes with all negative implications. Keep your stress levels in check for a happy and healthy skin
• Choose the right products: Introduce probiotics powered skincare products to your regime. Use oil-free gel based moisturizer formulated with hyaluronic acid for a healthy and vibrant complexion.

Now that you know all about prebiotics and microbiomes, wash your skin with caution, pick your products wisely and let the good bacteria do their magic.

·Choose the right products: Introduce probiotics powered skincare products to your regime. Use oil-free gel based moisturized formulated with hyaluronic acid for a healthy and vibrant complexion

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