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Beautiful and Hot Eurasian Models

Nicolette Lacson flickr flickr

Eurasion Honey's

 Eurasian is a very dated term which has been in usage since halfway through the 19th century and at the time referred to anyone born of mixed British and Asian parents. It was established during the age when the British ruled over India and was used primarily to describe persons with an Indian mother and British father. In a Modern context however, Eurasian can refer to a much wider catchment area, where one parent is white and the other from any Asian country. Geographically the location of Eurasia is quite specific, it represents the immediate region where the two continents of Europe and Asia meet with a relevent catchment area. People who are born outside of this landmass can also be termed 'Eurasian' although this leaves doubtfulness when distuingishing an individuals culture or group. To clarify, here is's definition:



  1. Of or relating to Eurasia.
  2. Of mixed European and Asian descent.


  1. A person of mixed European and Asian descent.
  2. A native or inhabitant of Eurasia

Living in Britain, I have had relations with numerous Eurasian girls who come over here to work so I know the genuine ones and have tried to illustrate this in the following collection of photographs. flickr flickr

Nicolette Lacson pictured above is a 24 year old, half Filipino bikini model who was born in Beverly Hills, California. She is most noted for showing off her gorgeous figure at masses of events and automobile shows, and has also recently been featured in men's entertainment magazines 'FHM' and 'Maxim'.

Every day Eurasian Girls flickr flickr flickr flickr wiki wiki

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I wanted to include the above photos as the introductionary ones but I gathered that this would not attract as much traffic to the article, so I chose the bikini model instead. Don't panic! those who are just looking for eye candy, I will continue with those in a moment, plus you might learn something. I included these photos because these are the genuine Eurasian girls according to the above dictionary description and they are the ones I am more accustomed to. The latter photo is in fact a celebrity, but this is the best shot I could get license for, her name is Cindy Burbridge and was representative of Thailand in Miss World 1996, born of a Thai British mother and American father. Although this is not indigenous of Eurasia, due to the small percentage of Thai, she has the same complexion as the first two girls.

The first two girls have more Indian/European contributes which makes them more likely candidates, you can see more rounded features such as nose and chin which orignates from these locations.

Margaret Denise Quigley aka Maggie Q Picasa Picasa Picasa Picasa Picasa Picasa wiki wiki

Maggie Q as she is better known, was born in Hawaii from a American father of Polish, French Canadian and Irish descent and a Vietnamese mother. She began her career in modeling from which she progressed to television shows and later into films, famous examples include Mission Impossible 3, Rush Hour 2 and dragon squad.

Celeste Thorson wiki wiki wiki wiki

Celeste Thorson is best known for being a hostess on the annual proffessional wrestling pay-per-view event held by Total Nonstop Action in the spring months. celeste's mother is majority Lebanese with Mexican descent, on her father's side he is Korean/Scottish and Irish descent. 

Mylene Jampanoi wiki wiki

 I know I usually finish with a smile, however this time the best photo I could find was particularly dazzling seemed most appropriate and that is of French actress Mylene Jampanoi. She is currently 29 years old born of a Chinese father and French mother, and has already been married and divorced with an Indian actor Milind Soman. I hope you enjoyed the pictures I gathered tirelessly and have given insight to this unique group of people.

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