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Beard Straightening Comb - Straighten a Curly Beard

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If you have been looking into different ways on how to get your beard to lay flat down or to make sure your beard stays straight, then chances are you might have come across a rather new device that are collectively known as beard straightening combs and brushes. They are essentially a heated comb that allows you to straighten your beard in a relatively easy and effective way.

We will get into the specific steps on how to use them and which models to look out for but firstly, we’re going to discuss if you should use one and who should be using them as well as some of the alternative methods that you have available to getting your beard to stay straight.

What is a Beard Straightening Heat Brush?

As mentioned above, they basically look like your typical regular hair brush, they also get referred to as a heated comb. The difference being that it is electrified, typically with a ceramic plate that allows it to heat up between the brush and the actual teeth. Then simply brush it through your beard to straighten it. This is a great way to remove those dreaded beard curls and sticky out beards parts too — in all they act to neaten up the look of your beard.

Should You Use a Beard Straightening Comb?

It certainly works for some beard folk. If you have a particularly curly beard that you want to straighten up in a quick practical and easy manner day-in-day-out. The ceramic straightening brush is definitely a great option for you to consider.

Especially when you consider the other options of straightening your beard (that we discuss in more detial here on how to do that), it poses a lot of advantages.

Using all natural beard products

Using the likes of beard oil, beard styling balm and beard wax although are a great means of getting your beard straight without the use of heat does have a few down sides. Firstly, it can be time consuming, there is a lot fo work that goes into straightening out a beard with the use of just beard products. Secondly, it can become a little overbearing on the beard with the amount of products that you are actually using. Then finally, it can be quite an expensive ordeal to have to keep resorting to an array of beard products everyday just to get it to look like you want it to.

Whereas with an electric beard brush or comb, you can save a lot on the amount of time that it takes to apply all the beard products. Your beard and face don’t have any additional products in them. Plus, you save a lot on the amount of beard products you would have to use — but you do have to count for the electric bill. Not only, that it’s just a whole lot easier to carry out as well.

Blow drying method

You will see this being advocated a lot as well. As you can see it being demonstrated in the video above, it involes the use of a brush and a blowdryer with heat diffuser as you stroke out the beard whilst heating it. You can see that it already looks like a slower process and a more difficult one too. That said, the results are actually quite good and I think you get the looker of a bit of a straighter beard with this method, so I still recommend that you try it out.

However, if you are wanting a nice and easy option that you is going to be time and energy efficient, then it is likely that the beard straightening comb is again going to be your prefered method. It might well be the case, that you carry out a series of both. Go for the heated brush during the workweek and then when it comes to looking your best for the weekend, then go for the blowdryer beard straightening method.

Curling Iron

This is the method that most beardsmen strongly advise again (as do we). Does it get a miraculously straight beard? Sure. Is it to the point that it actually looks somewhat unnatural? Yep. Is it also likely to damage your beard? Of course.

The only time we only really advocate using a curling iron on your beard is when you know what you are doing and secondly, because it is a one-off, for instance, you are wanting to achieve a crazy adventurous style for a fancy dress party or you are going to partake in a beard competition. Ultimately, it should be used with caution and the heated beard combs have clear advantages in this respect. They are safer for your beard, they are actually designed for your beard and they are a lot easier to use.

How to Use a Beard Straightening Comb?

When it comes to using the heated beard brush it is simply a case of carrying out the following steps:

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  1. Prepare your beard by giving it a quick comb through and ensuring that it is actually clean.
  2. Simply run it through your beard gently in a motion that follows the beard hair.
  3. Plug in the heated brush and set the temperature (if it has certain heat settings) and let it warm up.
  4. Kick the beard comb just under the beard to create an inner curl.
  5. Follow up with some beard oil or a beard styler.

Now let’s go into some more detail on each step.

#1 Prepare your beard

Firstly, you want to be making sure that you are actually combing a beard that is free from dirt and grime. Give it a wash beforehand if you haven’t done so in a while, so that is nice and fresh. You can also splash a few drops of beard oil as well to help prevent extra dryness to the beard as you are going to be applying a good amount of heat to the beard.

#2 Set up the beard comb

This will depend on the model, but you want to let it heat up and set the appropriate temperature. Some will have different settings, so we recommend that you go for the lowest one first and adjust. If you feel that your beard isn’t getting appropriately straight, then simply increase the level of heat and pass through the beard more often.

#3 Combing through your beard

Work from the side of your beard right around the other side. If you have tried to straighten your beard before, you might be surprised just how fast the overall process actually is and you’re left thinking is that it? You can literally straighten even the curliest and waviest beards pretty fast. When it comes to the frontal aspect of your beard, you can pull it out as well.

For those, with particularly curly and unruly beards just run the comb all the way through again. The overall impact is that it should be significantly reducing the overall unevenness to the beard and make it look a whole lot smoother and neater.

You will see that it significantly reduces the number of beard curls and waves that you have in your beard. Remember, the hotter you go with the beard brush the more effective it will be at actually straightening out the beard hair but the greater the chance you have of drying out the beard — so there is a fine balance to get. We certainly recommend that you have a little play about here and experiment what’s the right equilibrium for you to get.

Overall, you are likely to be very impressed and happy with the results, especially if you have tried to straighten your beard with the other methods before.

#4 Apply a beard styling product

An optional extra is to now go ahead and apply a bit more beard oil to the beard if it is feeling particularly dry. Plus, you can also reach out to a beard styling balm (such as the one from Beardbrand) just make sure that the scents match up. This allows you to get a bit of texture into the beard and add any appropriate curls and styling points that you want with your beard. A common one is to create a slight curl at the end of the beard to took underneath your beard that gives a fuller and neater impact on your beard. It’s definitely worth taking a look at a few beard barber videos and styles to get the look that you want with your beard. Let them know about the heated beard brush you are using too, they might have some specific recommendations as a result.

Which Model To Go For?

There is a whole range of various models to go for that you can consider. They do come with quite a wide price difference as well. You can see a lot of reviews on the various models as well as a few comparisons, ultimately you want to be making sure that you carry out your own personal research and whether it actually warrants the price. Just because the model is quite a bit more expensive, doesn’t mean it is that much better than the cheaper base beard straightening comb.

What to Avoid?

The main point that you should be considering when it comes to trying to straighten your beard is to firstly not dry it out. Don’t overheat the beard, if you are using the blowdrying method and then using a beard straightening comb, you’re likely subjecting your beard to a bit too much heat. Plus, don’t be pulling on the beard, short strokes and bursts are fine. If you start to snag on the beard, that’s ok, simply release the brush from the beard and start the process over again.

Final Thoughts

I am actually a big fan of these beard heated straightening combs and brushes, they allow guys who want to get control back of their a beard a quick, safe and effective way of doing so. Style it up with some beard grooming and styling products and it’s a really great way to get a genuinely good looking beard day-in-day-out without having to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror.

Of course, let us know if you have any potential questions or concerns with regards to using a beard straightening comb or you want further advice on which model to get, how you should be using it and so on. Simply let me know in the questions and answers section just above.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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