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Do Beard Rollers Work? Here's the Results

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Does a Beard Roller Work?

If you are wanting to grow your beard to be as thick as it can be or you are just wanting to stimulate beard growth, chances are you have come across the new beard roller tool. Now, you are probably thinking does a beard roller actually work? Does it actually encourage beard growth? It can be a tough question to answer. In this guide, we’ll take a look and work out just how a beard roller could actually be of use to you in the long run.

Here's what we will discuss:

  • How Do They Claim to Work?
  • How to Use a Beard Roller?
  • How Often Should You Use It?
  • Does It Actually Work?
  • Will It Fix a Patchy Beard?
  • Beard Roller Results

Now we will get into whether you will actually see results from your beard roller, but let's first examine how a beard roller actually works. They can be a bit confusing to look at, so let’s take a look and see if you can work out what you are doing when it comes to using a beard roller.

This is how they work in practice:

Ironically, they look a little bit like a razor but they are basically a roller that is comprised of small needles and has a handle base for you to roll up and down your face where your beard would grow. There are a fair few different versions out there such as the Derma Roller as well as the Copenhagen Grooming beard roller, so be sure to do your research into the specifics of each model before going head and purchasing.

How Do Beard Rollers Claim To Stimulate Beard Growth?

The reason why this works is quite simple:

  • With a beard roller, you are using tiny needles to put tiny, safe holes in the skin.
  • Once your body notices the damage being done, it goes into a rapid repair mode.
  • Your body then works overtime to clean up and fill in those holes you made.
  • By doing that, your body improves circulation, and boosts blood rushing.
  • This helps to put a lot of nutrient-rich blood straight into the beard area.

You might be somewhat sceptical and you have good reason to be but there is actually a surprising amount of clinical studies that seem to help support the process. The idea though is that through pressing the needles across your face on a regular basis (also referred to as micro needling) you are basically carrying out a process to help stimulate beard growth.

The main aspect that you are aiding is the increasing level of blood flow and circulation to your cheeks which is then claimed to help with beard hair growth. In fairness, we have seen in studies such as "The Standardized Scalp Massage Results in Hair Thickness by Inducing Stretching Forces" which showed massage helps with hair thickness so a similar aspect could be going on here.

There is also a study that claims a positive response to “Microneedling Treatment in Men with Androgenetic Alopecia Who Failed to Respond to Conventional Therapy” so there seems to be some potential credence here. Not to mention some brands have carried out their own clinical study into carrying out beard rolling and claiming positive results with hairs being quoted as “80% more thick”.

So, as you can see, there is a fair amount of positivity when it comes to using a beard roller. There’s a fair amount of information out there both on how it works and why it works. That should give you plenty of confidence when it comes to using such a device. Not only that, but you should find that it does a pretty good job of making sure you can get your beard looking and feeling quite fresh just by using the roller on a consistent basis. The mechanism is the most complex part, and that is where most people probably fall down when it comes to using such a product.

If you find the concept of using a roller a bit complex, then read on this. This simple should guide break down some of the information that you are lacking, and it should help you to work out when you should (or should not) put a beard roller to good use.

How To Use a Beard Roller?

As we mentioned above, it can be a bit confusing trying to put a beard roller into practice. The first time that you use one, it’s going to be more than a little confusing looking. This can be quite off-putting, and it might leave you uncertain as to what you should be doing. If you want to avoid making any kind of mistakes and/or mess, we recommend you stick to the idea below.

Typically, though, it’s best to follow the specific beard roller’s guide on how to make use of it, but the general practice is the following steps.

1. Brush your beard first, ensuring that it’s relatively tug-free before you start piercing.

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2. Take the roller, and run it through your facial hair – do this thoroughly and evenly.

3. Once you do this, you should keep making sure you do this a few times per week.

When you are applying the roller to your beard, try and go in every direction. Try and go in all eight directions, each time, moving to all diagonal sides as well as up and down the beard. Start by going up and down, left and right, doing so across the whole beard several times. This helps you to get even puncturing in the skin, allowing for more consistent growth results.

I would generally always follow this up with some sort of beard oil unless the roller that you have bought suggest otherwise. If you do this, then you should find that you start to notice a visible change in the condition of your beard. Keeping up with the rolling process will ensure that the results can be more consistent in general. However, it’s always important to read into the roller that you are using in the first place.

Like any other kind of grooming technology, it all comes down to the overall condition of the roller itself. If you buy a beard roller that lacks enough needles and enough quality to get through your facial hair, then the results are naturally going to be much less impressive.

How Often Should I Use My Beard Roller?

This is a very important question. We recommend that you try and stick to the timeline that we mentioned above – but it all does come down to your own personal health. Most experts would suggest that 1-2 times per week is enough if you want to see an improvement in facial hair growth. The needles matter, though – if you have just 0.25mm needles, then you could do this every day without too much issue.

If you are using something lager, though, like a 0.5-0.75mm needle size, then go for a 1-2 per week factor – once per week a 0.75mm.

Does a Beard Roller Actually Work?

So, all the above sounds good in practice but the only real way to know if the beard roller is going to work for you. The first thing to do is carry out your own research into clinical studies, reviews of what other prospective beardsmen have gone through and then determine if it is for you.

Research is essential, as it’s all going to come down to the roller that you choose to buy in the first place. Buy a cheap roller that lacks power and precision and yes, it’s not likely to leave any lasting success. Buy a roller that is easy to use and comes with proof of quality, though, and yes it could make a difference. Like with any other grooming tool, though, it comes down to how effective you can be with the grooming and how consistent you are with the usage. If you only do this one a week, or a couple of times per month, then the results are not going to be impressive.

The science behind the actual process – improving circulation through penetration – has been shown to work. It just needs the right kind of application to ensure that the results you see are going to actually be of benefit to you.

It just comes down to what product you use, and how often you use it. If you spend the bare minimum on a system and then you barely use it, don’t expect to see stunning results anytime soon. You should try and avoid excessive pressure when using your beard roller, too; too much pressure can lead to some issues afterward.

You can see reviews that other beardsmen have seen for instance with reviews like below:

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

When measuring the results though make sure to compare it to a benchmark of what your beard looks like both 'with' the regular use of a beard roller after a certain period of time and 'without' the regular use of a beard roller. A good way of doing this is to take a snapshot of what your beard was looking like at 12 weeks in (aka the 3 month beard) both with and without, then you can determine soundly if has worked for you.

Also, be sure to take the time to clean and look after your roller after every use. Giving it a thorough clean will be essential to making sure that it can last for the long term and that you can keep on using it as time goes on. If you don’t clean your beard roller, we’d recommend getting a replacement for hygiene issues – this will avoid the risk of infection.

Regular use and consistent cleaning of your roller, though, should see you produce pretty favorable results in the long-term. Again, it just comes down to persistence, and consistency.

Will it fix your patchy beard?

If you are hoping this product is going to be the ‘one thing’ that can solve a patchy beard or solve the awkward beard stage - I think you might be a little disappointed. From the research that I’ve carried out so far and my own personal experience with a beard roller is that it might have helped a bit but certainly not to the extent that it can be considered a lot fuller and thicker. Again, this is just an anecdotal and subjective perspective and only my opinion.

Some people say it has helped them with beard growth tremendously, but it’s not something that we would suggest you hang your hat on. If you are desperate to grow from having a patchy beard to a full beard, then you might find that a beard roller alone is not going to be enough. Don’t expect it to leave you with a thick, full, and bushy beard.

Most people suggest it has helped them in some way through consistent use, yes. Is it going to change your beard entirely, though? We highly doubt it – don’t expect miracles when it comes to using something like a beard roller. It can only produce so much in terms of results.

Beard Roller Results

There are plenty of beard roller results that you can explore online.

Here are three of the most intriguing video documentaries talking through their results and the 'before and after' for beard rollers.

As you can see on Michele Molteni's Youtube channel he didn't have a great experience using the beard roller.

Another great honest review about their Beard roller results and a review of how well it works from the Good Smile Project.

Of course, let us know how you are getting on with a beard roller. If you have one or if you are planning to get one it would be good to hear your thoughts on what your expectations are. Do beard rollers work for you? If you have any potential questions with regards to the beard roller then just drop it in the questions and answers section above and we will be sure to get back to you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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