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How Beard Pomade Styles Your Beard

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Pomade for Beards

If you are wanting to get the styling edge with your beard, leaving a gorgeous looking matte sheen texture to your beard that offers some hold, then a specifically formulated beard pomade is a great way to achieve this.

Here's what we are going to discuss:

  • What is beard pomade?
  • Using beard pomade to style your beard
  • How to use a beard pomade
  • Beard Pomade vs Wax
  • Beard Pomade vs Beard Balm
  • Can you use hair pomade on beard?

What is Beard Pomade?

A beard pomade is basically just like the pomade that you get for head hair only that it is beard friendly so won’t damage your beard in the short or long term with continued use. It’s mainly produced with the use of butters, waxes and essential oils (to provide the scent) as well as carrier oils, so in many respects it comes from the same sort of families as beard butters as well as beard balms although with a slightly unique formula and composition.

Using Beard Pomade to Style Your Beard

Have you recently come across a beard pomade or you are just wanting to find out more about it? Unlike a beard oil, beard wax and beard balm, these pomades for your beard are quite unique. They are a slightly different take on the traditional beard styling products and are a relatively new development.

They might have caught on simply through the fact that some guys have started to see success by applying actual pomade to their beard for styling abilities. This isn’t something we would generally recommend for the long term health of your beard. That said, we aren’t going to deny the success a lot of guys are having with the actual styling of their beards. Whether they are straightening it out or wanting to get it to lay down flat, alternatively we would simply suggest that you invest in a beard wax to solve these issues.

There have been recent developments from some innovative beard care companies that are creating beard pomades. A notable one being Bossman Beard pomade where the product offers a good substantial amount of hold. So it is primarily intended as a styling product foremost, with a good amount of hold. However, it does contain a lot of conditioning properties as well that a traditional hair pomade doesn’t. It’s basically ensuring that your beard won’t dry out and will retain moisture within the beard.

How to Use a Beard Pomade

Before you starting using a pomade for your beard, you want to firstly know what a pomade is capable of and what it won’t do. It won’t transform a bad looking and shaped beard into a good looking one. You need to visit a proper beard barber professional for that. A beard pomade is simply meant as a beard grooming styling product that will help to bolster the style you are rocking.

Plus, before you start applying a beard pomade, make sure the beard is clean and well combed. Otherwise, it can potentially cause more issues for your beard later down the line with knots and the general feeling of greasy discomfort throughout your face.

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  1. Scoop up a small portion of beard pomade
  2. Spread it across your fingertips
  3. Work it throughout the beard
  4. Comb the beard pomade through and style it

Now let’s explore each of these steps on using a beard pomade in a bit more detail.

#1 Scoop up some beard pomade

Once you have got the tin of beard pomade in your hands, you can get to work on applying it and styling it into your beard. Crack open the lid and get about a pea sized amount first, then you can gauge how much you are working with. Of course, a larger beard is going to require more. However, you want to work your way up to the amount that you need. You don’t want to be overusing the beard pomade, otherwise, you can end up with a very greasy beard that will want you to start all over again. This is true of the saying ‘less is more’.

#2 Apply it through your fingertips

Now before you go straight into the beard, spread the beard pomade throughout your fingertips. The reason you want to do this is because it helps with the application of the pomade, allowing you to evenly spread the pomade throughout the beard. If you are feel like you aren’t quite getting enough to even achieve this, feel free to add some.

#3 Work it thoroughly through the beard

Go ahead and start applying it directly into the beard. Right into the foundation, we need the beard pomade to be spread right up and down the shaft of the beard hair. From the base all the way to the tip. This allows us to have more control over the beard when it comes to styling. Now you have got a good amount of the pomade into and through the beard, start to shape it up by following the direction of the beard hairs. You want to spread the hairs away from one another, separating them to avoid them intertwining and clumping together. This gives the look of a patchier and generally untidy looking beard.

#4 Comb and style it into place

You’re pretty much there. Once you have got the beard hair shaped up into place and have beard pomade throughout the beard. Get an actual beard comb (please avoid using plastic ones) that you can then run through your beard. You can use a brush as well as if you like, but a pomade is designed to help neaten up the beard which with a comb you can carry out in a more precise manner and achieve a smarter overall look. To top it off, I would recommend that you add a few drops of beard oil (ideally one that matched the scent of the pomade for the beard) to inject a bit more moisture and bring out a shinier glisten to a healthy looking beard.

Beard Pomade Vs Beard Wax

A beard pomade and beard wax are somewhat similar although the beard wax will be a bit more difficult to apply to a beard right from the off, however potentially packs more hold and styling capabilities. This will clearly depend on the two brands and specific products in the point of comparison.

You will get a slightly different finish between the two as well. Where both of them will offer the shiny aspect to the beard, the pomade will give a smoother and neater feel, whereas as a beard wax offers that textured type look. Both great looks for a beard but each lends itself better to specific styles, so it’s worth experimenting to see which one you prefer out of the two.

Beard Pomade Vs Beard Balm

When it comes to comparing a beard balm and beard pomade, they are actually somewhat similar in a lot of senses. Especially, when we specifically compare a beard styling balm to a pomade. It’s hard to gauge exactly which one will have the superior hold as it will depend on the brands for each product and of course how much is being used for each.

What will likely be different though is the finish to the beard. Using a beard pomade is going to likely to leave the beard looking shinier and smoother than a balm will. A balm is going to give the look of a more matte type textured look. Similar to the wax in a lot of senses, but offers more in the way of a matte type, where as a wax as mentioned is textured but shinier. They will likely offer similar levels of hold, if not the beard pomade just edging it out.

If you have any questions with regards to beard pomades then please do let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help. Simply refer to the questions and answers section above and leave a question and we will get back to it as soon as possible. As mentioned, if you are looking for a specific recommendation for a beard pomade to use, then going for the Bossman one seems like a good option to take.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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