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How I had Grown my Beard - Personal Experience

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Beard Growth

I am young, now 26. But I still was facing some issues with my beard. It was not growing as i was expecting, i am talking about when i was 20 Plus. So I thought I had some issue with my beard and I started trying a few things which I was learning from the internet and have heard from colleagues. Today I am going to discuss all those and will share my experience.

Use Razor - A Myth

Many young guys try to use razors on plain skin. They think or heard that using a razor most on patchy skin brings the beard soon. Which is scientifically wrong information. Razors are not going to bring hair to an empty area, it will just thick your beard which will give you a feeling that your patchy area is filling which is somewhere helpful but not as such new hairs will come

Use Beard Roller - Worked for me

I have tried a beard roller or well known as a beard roller, it actually worked for me a little bit. Derma Roller uses micro needling technique that means it will puncture your skin with its tiny blades and after your skin starts curing it will increase the blood flow in that area which helps to increase growth of hairs as well on that area. So somewhere it works you can try many people who are using it already for different skin problems.

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Use Essential Oils

These also work, at least these beard oils or any oil which you use on your head hairs, help to grow your beard hair and make your hairs moisturizers and also give your skin relief from itching. It makes your beard hair soften and remove dryness too from it.

End Remarks

Long Story=>Short, that i have used these only things and as i start aging my beard is growing fully and now i am satisfied and keeping it with confidence. You can try it if you want but I suggest you not be in a hurry, Keep calm and let it grow itself just take care of it with beard care products.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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