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Awkward Beard Stage (5 Step Plan to Fix It)

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Patchy Beard

Patchy Beard

How to Deal With The Awkward Beard Stage

Have you entered the period of the awkward beard stage? It can be a time that is make or break for an aspiring beardsmen and this guide is to help you get over it and see you flourish into full beard.

What is the awkward stage of beard growth?

Usually it is somewhere around the two to three week mark of not shaving or trimming your beard and it’s somewhere between a stubble and short beard growth, hence the awkward stage for the beard.

The issue with this time, is that it’s not often a great look. The beginnings of the beard can be somewhat patchy due to the nature as to how a beard grows, where the hairs start off at different rates. It can get a bit wiry and also rather itchy and makes it prime time for a range of varying beard insults (e.g. “forgot to shave this morning?” etc.) all contributing to the urge to shave the beard off again. However, if you can overcome this awkward stage for beard growth, you head on into full and glorious beard growth.

This guide is to help you deal with this stage and keep the urge to shave down to a minimum It’s actually quite easy to tackle this and this ‘awkward’ stage, really needn’t be. Here’s specifically what we are going to be discussing:

  • What beard grooming products you should be using?
  • Shaping up your beard during the awkward stage
  • How long does it actually last?
  • How to deal with beard insults
  • Where does this stage fit in your beard growing journey

But first, what does the Five-Step plan consist of to get over and overcome the awkward beard stage:

1. Firstly invest in the appropriate beard grooming products to aid with the appearance and the irritability of the beard.

2. Style the beard (the best you can) to minimise the mess type aspect that it can produce for your beard.

3. Understand how long this stage is meant to last and you won't be stuck here.

4. Monitor and take into account any social aspects you need to consider.

5. Set your beard goal and understand that this a step towards it.

Step One - What Beard Grooming Products Should You Be Using?

If you haven’t already started, you should be applying beard oil to your beard on at least a daily basis. This is what will allow you to soften up your beard and prevent it from irritating your skin, causing your beard to feel itchy. It helps to soften up the actual beard hairs, plus moisturises the skin allowing for a much smoother exchange between the two causing less friction. Plus, it helps to aid the natural oils that already reside on the beard, allowing for improved future beard growth too. Not to mention, they smell incredible, acting as a natural fragrance or cologne.

In addition to a beard oil, at this stage you will probably want to start introducing a beard styling balm into the beard grooming routine as well. This is what is going to allow you to start dealing with beard hairs sticking out and bring a neater overall look to the beard. Not to mention, it contains conditioning properties of its own that will benefit the overall health of the beard too, causing it to be softer and less brittle, which is crucial at the awkward beard stage.

Then finally, invest in a proper beard comb with wide teeth that you can use after you’ve applied the beard oil and balm. This will allow you to nicely disperse the products through out the beard, right along the shaft from the base to the tip. Plus, it will help with smartening up the beard on a whole, allowing it to appear fuller and thicker too, as the hairs won’t clump together and cause the look of a thin patchier based beard

Summary of products needed at this stage:

  • Beard Oil
  • Styling Balm
  • Beard Comb
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If you are going to be using both the beard oil and styling balm, ensure that they are the same scent to avoid confliction. If you’re on the hunt for a recommendation, we certainly recommend that you check out the Beardbrand range, they’ve got a fine selection of beard grooming products that use some of the finest quality products.

Step Two - Shaping Up Your Beard During the Awkward Stage

This is a crucial aspect that you want to be considering during the awkward beard stage and that’s making sure to get the beard lining correct. Do this, and you will have a significantly better-looking beard, no matter how much growth you have.

Pay particular attention to your cheek lines as well as your beard neckline. Where most guys go wrong, is that they mistake their beard neckline with their jawline. Make sure that you are trimming your beard from around your adam’s apple, otherwise, you will have the appearance of bits of fluff on your cheeks rather than the natural look of a beard.

Make sure to follow the video below, so you can get the proper lining when trimming it with a trusted beard trimmer. Of course, alternatively, you can visit a beard barber and inform them that you are growing out the beard but you would appreciate some work carried out on the shape and lining of the beard.

Is there anything you can do to get past the awkward beard stage quicker?

Nothing that we would particularly recommend, sure you can reach out for Rogaine to help you gain some results or even try out to see if 'do beard rollers work' but ultimately, we think you will be a bit disappointed.

The best thing to do as stated already is - stay away from the mirror and sort of just forget about it and the period will fly by and you will be onto a proper beard by that point.

Step Three - How Long Does the Awkward Beard Stage Last?

The awkward beard stage luckily doesn’t actually last that long. Once you have started growing out your beard and you enter that 2 to 3 week stage, you only need about the same period to start filling in the gaps within your beard.

So grow it out another 2 to 3 weeks and try to refrain from too much from trimming and cutting directly into the beard volume. Also, providing you’re keeping to a good beard grooming regimen as well as possessing naturally good beard genetics - your beard should grow and fill in pretty quickly. Allowing you to get over the awkward beard phase sooner rather than later.

Step Four - How to Deal with Beard Insults

Ultimately, your beard is going to be looking pretty wiry, shaggy and patchy. No matter, how much we try to tend to it, there’s no getting away from it - it’s going to look somewhat out of place. Hence, you might be subject to beard insults. What we often find is that the same people who are discrediting your beard during the growing stage, are the same people once it has fully grown out, are complimenting it. Simply, ignore them.

If it is a factor, a great excuse to be using is the Movember and Decembeard period, plus you’re on holiday. This gives them less opportunity to outright mock you and your beard. At the end of the day though, you shouldn’t really care who is mocking it, whether it’s your partner, family or co-workers, your body, your beard. Be confident with it and know that it’s going to grow out better.

Step Five - Where Does this Stage Fit in Your Beard Growing Journey

Now whether you are growing out a smallish beard or going for a full on yeard (which is a year of beard), the awkward beard stage is a phase that all beardsmen have to go through. Otherwise, you will be perpetually be a stubblesman.

So carrying out the above preparation is the best way of dealing in your journey to growing out a full beard. Without the preparation, you are going to be subject to a lot of urges to shaving it off. It could become overly itchy, rough and rather irritable causing you to want to shave it off. If you aren’t tending to it properly, it might draw some unwanted grief from co-workers, plus you might just simply not think it looks very good, all of which gives you more of an incentive to trim it.

However, just remember that every beardsman you see and admire, goes through this stage. Plus, as we stated above, it eventually fills in (pretty quickly relatively) and won’t last forever.

Of course, if you have any potential questions with regards to the awkward beard stage and phase, then please let us know in the questions and answers section just below and we will be more than happy to help you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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