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Should I Get An Aquamarine Engagement Ring?

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Buying the right ring for an upcoming proposal is hard enough as it is when you have just a diamond ring in mind. Now throw into the mix that your lady either doesn’t like diamonds, or takes a liking to an entirely different stone; shopping can get difficult!

It’s up to you to know what your girlfriend would love in a ring, and there is no single ring that would make any girl happy, so be sure to ditch that ring sitting in your wallet!

Raw, uncut Aquamarine gemstones.

Raw, uncut Aquamarine gemstones.

Aquamarine vs. Diamond

Sure, diamonds are the strongest naturally-occurring material on Earth that we know of, but beyond that, what’s really so great about them?

When a couple gets engaged, it’s almost expected by society that she has a big, expensive diamond in her ring. But why? Clever marketing, that’s why. Yes, some think diamonds are pretty, they are sparkly, and crystal-clear but I can name many different stones that have these qualities and so much more. One of them is the aquamarine.

What is an aquamarine? The name aquamarine came from a latin expression which meant “seawater,” which is not so surprising considering the vast range of blues found within aquamarine stones.

Like emerald stones, aquamarines come from the beryl group despite their intense visual difference. If you’ve ever seen an aquamarine in person, then you can surely appreciate their natural beauty and eye-catching colors.

The truth about diamonds:

  • They are a poor investment.
  • They are not rare at all.
  • They are terribly overpriced due to artificial scarcity.
  • It is hard to distinguish between real and lab-created stones.

Why choose aquamarines instead?

  • They come in many beautiful shades of blue and teal.
  • They are significantly cheaper.
  • The can be just as sparkly and clear as a diamond.

Aquamarines, like emeralds, are rated a 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so they are definitely hard enough to be considered for many types of jewelry, including aquamarine engagement rings.

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Different shades of Aquamarine.

Different shades of Aquamarine.

She Adores Aquamarine!

Aquamarine engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular as more ladies are beginning to opt out of the great diamond craze.

Although, many women are still adamant on receiving a diamond engagement ring, whether it is a result of their true interests, or just their interest in wanting to follow tradition. It is up to you to know what your woman likes!

If you know she has been eyeballing aquamarine engagement rings, then it’s probably a good idea to proceed with purchasing one for the big moment. Buy her a ring that she cannot resist!

Here’s some tips when shopping for aquamarine engagement rings:

  • Do not go by karat weight, but go by size of the stone as karat weights can differ in size in comparison to a diamond’s size and weight.
  • Light blue aquamarines are the most common, but more saturated aquamarines are worth more as they are more rare.
  • Star aquamarine and cat’s eye aquamarine are the most expensive as they are the most rare.
  • Ask if the stone was heat treated to its color or if it is natural color.
  • The emerald step-cut is the best cut to enhance the beauty of the aquamarine but cut is typically a matter of preference.

If you know for sure that she doesn’t like diamonds in her jewelry, then this is definitely a stone that needs to be considered for your proposal!

Picking Her Perfect Ring

Assuming all goes well as planned during your proposal, she’ll say “yes.” It has to go well in her eyes, too! Literally. The ring you choose to present to her is a symbol of your undying love for her, that you want a forever commitment, so it should be a ring so beautiful that her eyes pop and her jaw just drops; a ring that leaves her nearly speechless and breathless.

But how do you go about finding out exactly what it is that she wants in an engagement ring? There are many ways, but you have to be careful because you don’t want her to know that the big moment is around the corner.

Try some of these sneaky tips:

  • Ask her family and friends: Chances are, they know her well, her style and her personality. If they don’t know about her gemstone preference, maybe you can put them up to helping you find out!
  • Listen to her: Women have these ways of dropping hints about these things, just make sure you are picking up on them!
  • Peak in her jewelry box: If what she wears daily doesn’t give big hints, then look in her jewelry box to see if she has a lot of a particular metal and stone.
  • Go to a jewelry store: Either you take her there or put one of her friends up to it, and just feel her out on what she likes without being completely obvious.

You’ll never know if you got the perfect ring until that moment you get down on one knee and get that reaction you are hoping for. Make it something that will take her breath away!

Cute Photo Booth Proposal

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