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Popular Anchor Tattoos

Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are a great choice for those looking to ink a compelling image on themselves. Anchors are a versatile theme to use, and can be combined with other themes to make a great story on your skin.

Interestingly, this is one of those tattoo themes that appeal to men and women. Part of this is from those women who may be in the navy, but also for those married to Navy men.

Another important part of the anchor tattoo theme is that you can use the image as a place to hang things on; things like ribbons, flowers, etc., on the anchor. That appears to be a positive for women as well.

Finally, anchor tattoos are great for placement almost anywhere on the body, and those having them inked on definitely put them everywhere you can think of. They are on the feet, behind the ear, on the front neck, and the usual visible place like arms and legs.

One set of anchor tattoos, which you'll see below, were put on the back of a woman's calves.

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Anchor Tattoo on Woman's Shoulder

Very few anchor tattoos are standalone, and other than miniature tattoos, are almost always accompanied by some other element to add to the theme, such as the rope, stars and hearts below, which obviously have some important meaning to the woman having them inked on her.

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Rebel Anchor Tattoo

I found this particular tattoo interesting in that it was somewhat contradicting in the elements included in the image.

By that I mean the inclusion of the roses with the two "rebel" words written across the front. This is a combination I haven't seen or thought of before, and normally a connection that isn't made.

As for the design itself, I like the dark lines, shadow, and quality of the image. The word rebel could have been improved by using a different font in my opinion.

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Traditional Navy Anchor Tattoo

The Navy anchor below is a more traditional design, and always works great for those who like tattoos, and of course have a connection to the Navy, or just think it's cool. Again, I really like the design here, especially the dark lines and shadow.

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Great Anchor Tattoo

This is probably my favorite of the anchor tattoos, as the quality is very high. I like it because artists usually include a lighter tattoo with a small amount of shadow, whereas in this case that have it very dark with a small amount of light color to make it really stand out.

My only criticism is the placement of the tattoo, which is a big waste to me, as you can't see it as a whole where it was put. This would have been much better as a smaller design or put in a place that you could appreciate and see the entirety of the tattoo.

Also having to shave a very hairy arm to see it is distracting as well.

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Unique Anchor Tattoo Placement

Below are examples of miniature anchor tattoos placed on unique parts of the body. These are the cases where the choice of a standalone anchor works best, as it's difficult to see additional elements with smaller tattoos.

Tattoos behind the ear can work good for those with longer hair, as they can be covered up in situations where displaying it may not be appropriate, such as job interviews.

Anchor and Nautical Tattoos

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Dad and Mom Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos honoring Dad and Mom were prevalent among those choosing anchors as part of the tattoo design they want. I like the first two in that they give nice portrayals of parents, with the roses and hearts included in Mom's design and the more minimalist anchor for Dad.

As for the bottom tattoo of the three, they include an image of Mom and Dad on the back of each calf of the woman. While it's definitely bold, it seems to take away something to me in the placement, being too loud, obvious and distracting.

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Strange Anchor Tattoo Placement

While the tattoo image below is a nice one, it is baffling as to why the person chose to have it placed where it's at, other than for the purpose of getting that particular question asked of them.

I would have liked to have seen what he looks like with his head positioned in its usual place. It would be interesting to see the anchor bottom below the chin and how much of it was showing.


Anchor, Compass Tattoo

Not a fan of tattoos with a lot of color, this is one of the few exceptions I can live with, as it works nicely with the anchor, compass tattoo.

One would think a compass superimposed on the anchor would be very distracting and too busy, but the colors, red highlights and compelling combination of elements make this work very well.

I like the little "N" and "S" letters on the points of the compass. Nice touch.

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There you have a fairly complete look at the variety of tattoo designs for anchors there are. As you can see, a wide number of subject matter can be used to interact with the anchor in a way that really works great. No wonder it's a very popular tattoo design and choice.

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