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Which Jewelry Box is Right for You?

Arthur strives to balance aesthetics, functionality, and quality with costs when planning DIY projects in the home and garden.

Jewellery Showcase in a Book Case

Jewellery Showcase in a Book Case

Jewelry Boxes Storage, Display and Showcasing

A classy jewellery box or showcase may just be the perfect gift for the woman who loves her jewellery (Jewelry). She may already have a good selection of necklaces, bracelets and rings, and maybe a simple jewellery box for keeping them safe on her dressing table; but does she have an elegant or stylish jewellery box.

Does her jewellery box have lots of compartments, necklace hooks and ring trays, or a showcase cabinet for displaying her jewellery, or is her existing jewellery box old and battered, very basic and plain or too small and overflowing.

When deciding on the ideal jewellery box with taste, decide if it should include jewellery hangers, ring trays, whether lots of tiny drawers would be more suitable; or whether she needs just a simple jewellery box that's ornate or decorative.

Your decision for her will largely be dependent on what she needs to keep in it and where it would stand e.g. what available space there might be on the dressing table, bedside table, or if the jewellery display cabinet is not too tall whether it would sit comfortably on a convenient shelf and look aesthetically right.

This review article takes a look at a selection of the jewellery boxes and ornament dishes we use for keeping our jewellery safe and to hand; and for each of our jewellery box or showcase I give an evaluation of its functionality and contribution to our Home Décor.

Wooden Jewellery Boxes with Drawers

Multipurpose storage for jewellery, trinkets and other little knickknacks

If you have the space then Decorative Wooden Jewellery Boxes with drawers for Trinkets and Knickknacks is befitting of any good home, much better than an old tattered jewellery box that clutters up the dressing table and gets in the way. An ornate wooden jewellery showcase box becomes part of the Dcor and if well placed a great showpiece.

I'm not one for jewellery myself, that's more my wife's department, but we both have Trinkets and other small inherited items that needs to be safely kept safe and looked after. As in any family home jewellery boxes is a must, even if they are not always strictly used for keeping your jewellery. Well-designed jewellery boxes can also be a functional piece of furniture for storing all those other little bits and pieces that would otherwise get shoved to the back of a drawer, become difficult to find when required, and eventually forgotten about.

My preference is for decorative wood jewellery boxes with drawers. Jewellery hangers and ring trays are useful but to have a few small drawers is very useful for small items such as cotton buds and hair bands and other small knickknacks and trinkets that are otherwise difficult to keep track of; being small items that would otherwise clutter up the dressing table, side table or shelf in the bathroom or bedroom, or just get lost at the back of normal size drawer in the bedside table or dressing table.

My favourite is a small Fairtrade Trinket cabinet (see photo) with one cupboard and drawer underneath and eight very tiny drawers (four either side). I like it because it's real wood, quality wood, quality made with brass inlay and aesthetically it looks great. And it has a postcard size placeholder on the cupboard door to personalise it with any romantic photo of your choice e.g. a wedding photo. Another great feature of this jewellery cabinet is the unit is small enough to fit in any small space in the bedroom e.g. the back of a table top or on a large shelf.

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My Wife's favourite is the more traditional but equally ornate jewellery showcase, of a similar size to the Fairtrade Trinket cabinet but instead of all the little trinket drawers it has two handy jewellery hangers with a proper rings tray below and a generous size drawer below that. The jewellery case is real wood with a pair of doors inlayed with decorative glass and fixed to the showcase cabinet with dainty brass hinges; so the jewellery case is decorative and aesthetic, and small enough to fit on a cupboard top, table top or (as we've done) in a good sized bookcase.

If she has the space to keep it and use it then a large, attractive and functional showcase jewellery box with jewellery hangers, rings trays and a drawer underneath could be just the ideal gift for her.

Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Ornate and Decorative Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes ideal for dressing tables and keepsakes

Obviously relatively tall jewellery boxes with drawers, small as they are, maybe too bulky for your dressing table in which case you would be looking for something more basic such as a simple box to keep safe your necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other trinkets. Simple and basic doesn't have to mean plain, a simple jewellery box can still be ornate and decorative as the picture above shows.

Simple ornate and decorative boxes aren't restricted to just keeping jewellery, they also make good keepsake boxes, especially if you already have sufficient jewellery boxes for your needs. For example, the decorative Mauve velvet covered box pictured below bought by my son for keeping some of the family heirlooms passed down the generations to me and which I've passed onto him because of his inherent interest in his ancestors. Albeit these family heirlooms include a diamond hat pin and pearl hat pin that originally belonged to my great grandmother and passed to me by my mother; and a very small and very dainty trinket box, along with a photo pendant and medals.

So if you are looking for something simple yet attractive and versatile for her then a simple ornate jewellery box could be the perfect gift.

Ornaments and Sweet Dishes for Everyday Jewellery

Glass and china ornament dishes and containers

Not all jewellery need be kept in jewellery boxes on your dressing table or jewellery cases on a shelf or other table top. Everyday jewellery, typically, rings and gold or gold plated ladies watches for special occasions, and perhaps your favourite necklace can be kept safe and to hand simply by utilising suitable ornaments; and even a sweets dish if its empty. There's plenty of china and lead crystal glass ornaments that make ideal jewellery dishes or containers, as the photos below demonstrate.

The added bonus of using ornaments in this way is that they're not just dust collectors but they can also perform a useful and functional role.

Looking for just a little gift for her on Valentine's Day that's not too expensive or too all-encompassing; then an ornament dish or pot for keeping a few items in may be just right. It's big advantage it that it can be placed anywhere and will look good e.g. on the shelf or mantelpiece with other ornaments, on the corner of the bedside table or conveniently placed on the dressing table without taking up any real space.

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