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A Guy's Perspective on How a Girl Can Look Hotter

From My Experience, a Woman Can Make Small Changes to Naturally Look Hotter

I learned a lot about fashion and women during my time selling women's shoes. I also have five sisters, which meant that all I had to read in the bathroom growing up was Glamour magazine. So it's with love (heck, I'll be the first to say I hope to see a woman president) when I say: there's no question that most women care about how they look. How women look and feel go hand-in-hand most of the time. If you feel good, then you tend to feel like you look better, and vice versa.

Now, the interesting thing I learned while working with women's shoes was that women of equal attractiveness can augment their level of hotness in several ways. I met many women that were not that attractive but wanted to be, and the way they put up an "I'm hot" front was a major turn-off. Then I met women who were not that attractive but were themselves and didn't put on airs of superiority. They possessed smiles and great attitudes. Let me tell you, I would rather go out to dinner with the latter. I'm much more attracted to women like that because they generate positive energy. In the shoe store, which I will not mention by name, I also met beautiful women who made me run the other way.

All this goes to say, there are definite, easy ways for a girl to look hotter from a guy's perspective. Below are some fashion tips on how to look hot. Now guys, this is for women only, so don't go out and buy wigs and skirts.

Tips From a Guy's Perspective on How to Look Hotter

Here are the small changes a woman can make to look hotter naturally:

1. Wear makeup that looks natural

Keep the makeup natural—it should enhance your features, not cover them up.

Keep the makeup natural—it should enhance your features, not cover them up.

If you overdo it, you are saying you need more to look pretty. And guess what? If your boyfriend feels that he needs to reintroduce himself when you have to take it off later, he might change his mind about seeing you.

2. Smile and be positive

If you want to look more attractive, then a smile is the best makeup.

If you want to look more attractive, then a smile is the best makeup.

This is really high on the list. I talk to a lot of guys about their problems with girlfriends and spouses, and they say that conflict usually starts with a significant other's nasty attitude. I have had a lot of girlfriends, and believe me, I want to hang out with the ones who are positive and good listeners. This makes a guy feel comfortable around a girl and makes her hotter and more attractive.

3. Don't look too slutty

Don't dress slutty or overdo it with a tight dress; it will send the wrong impression.

Don't dress slutty or overdo it with a tight dress; it will send the wrong impression.

Like overdoing makeup, overdoing it with sexy clothes yells, "I'm trying too hard to look good," and, "I have low self-esteem." Look natural with clothes that complement you. Don't just try to pick clothes you like. Consult with a consultant at the store where you buy clothes. Many people claim to know about fashion, especially women, yet the clothes that they choose look like hell on them. Look smarter instead of sluttier. Find the happy medium. Instead of the highest stilettos in the store, stick with the three-inch heels. Keep in mind that when you look slutty, you tend to attract men who just want sex (I hear this on the authority of several female friends). Unless that's all you want, it's time to rethink that strategy.

4. Go for feminine over tomboyish

Go for a feminine style. Dress for romance with a dress or skirt.

Go for a feminine style. Dress for romance with a dress or skirt.

Guys tend to like a lady that dresses with more feminine style. If you have to wear jeans, try to avoid the plain look, and especially avoid jeans with holes in them. Wear more skirts and dresses than pants. I know that there are times when jeans are necessary because of the weather, but the feminine look always wins. Don't, however, try to show something you haven't got. Avoid a low-cut blouse if you are small breasted. Try a turtleneck or regular blouse instead with a skirt. Work with what you have. For example, if you have nice toes, don't cover them with pumps all the time.

5. Go for balance when it comes to color

Use jewelry to balance your look with a pop of color.

Use jewelry to balance your look with a pop of color.

One of the things I notice a lot is women who wear black, but don't adorn themselves with jewelry that can balance it out, like a necklace. Black by itself is very boring. Even one piece of jewelry can do a lot to bring out the dress. Conversely, avoid too many colors unless you're going to a circus. A couple of colors work great. And while we're on the topic of color: your shoes and belt don't have to match exactly all the time. Keep it simple but not overly simple, which leads me to the next step.

6. Pay Attention to the Details

Pay attention to the details, like your nails and jewelry.

Pay attention to the details, like your nails and jewelry.

Once the real you is shining through, then you can add the details like jewelry and nail polish. The secret is in the details: the little stuff, not the big stuff. Remember that the real you is more beautiful than anyone you pretend to be.

Final Thoughts

That sums up my advice. I wish I could tailor it to each of you by going shopping with you, but I can't. Leave me comment or a question, and I promise to respond as soon as possible. Take care.



Whogivsafuk on December 14, 2019:

You people NEED to go back to elementary school and learn how to spell. if not, then use the damn autocorrect on your phone or computer !

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user1919 on December 02, 2019:

Here's a girl's perspective: the idea that we should worry about what a man likes us to look like or thinks of us is ridiculous. We should wear however much makeup we want. Period. We should wear whatever we want and not have to worry about getting SLUT shamed by other people. And my advice for girls and women going shopping would be to always pick clothes they like, and not worry about some people saying they "look like hell" because the idea of certain clothes being more flattering/attractive on certain bodies is a concept entirely formed by society and based on beauty standards. So no thanks to the consultant (nothing against consultants, just people suggesting that you need one to tell you what to wear instead of what you like).

Finally, for the part about being "feminine" rather than "tomboyish", I hope you know that I am currently wearing ripped jeans, wearing flashy colours beautifully suited for "a circus" and not caring at all if the author is rolling around in his grave or not.

In conclusion, ladies, I'm sure this article was written with good intentions, but that doesn't mean you have to take any of it seriously. Dress how you want. And be unapologetic.

The part about having a good attitude is nice.

fantasy on September 06, 2018:

what about attitude?

Killa on November 06, 2017:

The end of the day ladies want money not love case close

Crystal on October 15, 2017:

I have benn dating this guy for several months but we don't "click" as much as we used to, what should I do.

Sara on June 22, 2016:

I prefer wearing no under ware and a spandex top and bottom, to me its comfortable and cooler. And maybe it looks sluttier but I haven't heard and complaints. I figure if I got the figure and looks flaunt it.

HappyBlonde on May 31, 2014:

I agree with what you say with dressing like a tart, it attracts the total wrong guys, never a good look. But in relation to makeup...i'm sorry to say, you are so wrong. I wear a lot of makeup, but i don't look cakey or cheap, it looks hot. My boyfriend loves it when i wear it, because i feel better, and therefore i can be myself. As you said, you look better you feel better. Oh, and from personal experience, i never dress in short skirts, low cut tops or anything like that...guys still see me as a piece of meat...its part of being blonde. But then again, blondes have so much more fun :D

Barbie on April 15, 2014:

I'm a senior in hight school and I try to dress cute every day to get guys to notice but they don't what should I wear I need advice ASAP please

Ac on March 30, 2014:

I thought this was horrible.

Frankie on January 06, 2014:

Some of the comments about slutty girls getting more men are partially true, but the point is getting the right man, not the most of them! Be yourself and be patient!

Meg on December 18, 2013:

Ok I am younger than some of your readers might be but I don't want to look like I am needy I am not very large for the upper of my body and have a larger waist I need fashion tips ? Can you help?!

shani on November 30, 2013:

I totally agree with you:) bcs I'v experinced what u sed. Some have mentioned that girls can get guys attention only by looking slutty yeah when it comes to assholes not all the guys. Bcs the only thing those guys want from girls is sex. I think that's bcs most of the guys are immoral n their brains r underdeveloped. When people judge by appearance n if a girl is looking slutty they think they can sleep with her. Its the girl's choice about what she wants others to think about her. When a girl is looking like what is mentioned in the article, a guy who knows the true meaning of relationship will always want her. Bcs a girl should be very smart to look like that, n smart guys know that too. Bcs apperence is also a part of the personality.

Jen on November 09, 2013:

Love your advice! So true, wish you were a guy friend I have in real life!

Samantha on May 17, 2013:

This is so cute.

maraia on April 16, 2013:

the info is quite helpful. i have to meet my boyfriend any idea how should i dress to impress him. i love weraing feminine clothes. thanxs

LOL on December 17, 2012:

Like... I am at a point where I don't even care what guys like! Cause it seems the choice is theirs, whether they want to be nice to you or be into you or not. And if they choose yes or no... they will find reasons for that. Like if they don't want to be into you, they will find reasons. Even if there are none! And if they want to be into you, they will find reasons too. So I think, most of this stuff is mental and psychological. So... it's a lot more tricky to actually make a guy like you beyond something superficial and one would have to know a lot about this guy. And even then... when you are a blonde this guy might be totally into brunettes and vice versa. So from my experience... wait for the guys that approach you and that actually like you and forget about that guy you really like. Cause most of the time, they will feel like... 'wow she likes me I guess'... and you're at their mercy. no matter how aloof you act. cause hw ill still be on your mind and you're still thinking of how to get him. It's a waste of time. Cause i feel that guys want to do the chase... most of the time. most of the time, they want to notice a girl and do the chasing. So ignore ignore ignore for real... like don't even think about that hot guy. be open and friendly if there is contact, but don't even bother. just sift through the guys that like you and hope for the best............... from my experience... its very hard to make a person like you as much as you like them... if they did not fall in like with you at the same time you did. from what i see around me, most of the time the guys who have money don't want just one woman and the guys that don't have money will pick a woman who earns well (and sometimes they cheat). So work on your career. cause money wins over looks. just don't complain when he picks you for those reasons. a guy will be happy when he has a good life with you. when you have more to offer than a nice face. usually it will be money or something else that he needs or can't get elsewhere.

LOL on December 17, 2012:

Hmmm it is tricky cause every guy likes different things. Actually, if you ask the guys themselves, you will get very different answers and it will tell you a lot about the guy or what they are after. But the funniest thing is... when a guy claims to like a girl who is natural or laid back. Guys don't realize how much work it is for us girls to do everything we need to do. I like doing it, so it is OK... but please appreciate what we do! Cause even to look natural and relaxed, you STILL have to do work! And then they are unfair too, cause the minute they see a woman who is completely made up and dressed up, they love it. So... I just think guys don't really know what women do to 'get ready'. And they think some girls just wake up like 'this or that'... Uhmm NO. Most hot girls do more work than you think. it is just that some are better at it than others. It takes skills to look like you are just natural and 'just woke up this way'... and it takes work. I think guys like different things. The hottest guys often like sexy pretty girls... stylish girls, but not too flashy either. I think it's mainly women themselves who loves accessories so much. It's all the things we get to wear and do that boys can't do! So generally, I don't think guys care that much, but ask them!! Ask them what they like. Each will have a different answer and it usually is never what I do anyway! But it's OK. Just wear what YOU like. If a guy likes you, he will like your style too. In general... seriously I have no clue what guys like. I've seen it all. The guys that like a woman to look really sexy and edgy and the guys that like a woman to look like a lady and everything in between. It is not easy being a woman sometimes, cause it's like we are expected to look good and yet make it seem as though we don't care. And who knows why a guy will fall in love or if he will? You can't really plan that stuff out.

Miss on June 21, 2012:

I'm over weight, and clothes shopping is horrible for me. I feel more comfortable in jeans and a t shirt. My husband and I share shirts!!. How can I get fem clothes that actually fit me and still look sexy (most plus size clothes look like "old lady nurses" clothes :-( )

Zerem on April 20, 2012:

I am attractive,, undoubtly n wear nyc clothes,,,but when ever I try my friend's clothes.,,they look just too sexy.. Still too confused when I am shopping!!!

ScenexQueen on April 14, 2012:

Okay I've read this over! I love it! And some of these people say that guy only want a slutty bitch. Not true, they arnt mature or even a good guy to think that. You probably are looking in all the wrong places.

;P on December 07, 2011:

thnx 4 the webste. it really helped me.

loveconnection (author) on January 29, 2011:

Thank you Sara. I have just been thinking recently of how important it is to bring a great attitude to the table. Even though I'm sure you must be strikingly beautiful, remember to laugh at his jokes and try to stroke his ego. It can go a long way.

Sara on January 29, 2011:

I don't have the self confidence that I use to have. I've been looking up tips on the Internet to hopefully try to see what I can change. I've heard that I'm hot and that I'm a cutie but truthfully right now I don't feel like it. I loved reading this because it gave me ideas and showed me that I am doing the right think.

I'm Sara and don't kn

anonamous :) on January 16, 2011:

this isn't really true. Ima a girl and i know tonsa pretty girls that are themselves, cover there tits, and arent slutty at ALL, and guys wont even give them a second look. I ALSO know girls who are super fake, wear tight fitting clothes, and expose have of there tatas, and get tons of guys. i think as lone as ur nice, and look like the second type of girl. that's what guys want, they really dnt care what colour your nails are painted or what ur bracelet looks like.. :) some of this was good, but i thuoght it would be coming from an actual guy, which it certanly is not!

Milla on September 09, 2010:

Good "article", Q:

I'm in high school and I meet this guy he introduced himself so cool and relaxed and... Well idk what is was but I'm suddenly completely head over heels for him, but my dads a double standard guy there's no convincing him about dating so should I go for it because the next time I see him I feel like I might just ask him out with out even really thinking it over.?

Alex on August 17, 2010:

I'm pretty sure if a girl is hot it doesn't really matter what they are wearing. Like Megan Fox in a t shirt and jeans is still Megan Fox AKA sexy.

Girls don't worry about fashion or nail polish. We don't care.

loveconnection on May 26, 2010:

Thanks for your comments. A little bit of everything is good, ie looks nice, good personality, decent smile. Not a barby type that can't smile or someone not that's not hot trying to look hotter is a turn off. Guys can smell a woman a mile away trying to be more than they are. Be yourself and radiate a warm and positive energy.

Gabe on May 20, 2010:

Okay, this is coming from a dood. The main thing a guy wants outta a girl, is personality, or at least that is for me. The perfect body wouldn't matter at all if they were a douchebag to people. All you gotta do is be nicer, and you're on your way.

vbhm on May 05, 2010:

this is all wrong all srtaight men only want sex. it is a man thing so a girl should wear tight fitting clothes and low shirts if they want guys. We don't care about personality as much as looks so girls who want to look hot for guys have to be in shape and wear exposing clothes

JR on December 10, 2009:

Thanks or your comment anonomyssssss! It looks like we're all on the right track. Let's keep women looking and feeling good about themselves.

anonomyssssss on December 10, 2009:

That is so true! Thanks! I like the picture of the girl you have in your ad.

Women don't need to try so hard, and just remember - less is more - trendy is okay for the young crowd, but men will always prefer a sophisticated look than a slutty one. And, that is the girl you want to take home to mom.

Anath on December 10, 2009:

It looks like I am doing things right ;-)

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