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A $10,000 Engagement Ring Budget

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As an engagement ring and jewelry blogger at Engagement Ring Voyeur, I love helping shoppers find the best ring their money can buy.

High-end style! A Blue Nile halo customized for under $10K

High-end style! A Blue Nile halo customized for under $10K

How Much Ring Can You Get for $10,000?

Is your engagement ring budget $10,000? Are you wondering if you can get a 2 carat ring for 10K? Well, you are in luck. $10,000 is a healthy ring budget and you can come close to, or even score a 2 carat ring - if that is what you are looking for. More concerned with diamond quality? A designer style setting, like this Henri Daussi look-alike pictured right? Overall flash? These things are all will within your reach when you have $10,000 to spend on your ring.

There are lots of ways to spend a $10,000 engagement ring budget, so follow along for some tips on how to maximize your budget to find an engagement ring that will knock her socks off! Planning on using a store card to finance this ring? Before you go shopping, find out the terms on a personal loan here. These can be a better deal than store card options if you need a longer time frame to pay off your ring.

This Henri Daussi engagement ring from Solomon Brothers via Amazon will stretch your budget, but only a little.

This Henri Daussi engagement ring from Solomon Brothers via Amazon will stretch your budget, but only a little.

Henri Daussi Engagement Ring Under $10,000

Henri Daussi is arguably the most famous engagement ring designer out there right now, and is credited with the comeback of the halo setting. His creations are opulent and unique...and can cost a fortune. Luckily, with shoppers have access to local jewelers all over the country who carry his every price.

You CAN get a Monique L'hullier designer engagement ring under $10,000

You CAN get a Monique L'hullier designer engagement ring under $10,000

A $10,000 Designer Setting Engagement Ring

Find designer style and stick to your budget

Looking for a designer engagement ring to knock her socks off? The biggest trends in engagement rings right now are halos, split shanks, and loads of pavee diamonds. Monique L'Hullier, famed fashion and wedding dress designer, recently launched a collection of designer rings on which feature all of these trends and compete on price with some of the top engagement ring designer s like Tacori, Scott Kay, and Ritani.

Think a designer engagement ring is out of your price range? This pave halo split shank setting was customized on Blue Nile for $9,799. Click here to find out how.

Customize a Monique L'Hullier designer setting with an unbeatably priced GIA certified diamond and stay below your budget of $10,000.

An Asscher Cut Engagement Ring Under $10,000 - Can you get the most exclusive diamond cut on a $10K budget?

Find a 1.3 Carat GIA Certified Asscher Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (G Color SI1 Clarity) for under $10,000

Asscher cut diamonds have become a big trend lately, in part due to their exclusive nature due to their relative scarcity. Since most local retail outlets do not carry Asscher diamonds, smart shoppers have turned online to find an Asscher cut engagement ring.

Check out the stunner above from Chandni Jewels, a top rated jeweler selling on Their rings win rave reviews from customers online, and you always get more for your money when buying your ring via where diamond sellers have less overhead.

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Find a 2 Carat Diamond for Under $10,000

It IS possible to get 2 carats for 10K!

Yes! You can get a 2 ct diamond for $10,000 or slightly less without compromising on quality. How? An easy way to see your options is to do a diamond search online. Blue Nile is a great site. With their huge database of diamonds, you can easily sort by size, shape, and even cut and color.

I ran a search today looking for a J color diamond with VS2 or above clarity as close to 2 ct as I could get and stay within my $10,000 budget. See my results below:

Find a diamond on Blue Nile today

Find a diamond on Blue Nile today

Click here to start your search for a 2 ct diamond under $10,000!

Now that you've spent most of your budget on the ring, what do you do for the setting? Try pairing your 2ct stunner with one of these Blue Nile settings for under $500.

Need to finance your $10,000 engagement ring? Many people do, and for that reason Blue Nile offers a terrific financing plan with their Blue Nile Credit Card. Learn more about it here.

Asscher cut diamonds look great in K L M color

Asscher cut diamonds look great in K L M color

How to get the Best Value for your Engagement Ring Budget?

Buy a K Color Diamond

Most diamond retail outlets heavily push colorless diamonds graded D through J. However, some of the best bang for your buck comes when you explore diamonds rated K, L and M in the "faint color" range of the spectrum.

These diamonds may have a slight tinge of color to the naked eye, but combined with a good cut and clarity, these diamonds sparkle and exude warmth. At at their lower price point than diamonds rated colorless, they are a great value and a smart shopper can get a larger diamond in this color range than they could afford in the colorless end of the spectrum.

Learn more about saving with a K Colored diamond on my blog, Engagement Ring Voyeur.

Pick a K Color Diamond to get More Bling for the Buck

Want an impressively large ring? Check out the selection of K colored diamonds online. While lower on the color-less scale than the popular H, I, and J diamonds, K color diamonds are still nearly colorless and exude a warm glow. The slight coloration of these stones pairs perfectly with a rose or yellow gold setting, so check out the options here which can be customized in yellow or rose gold on

A 2+ Carat Asscher Diamond Ring under $10,000

This 2+ carat engagement ring for $10,000 is sold on Amazon by top rated seller Houston Diamond District who consistently earn top notch reviews by satisfied customers.

Picking a K color diamond? Asscher cut diamonds have a gorgeous vintage appeal in warmer tones of K, L and M. Pair it with a setting in warm yellow or rose gold like the one above from Houston Diamond District.

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