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Yun Nam Hair Care Singapore: Review of a Trial Session

I've done quite a few things in my life—bank officer, university tutor, tuition teacher—but the love I always go back to is writing.


If you live in Singapore, you would likely have seen the numerous advertisements by Yun Nam Hair Care offering free or low-priced trial sessions to people with hair problems. You may even have been tempted to go try their services, but were, like me, extremely worried about the hard sell tactics that usually accompany these offers. It turned out that I was recently asked to accompany a friend to a trial session, and came away with a few observations that you may find useful.

The Scalp Analysis

The session began with a questionnaire asking us basic questions about ourselves, our lifestyles and our hair care habits. This was followed by a scalp analysis. A handheld scanner was used to capture magnified images of various parts of our scalps. These images were then saved into the computer. With the help of the images, the consultant then "analysed" the problem areas in our hair and scalps.

Between the two of us, we had various problems—dandruff and itchy/flaky scalp, hair loss and gray hair. The consultant focused on the following points:

  • According to the consultant, a healthy “pore” (I am using the term very loosely here since the consultant had a very poor command of English) should have three hairs growing out of it. She proceeded to point to all the areas of our scalps with less than three hairs per pore.
  • A person with a healthy head of hair purportedly has lots of "baby hair". They showed examples of baby hair and pointed out areas that lacked these vital elements.
  • The consultant also showed us various parts of the scalp which looked flaky (due to dandruff).

The images did seem to show serious problems.

However, with regard to the three hairs per pore "fact", for example, it is interesting to note that in one of the testimonials found on the Yun Nam Hair Care website itself, this is stated less definitively: 'Before treatment, her scalp was excessively oily, and her hair follicles were badly clogged. Most people on average have 3-4 hairs growing from each follicle; however Rachelle only had 1-2. In certain follicles, she was hairless.' Furthermore, a search of internet sources seems to suggest that each hair follicle has only one strand of hair, but that follicles may cluster together in a way that makes it seems like they are all coming out of one opening, and the number of hairs per group can range from 1 to 4 (in hair transplant literature, such clusters are called "follicular units".

Also, from my observation of how the scanning was done, the process was highly selective. The consultant used her fingers to part her hair and carefully chose where to place her scanner. Thus, the results are likely to be skewed towards making your problem seem worse than it is. In addition, the consultant tried to add to the fear factor—we were told that if we did not do something about our problems now, there would come a time when even Yun Nam would not be able to help us.

The Treatment

The treatment started with the application of a lotion, followed by a shampoo.

Shampooing involved a fair amount of rubbing of the scalp by the consultant using the fingertips, presumably to remove the flakes and clear any oils from the "pores" in the scalp. After that, a mask was applied, and the hair steamed. This was followed by a rinse and application of another type of solution.

My scalp was also sprayed with an astringent lotion after I complained of itchiness after the shampoo and mask treatments. The lotion did help a little, but I was not impressed with their explanation for the itchiness; the consultant attributed it to increased blood circulation resulting from the various treatments.

The Sales Pitch

After that it was back to the consultation room, where our scalps were again scanned. We were then shown a comparison of what our scalps looked like before the treatment and after. The focus was on how the pores were now clear, supposedly allowing "nutrients" to enter the roots of the hair and how the flakes are gone. Sceptic that I am, I sat there wondering what the scan would have shown if I had gone there immediately after washing my hair at home—I suspect my scalp would also look fairly clear. Furthermore, I had used other anti-dandruff shampoos and they did not result in such serious itching.

To address our problems, they suggested 5 to 10 sessions of cleansing, saying that the scalp has to be clear so that the pores can absorb the nutrients in their treatments. It is only after the scalp is "clean" that the hair loss or gray hair treatments could commence.

A package of five sessions priced at S$800 (i.e. an average of S$160 per session) was then offered to us. We were told that the usual rate was S$250 per session. When we balked at the price, they dangled a new offer (just because there were two of us). They would be willing to offer each of us a S$300 voucher, thus lowering the price to S$500 for 5 sessions. When we said that we would like to think about it for a day or two, we were warned that if we left without signing up, we would not be able to enjoy the same price.

The Service

We had to wait half an hour past the time of the appointment as there were no consultants available, which was I thought a lapse on their part. However, once the consultants turned up, they were personable and did do a good job administering the treatments (but then that would be expected since they were trying to convince us to sign up). On declining their offer, the consultants were not happy, but were still professional, making sure that we received the promised gift before we left.

Should You Sign Up?

A cursory Google search will turn up many complaints against the centre. I will not provide links since the aim here is not to critique Yun Nam, but to recount my experience and observations. However, if you are intending to check out any of the hair care centres in Singapore, I think it would be instructive to check out the feedback posted online. I myself, wanting to have an open mind, did not read the reviews and feedback until after I went for the trial session but I did find quite a few similarities between my experience and that of others.

Based on my experience at the trial, and my reading of others’ experiences, my view is that their service is probably equivalent to treatments you get at hair salons, that is, it would be wise not to expect the kinds of magical results you see in their advertisements. Any results you see will likely come from your hair and scalp getting extra pampering, and maybe from suggested changes in diet (less processed food) or lifestyle (less stress). If you sign up with these expectations, and can afford the S$100 per session, it could be a rather relaxing experience.

A word of caution: As I mentioned earlier, the treatment actually caused my scalp to itch, which suggests to me that although their formulations are supposedly all herbal, it is possible to be allergic to their products. That would be something to watch out for.

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Also, if you are suffering from serious hair loss or dandruff, I would say that the most sensible option would be to see a specialist rather than rely on services from hair care centres.

Be a Smart Consumer

When checking out any beauty (including hair), spa or fitness services, it would also be wise to be wary if you encounter the following:

  • Sessions offered free or at very low prices.
  • The use of scare tactics such as telling you that if you do not deal with your problem immediately, there will come a point when there is no “cure”.
  • Packages which are applicable only when you sign up on the spot, that is, you are told that the prices on offer would no longer applicable once you leave the shop.

If you do have the intention of signing up for packages offered by hair care, spa or fitness centres, do take note of the following:

  • Go to the salon looking like a person of average means. Also, when filling in your profile, you should also be careful not to suggest that you are in the high-income bracket. This could affect the types of packages and the prices offered to you.
  • Do negotiate the price. It may be possible, as our experience shows, to negotiate the price down by 40% or more.
  • Do not sign up for too many sessions. Learn from what happened in the aftermath of spa closures in Singapore. Many customers had signed up for large amounts, and were left in the lurch when the spas closed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Tina Yuan on July 06, 2020:

It is the worst consumption experience in my life. I had spend one year and around 10k to cure my per-mature grey hair there. What they do is just pluck your grey hair every time and then apply some unknown black medicine. Turned out my grey hair become more and more but they wont take any responsibility. I am going to CASE to report them. If anyone have same problem with them, we should gang together to take it down. Such a liar ..

Maddona on June 08, 2020:

I regretted going to Yun Nam for the hair loss treatment I was asked to sign for their packages to cure my problems I believe that my problems can be solved by them

After signing for a package for 20 times I was asked to sign another package because they found another problem with my hair. I believe them because they scanned my hair and showed me the scary photos

They are very good at their marketing They give you a lot of discounts till you are tempted to sign They also will scare you by telling that if your problem not solve nothing can be done and you have to suffer for the rest of your life

I was tricked into signing many packages

I believe them because I thought they can solve my hair problems

I just cannot imagine that I have spent nearly RM100k for about a year

My hair is still not 100% cured. If only I have read previous reviews I may think twice before stepping into the salon

TINAYUAN on March 11, 2020:

I should read this before I went to YunNam, I got white hair since 20s. Saw a lot of their Ad everywhere, Sincerely hope they could help so continued to signe up a few package last year,because they tried very hard to make me believe my white hair is stubborn and there is a few holes need to be rescued during every treatment . Spent around 14k but ended up with little effect. I am depressed, realized it was kind of trick, if anyone here knowing how to take legal action to get my money back?

Eran on December 18, 2019:

Scam, I ended up signing ten secessions for $565 per 5 and had the exact same experience. Just a waste of money

Purple on June 29, 2019:

They used to helped me to pluck my white hair whenever I visited them.

After a while, they stop plucking it. Now I realized that my white hair is getting more than before. Wondering is it because they pluck it. :(

Orange on February 17, 2019:

Took my session package there. Feel very stressful whenever I visit the center as don't know when the consultant is going to hard sell their package to me. They tried to scare you when you do not want to buy their package. Ask more than one consultant to the room to talk to you. When you said you consider, they will said this offer price is valid for today.

Even though you have sign up the package they keep pestering you to sign up more packages.

Feel that once you step in (alone), it is hard for you to leave without buying anything be it a product or package. Feel stressed and lost now. Still got a few sessions with them

Duffy on October 13, 2018:

Omg! I should have read these reviews before I went to YN. I got a free trial and products as I signed up for interest under scoot. I went there and the consultant said that I am entitled to 50% of the price under that promotion. I paid 4k plus for 25/30 sessions. To be fair, I felt that my hair loss is slightly more and scalp is kind of itchy sometimes. That's why I decided to go ahead. Everything was fine until 3rd or 4th session, consultant brought me to the room and said that my "pores" was too tight and I should get additional treatment to "open them up" so that the results will be faster. In the end this is my deepest regrets!! I got that additional package and did one application for the new "essence" or what do you call it? I came back about 2-3 weeks later and guess what? Now my scalp is infested with I don't know what, some worms or mites or something? And the consultant just told me I have no choice. Have to go ahead and do the treatment for the detox. Money can always be earned back. Blah blah blah. The price is ridiculous man! I asked to swope my current package and initially she say cannot. I told her I really have no money. Bargained. And in the end she say she will convert my current package into the detox one but I have to top up additional more. Now I am still going for the detox one. Hopefully the infestion will be gone soon. And I will not continue with them. I highly suspect that it might be due to the "pores opening" treatments that invited such guests in my scalp. Either way, if the detox doesn't work, I will go to the skin centre for SOS. Do you think that the balance treatments can be refunded? :(

Shannon on August 18, 2017:

Hi, I agree with this post so much! I signed up for the birthday month trial after seeing if on facebook and went for it last week. Even during the scalp analysis, they were already hardselling me the package saying that my scalp is in dire condition and that I better sign up for a customised package costing $1600 for 10 sessions so that they can use the customised solutions for this free session as well. They also said that I have been using the wrong hair products and I should be using their Yun Nam haircare products costing $300 plus! When I express my shock about the price, they begin offering me a cheaper package - $428 for 10 sessions of just cleansing of the scalp but reiterating that this is only available if I pay today and is less effective than the $1600 package. So when I told them that I would like to consider after receiving the trial treatment first, they started saying that one session won't do much difference (ok while their website "guarantees" that one session will show you "big" difference, I certainly do not expect that but this also means that their staff were contradicting to what their company is advertising). I was already feeling quite pressured by then because there were two consultants in the room hardselling me and not just one! (they really want that commission ya) Also, one of them was not happy when I insisted that I want to decide after receiving the trial treatment first. Moving on, when I was finally receiving the treatment, the other consultant was still relentless in selling me the package. She kept instilling fear in me saying that if I do not cure it now when I am young, I will start to lose all my hair when I start to age. Not just once, but throughout the whole treatment although I kept repeating that I need some time to consider. (like hello, this is $1600 and not $16) After the 30 minutes of scalp steaming, she returned back to me and said that she has discussed with her superior and managed to clinch an exlusive offer for me - $300 voucher for 3 sessions for me to test and if I like it after that, I can continue with the 10 for $1600 treatment (but again, I have to make payment on the day itself to enjoy this off). At this point, I'm like thinking: Didn't they just said that a few sessions won't do the trick that's why they suggested the $1600 10 sessions package earlier during scalp scanning? (how reliable....) When we were back to the consultation room after the treatment, she continued to hardsell me saying that I shouldn't miss this offer and I should quickly treat my hair otherwise my whole scalp will be beyond redemption in a few months time. The whole experience was so pressuring that I couldn't even enjoy the session. Although I managed to leave the place after cracking my brain for gazillion excuses, they kept calling and texting me through the number I provided. By writing this, I would like to caution the rest if you decide to go to Yun Nam Haircare, once you step in (alone), it is hard for you to leaving without buying one thing or another be it their hair products or treatment package. So please decide carefully!

Kamal on May 05, 2017:

Me also the same problem almost 8 month running nothing happened but Yun nam take money from me $4000 already Yun nam say 3 to 6 months can grow hair but nothing happens yun nam just take money only so bad service

Choy on January 19, 2017:

Did an online survey and received a complimentary herbal treatment from YN. Went for the treatment today, experience was horrific! Consultant Angel after analysing my scalp started to sell the package $1,600 for 10 sessions. Told her I am a housewife and her face turned bad. Asked me to go wash hair (lie down in the sink, use a little shampoo and did a very rough job for only short 2-5 mins wash, with my below shoulder long hair!)

Other regular customers got to sit in front of the mirror and have good shampooing.

Can feel mine was not washed properly!

Come to herbal application, she roughly pushed & parted my hair all over the place, applied the herbs sparingly and tie up to steam. I observed her other colleagues, they parted their customer's hair layer by layer patiently filling in the herbal mixed.

Washing time was worst after treatment, she carried a sour face and was rough in handling, water ran under my shoulder and my back was wet!

My hair was half dried and she asked me to go back to the room and left me at my seat.

She did an analysis again and I can see the some herbs were shown on the computer screen with some spots but she says its my scalp detox from the treatment?? It's her washing was not clean!!

After telling her I preferred to see skin specialist, she showed unhappy face and sarcastically say "up to you" and handed the free trial set to me and turn her back from me (did not even offer to open the door for me which is just next to her). If I have signed any package, the treatment will probably not be the same.

Overall, I rate this lady Angel Wang@Paya Lebar Square = bad service!!

kellyRS on January 18, 2017:

I was perforced after a lot of pestering to sign up for a package which I regret now. My consultant is Ms Rain Yong. After a few treatments, she attended to me personally. On 4th January 2017, I went there as usual. My consultant ignored me, despite seeing me seated and waiting for her. She asked another consultant to attend to me and she waited upon another customer who walked in after me. I was really pissed off. After my treatment, I just walked off. This is the attitude of Yu Nam consultants. Anyone knows who I should contact and complain.

Ange on August 29, 2016:

I was offered a $300 gift voucher to yun nam n managed to try up the treatment. Like what many have shared here, the service is lousy. You walked out of the salon with a semi wet hair, faced with staff bad attitude after u declined their package offer. Please don't fall prey for their free offer. It's a waste of time

Amy on June 09, 2016:

Went to the outlet at Jubilee Square lately and was disgusted by the staff there. It was supposed to be a free analysis followed by a free treatment and free product. Upon reaching, we have to waot for a while beforr the appointed consultants came to meet us. The lady that met me and my hubby was called Iris. She started off as being nice. But as what many said,they specifically select areas and show you what were the problems. She went a long way to explain how hair grow and hair loss blah blah. Then came to the point where the free treatment was useless unless we start off with phase 1. The free treatment was supposedly phase 2 and it would be usless if we didnt start off with phase 1. Disgusted by how they scammed people,i rebutted her by saying how sure can you guarantee that the amt that im paying for this stupid phase 1 package can make whatever problems that she just mentioned better. I emphasised that we were only here to try out and see how it is . The moment she heard what i said, her face changed immediately and I can see that she was very unhappy. Btw her name is Iris.

Still,they proceeded with the treatment. Iris tried to be nice to my hubby as he didnt rebut her, explaining to him whay they r using and blah blah. Then came this horrible service from this lady called Jessie. I believed Iris told her about what happened. The way she did the shampooing and everything was the worse that i have been to. Her face was black as if I have offended her. Her way of handling my head was rough. When washing my hair, water were over my face and she did not bother to clean it up. Lousy job done! Did not bother to even explain what she is applying on my head. Did it very roughly. When treatment was done and my hair was washed. She kepy emphasising that i dropped a lot of hair and why didnt i want to continue the treatment. I shut her up by saying I only want to try and experience. Her reply was by just doing one time you cant see anything. I just refused to reply as i was quite pissed with the way she handled me. She did a lousy job in blowing my hair. When my hair was tangled, she just force the comb down my head. And her way of done was atrocious. I have never been to a salon that blow dry my hair and it's semi wet. When it was done,i noticed all the herbal stuff was not properly washed and it was all over my side of the face as i mentioned that water splashed out while washing.

They made us go back to the room again to Jessie and her face and attitude was like SHIT. Telling us there is no review as we didnt do phase 1. Did not even bother to tell us to take the free trial product when we r leaving. Just wanted to.brush us off.

Worse experience ever. Will definitely not recommend anyone there!! If u dont sign any package with them,they u a black face and attitude. I wonder do they even know the basics of respecting ur customers decision.

Tiffy on June 02, 2016:

They had told me i had won a free treatment, free scalp scan. But when i was there, they will keep pestering you to buy their hair products and tell you how gross your scalp is. End of the day i had to pay to 'upgrade' the treatment by buying their $360++ product if not i cant do it.

Rohit on July 02, 2015:

Went for a consult. A few things were striking. They need quite a few signatures from you. And they try hard and in my opinion to selll their stuffs and treatments. I bought a set of 320$. After that they pushed me to buy treatments costing hundreds of $ each. I won't return there ever.

charmaine on November 22, 2014:

hi all... all your comments have helped me make the concrete decision to go to the national skin centre to check on my scalp. apparently i suddenly have an infected scalp n i need more treatment. ive been going to them all this scalp shud get better n not worse right???? once im done with the last few sessions of my done

StephenieZ on April 13, 2014:

My experience with YN Jurong Point is so far positive & I like my hair consultant very much, can somehow feel her wow service in carry out my hair treatment. As far as i concerned, I can see an improving conditions of my oily scalp from their herbal hair treatment:-)

Strongly recommended their herbal treatment (but really to invest time & $$). Lov ya...@@

John Ng on April 10, 2014:

YN Plaze Sing is cool. In all honesty, I didn't wanna yelp about this place or admit I came here. But, I noticed my hair line receding and was terrified of going bald, so I decided to seek help from YNHC on or around Sep 2013. I'm a current customer of YN under the care of Mandy. She is kind and soft spoken, and always put her best efforts in providing hair treatment to me:-) While I still have few more months before complete my 1st stage of hair treatment, I can notice progressive treatment result of reduced hair loss. I will complete my hair package and hopefully my hair conditions can be improved!

Papa on November 18, 2013:

If yun nam don't refund, just go to case. If they hard sell also report to case. This is to let case know yun nam is a bad company for consumer like us.

Fyi on November 10, 2013:

Sigh...I just bought a 20 session package with Yun Nam over $4000 (inc GST) one week ago. I really should do some research before paying. I'm not sure if I'm still able to cancel the package.

I read the receipt and it says "Within 5 working days from date of payment, no cancellation charge; Within 6-30 days fro date of payment, a nominal cancellation charge of S$50 will be imposed for all refund or may exchange unutilized treatment sessions with products; Within 31 days .... Please note that the Company will be entitled to claim a reasonable sum in respect of the services supplied, which includes the value of any utilized treatment session(s)/product(s) collected, card charges(s) and etc. for any refund, including refund during the cooling-off period. This sum will be deducted from the amount refunded."

Helping Hand on October 17, 2013:

Hi, I'd like to share my experience and hope that it will benefit some of you guys (hopefully you have not went there yet).

I went there using the "free" trial from a deal website just like some of you. When I went there, it's as the author said. They will scan your head selectively, tell you your problems, wash your hair, put the ginseng and while steaming your hair, hard sell to you.

Firstly they will sell you a package of 60. Initially the person told me it's $250/session, so will have to pay $15k. But I kept saying no and the price reduced as well as the number of sessions. Ultimately it got to a final deal of $500 for 5 sessions.

The first session after that was fine. No hard selling was involved at all. But on the second session, she start to tell me that my head is already clean and now will have to move on to phrase 2 and if I don't proceed on, the hair will not grow. I told her I thought I already purchased the treatment and she said it's not. And say that the price I bought it for was only for the 1st phrase (wth). After that we negotiated and she agreed to reduce to the same price I bought it for + upgrade my current treatment to the new one (which does not make sense if I am paying for the same amount for the previous treatment. so what "upgrade" do they mean refer to if I am paying the same?) But I refused still.

On my 3rd trip down, she tried to hard sell me AGAIN. This time, she did not even steam my hair!!! She put the ginseng and asked me to go into the consultation room! This time round, she said that I have some virus on my hair and that it will spread. So ask me to get the treatment + infection powder. Initially she offered $160 but soon reduce to $100 + free upgrade of my remaining treatment. (Again, what upgrade when I'm paying the same amount?)

Bottom line is, they will forever ask you to continue to sign more and more packages even if you are left with a little. But if you really want to do it after reading all these reviews, then try to bargain for as little sessions as possible. I remember seeing one forum page where the person got one session for $60+ only. Also do note that the price they quote are exclusion of GST so always add 7% to the figure.

Hope this help. I wished I had read all these before I purchased mine. ):

Lily on October 15, 2013:

I read the advertisement on newspaper regards free trial+free shampoo from yunnam hair care..since I had hairloss problem I thought of going down to give a try.

So I went down to yunnam branch at Jubille square on Saturday,12 October'13..when I reach there the consultant approach me and ask me to fill up my data and consult me about my scalp...they are so sweet and keep talking and talking about how bad my scalp condition and ask me to sign of 30 session package of total cost $5778 bu I told them that I don't want to spend that much amount of money..then they try the tactics again and I don't know why I suddenly end up sign the package of 20 session. And after the hair treatment done..the consultant ask me to go in again to the consultant room...there again she start her tactic again to sell the balance of 10 session that I didn't sign by telling me how really bad my hair condition was and if I didn't buy the 30 session it won't help much on growing back my hair that I lost so far. And again end up I sign the total of 30 session with them.

When I reach home...suddenly I awake that I sign a 30 session packages that cost me $5778 and start to regret I try to read any review from customer from the web and I got even more worried after I read the review.

I scared they will try to sell me more and more packages again if I continue to go there so i took out the receipt and start to read about their refund policy.

There i read if customer not satisfied with the package they will glad to refund the total amount as long within 5 days (what they call cooling period) and its also stated if less than 5 days they won't imposed any administration charges.

And I quickly send an email requesting them to cancel of my packages that I have not utilize yet on the same day.

On Monday I received a call from the consultant asking why I wanted to cancel my packages...I told them I just regret it cos the amount too big for me to afford so again she try to sell me less packages now but instill insisted that I wanted to cancel it so she ask me to go down today to the branch as I need to sign some paper work bat the cancellation.

I went down there today and there they start again to ask me to reconsidered my decision to cancel and when I still they start to ask me pay for treatment that I received that day (supposed for free trial) of $192.60 and also $50 administration cancellation fee...but in their receipt clearly stated that less than 5 days if customer noted to cancel they won't imposed any fees...but they insisted ask me to pay....I feel SO CHEATED...please don't go to Yunnam....they are so scary....

Lovely Heart on April 29, 2013:

I have a very nasty encounter with Yun Nam. I had a little problem with dropping hair and consulted them. I ended signing a package and then the consultant continued to tell me I had different problems on my scalp each time I was there and I ended up spending $17,000++. Within a week of signing up, the consultant tried to force me to sign up another package which would cost me S$15,000, which I refused. Then she got different consultants to talk to me and finally lowered the value down to $7K, then to $5, to $2K and to $1K but I resisted their pestering and threats. Now the consultant is so rude, sarcastic and unfriendly to me each time I am there. All their consultants(Malaysians) are suckers and very dishonest. Worst of all, I do not see any improvement on my hair. Readers, please do not be conned by Yun Nam's attractive advertisements of $8 or $10-you will surely regret going to Yun Nam. I also learnt that New York Skin is owned by Yun Nam too and New York Skin is equally bad too. Don't be conned by New York Skin too. My friend went to New York Skin and was conned of thousands of dollars.

candy on March 09, 2013:

Heng, pls make a complain to consumer dept.

kay on January 19, 2013:

Don't get cheated my dear Friends. Yun nam is useless. It doesn't work. They 'con' you with the free trial, just to suck you in. Has anyone taken legal action against them? I want to do so.

Heng on August 26, 2012:

Very bad experience with Yun Nam. Sign up for 60 sessions at $10,272 package. Stage 1 treatment 10 X deep cleansing. 50 treatments of Re-growth and strengthening. After 2 treatments hard sell to add essence treatments costing $17,940 for 90 bottles if not treatments are useless. Told by consultant that is a special price using her staff benefits with no GST. After another 4 treatments, again hard sell to upgrade for bacterial and infection treatment using Bio Ampulae costing $ 11,166 with GST. Total cost $39,378. Please learn from my lesson and don't even think of going to Yun Nam Hair Care center unless you want to spend endless monies on their hair care. Also be aware you must sign on the receipt that there will be no refund of cash but exchangeable for their products only that is not a cent back. Total r Regrets.

Joyce on July 19, 2012:

remember to collect evidence. Voice or video record all conversations.

it may come in handy if they use unethical means to ask you sign package.

Riley on July 19, 2012:

Hi. After seeing all this comment I'm a little afraid. I jus went yun nam today. N my hair scalp seems to get worsen. I have deposit my amount n also sign the package. Is it possible if I can withdraw although ive not paid the full amount?

c on June 29, 2012:

any idea if credit card installment payment be terminated?

Recently made installments to Yun Nam Hair but very bad experiences. Every week they keep doing the tactics and in the end ended up almost 10k of credit card bills.

e.g. force tactic of asking to sign upgrade packages.

wash hair half way and don't let you go off until you sign additional package. such sales talk and drag with all those herbs on hair and don't want to wash off until a package is signed. This is really forcing the customer. 1hr treatment end up 3hrs there because they don't let you off! very irritating.

Could this be filed to CASE?

Marlene_OnTheWall (author) from Singapore on September 04, 2011:

Hi feline, That level of service is definitely unacceptable. You should really ask to speak to the branch manager, and tell him/her about your experience, and perhaps seek some compensation. Consumers need to be more vocal - only then will service levels improve.

feline on September 02, 2011:

I took up the 5 session package as well. The feeling after the treatment, like what the writer suggested, was pampering. However, it leaves a stinky smell in your hair for days. My scalp felt cleaner though and slightly less hair fall.

I had recently gone to the new outlet at AMK and the service there is atrocious. Do not go to that outlet. The treatment started without even finding out who I was! When I feedback to the specialist, she was rude and impatient as well. She said the consultant could determine my scalp condition by just looking at it. If she is so amazing why do they even need scanner? Worse still, I waited a good 30minutes after the first step of my session for the next. I have to hobble out with my bag and hair bundled to ask for someone to attend to me! After which, the consultant who met up with me was rude and impatient. She was like some ah lian who couldn't wait to get rid of me. It was so unpleasant I am considering transferring back to the previous branch I came from!

Marlene_OnTheWall (author) from Singapore on July 16, 2011:

Thanks, all, for your comments.

Jenny, as far I know, centres such as Yun Nam do not offer refunds for unused portions. That does not mean, though, that you can't ask for refunds. It requires persistence, though. What's your specific complaint, though. If they've actually made your hair or scalp condition worse, that may be grounds to ask for a refund. I got a refund from a spa once, because that period, I was ill, and could not make use of their services. A doctor's recommendation that that service is not suitable for you could help persuade the company to refund unused portions - they wouldn't want to cause you permanent harm.

Apple, it would help if you could tell us how you got cheated.

Adeline, You're right. They are rather hard-sell in their approach. They will carry on talking and talking... relying on the fact that most people are polite, and would not just walk off, especially after receiving a discounted service. I've had similar experiences at other service businesses - spa/massage services, beauty services, etc. If you're not interested in buying or not impressed with their service/product, you need to be able to just walk off. The converse side of that is that 'consultants' seem to be charged with getting a customer no matter what. So, if you're interested, it may be worthwhile to patiently discuss a lower price. Have a target price in mind,and be firm about it. Odds are, rather than let you walk off, they would eventually agree to a rather steep discount.

Adeline on June 24, 2011:

Please go to file case they don't like the customer out from their shop easily keep on dragging your time and persuade you and make you feel fear that your hair is getting worsen without treatment.

Don't let more victim get cheated. It is really really sad

apple on June 18, 2011:

I got cheated by Yun Nam

Jenny on June 16, 2011:

Ah i should have read this article before I went to Yun Nam... I felt a little suspicious toward them but the scare tactics got me alright. Hence I signed up for 3 package sessions yesterday.. And now I regret it so bad that I want refund... Is there such thing for refund for service we haven't used?? :( I feel so cheated

RT on April 16, 2011:

Thanks for the yun nam review, Marlene. Helps to prevent one from being victim to it!

Marlene_OnTheWall (author) from Singapore on January 05, 2011:

Jessica, Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Can you share with us more about your experience? What happened that caused you to want to cancel your package?

Jessica on January 04, 2011:

I have a very nasty experience which I am thinking of going to CASE. They refuse to let me drop out of the package and keep pestering me to sign up for more courses in order to keep there.

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