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Your Guide to Gorgeous Eyes: No More Dark Circles, Bags, Wrinkles

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Brighter, radiant youthful looking eyes

Tired puffy eyes? Dark circles? Fine lines and wrinkles? All these beauty issues can ruin even the most polished look. But, before you grab a jar of over-priced anti-wrinkle eye cream, try these all natural eye treatment beauty solutions, straight from your kitchen.

Puffy Eye Problems Solved: All natural home remedy to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles

10 Easy Tips For Younger Looking Eyes

A late night can wreak havoc on your appearance, making you look years older than you really are. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles to appear around your eyes. Skin around the eye area often looks more wrinkled and saggy.

To instantly perk up your eye area and look instantly younger, try out these simple homemade beauty tips.

  1. Start your daily beauty routine by splashing ice cold water on your face and eyes. This will help bring blood to the surface and increase circulation to give your face a youthful glow.
  2. Cleanse and moisturizing the entire eye area, paying special attention to crow's feet or wrinkles. Tired eyes often show their age more easily.
  3. Use green tea ice cubes over each eye for a few minutes, to reduce swelling and puffiness.
  4. Apply Visine or other eye drops liberally to remove redness in eyes.
  5. Tweeze your eye brows so they arch nicely away from your eyes, opening up the space between your eye and brow. This will give your look an instant lift. Your brows should resemble more of an arch or bridge than a straight line.
  6. Lightly color eye brows with a brow pencil to match your current hair color and to fill in any bare areas. This is especially important if you’ve dyed your hair recently and your natural brow color doesn’t match your current hair color.
  7. For instantly refreshed looking eyes, dab concealer under each eye. The concealer should only be one tone lighter than your skin. Gently blend into skin.
  8. Apply a thin coat of sheer tinted moisturizer over your entire eyelid, including the area next to nose and around the eye socket, where dark shadows appear. Don’t forget the under eye area to cover your concealer. Blend carefully with your pinky finger.
  9. On mornings when your eyes feel tired or look sleepy, skip the dark brown or black eye shadow or liner, as they will only make your eyes look droopy. For eyes that sparkle, apply yellow toned eye shadows. Yellow tones make the whites of your eyes appear brighter. Pastel shades will also make your eyes appear younger and more awake. Don't forget the black mascara on top and bottom lashes to perfectly frame your eyes.
  10. Clean up the under eye area after applying eye make up to avoid the dark under eye circle that often happens when eye shadow falls onto your brow bone during application.

How to prevent puffy eyes in the morning

Do you ever wake up with puffy under-eye area?   Chances are, it’s simply sinus congestion.

Try sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows. This will prevent the area under your eye filling with sinus fluid as you sleep. 

Other common causes of puffy eyes in the morning include seasonal and pet allergies. 

If you're allergic to your cat, you're likely to wake up with swollen eyes and runny nose.  To banish puffy eyes, ban the pets from the bedroom.   Before going to bed, vacuum your bedroom using a HEPA filter bag to remove plant spores and allergens from the carpet.  Change the sheets, if your pet has been on the bed recently.   Run your air purifier while sleeping to remove impurities in the air.  If you don't have an air purifier, you can set the central air conditioner to turn on every now and then.  The central air filter will clean most of the allergens out of the air, assuming your filters are clean.  Be sure to keep windows shut if your allergy is related to rag weed, pollen or trees.

How to instantly cure puffy eyes

For instant relief from puffy eyes , try this simple beauty trick.

Brew a pot of green tea and chamomile tea. Pour cooled tea into ice cube trays. Freeze, as usual.

Use one specially prepared tea ice cube over each eye for five minutes daily..

You’ll notice a dramatic decrease in puffiness.

How to make your own homemade anti-wrinkle eye serum

Wrinkles are no match for this all natural power house anti-wrinkle eye serum, straight from mother nature, containing nothing but the finest oils.

Grape seed oil softens fine lines and wrinkles while sweet almond oil helps heal dark circles. The other carrier oils used in this homemade beauty treatment help nourish the soft skin around eyes.

The all natural ingredients will help refine the delicate skin around your eye area for a more smooth, youthful appearance without expensive anti-wrinkle creams.

The essential oils revitalize the under eye skin area for an instantly  younger look.

To make your own all natural eye serum, you'll need:

Anti-wrinkle serum

1 tbsp. hazelnut oil

1 tbsp. avocado oil

1 tbsp. sweet almond oil

1 tbsp.grape seed oil

5 drops each of the following essential oils: geranium, rose, eucalyptus

Combine the carrier oils (hazelnut, avocado, grape seed oils), then add the essential oils. Store in an airtight container, in a dark place, tightly sealed.

You’ll need to shake your container before each use to blend.

Using your smallest finger, dab sparingly around eyes. Use caution not to get oil into eyes. The treatment works best if you can relax afterward and allow the oil to work it's magic.

You can use this homemade beauty treatment up to three times daily, as needed. Apply once after a shower, when the skin is warm and supple and once before bed. If you wake up with tired eyes, you can apply then too, after cleansing skin and application of cold water to tighten skin.

You can find fine quality carrier oils at most natural food stores or online at various beauty supply shops.

Does Preparation H really work to get rid of under-eye bags?

There's a long-standing belief that Preparation H (hemorrhoidal gel or cream) is good for reducing under-eye bags. If you believe the wives' tales, this stuff is pure gold when it comes to nixxing those saggy under eye bags. In truth, there's good reason not to reach for this butt cream.

While the shark liver oil in this might have a reducing effect on under eye bags, it's not alone. The main ingredient that soothes hemorrhoids is hydrocortisone, not something you want in your eyes. In fact, if you read the warning label on Preparation H, you'll see that it specifically warns against use in or near eyes.

If you've tried this so called miracle cream before, you'll know the actual benefits are minimal. Other homemade eye bag remedies are far more successful with less risk of eye injury.

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I know this sounds disgusting but I saw a really amazing demonstration with using hemroid cream on the eye area. It was on a morning show and the host (who was used to having puffy eyes due to getting up early for a morning breakfast show) used it on just one eye for a week - the difference was incredible!

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