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What Your Eyeglasses Reveal About You

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Most of the time, people wear eyeglasses because they need to see better. However, there are some people with 20/20 vision who spend money on eyeglasses and wear them to make a fashion statement.

The type of eyeglasses people wear says a lot about them. SUNY Oneonta’s Michael J. Brown contends that eyeglass wearers are perceived in a certain way. They can appear to be honest, trustworthy, intelligent, sophisticated, or dependable.

Do you know what your eyeglasses say about you?

Penelope changes her look by wearing different color glasses to match her outfits on "Criminal Minds."

Penelope changes her look by wearing different color glasses to match her outfits on "Criminal Minds."

Portraying a Certain Look

Celebrities wear eyeglasses for many different reasons. Most of the reasons don't have anything to do with their eyesight.

Whenever celebrities want to portray a certain look, they wear eyeglasses to enhance that look. Eyeglasses can become part of a character. For example, Penelope on "Criminal Minds" wears oversized neon colored glasses. You can't help but notice that she doesn't wear the same ones all the time. She changes them to match her outfits. They have become a part of her character. Kirsten Vangsness does wear glasses in real life, but they are not the flashy one she wears on the CBS hit show.

Sally Jessy Raphael wears oversized red frames glasses that have become her signature. Unlike Penelope, she doesn't change the color.

Sally Jessy Raphael always wore red frames. She did not change them because they began her signature.

Sally Jessy Raphael always wore red frames. She did not change them because they began her signature.

Selecting Your Spectacles

Eyeglasses come in many different shapes and sizes. When you go to pick out a pair of glasses, you could spend hours just trying them on before you can decide which one will make you look the way you want to look while wearing them.

You have to decide if you want a pair that is round, square, oval, or cat's eyes. Then, you have to decide if you want them to cover just your eyes or your eyes and part of your face.

In essence, you spend more time on the fashion part of getting glasses than on the medical part.

People usually make their eyeglass choices based not only on how they think they will look but also on the way others will think they look. They could choose a pair of frames that make them look honest, trustworthy, intelligent, distinctive, sexy, or even innocent.


Different Kinds of Eyeglasses

There are so many different kinds of eyeglasses.

  • Eyeglasses which thick black frames are worn by the young, hipster crowd. People who wear these glasses are definitely trying to make a statement about themselves.
  • Patterned frames are worn by those who want to appear cheerful.
  • Mostly women who tend to go for color and different patterns on their frames. Bright colors with patterns are also preferred by older people who want to feel young again.
  • Aviators are for the adventurous. If you wear this type of frame, chances are you are a risk taker.
  • The tortoiseshell frame a favorite among independent, creative thinkers. They let the world know they are distinctive individuals who love vintage and art. The shape of a pair of tortoiseshell glasses is different from the regular shapes. It is appropriate because those who wear it are not regular people.
  • Simple, clean lines are pragmatic for people who wear are more logical, mathematical, or scientifical in nature. Wearer of these more attention to function and less attention to style because they are more structured and very detail oriented.
  • Big round frames are the Harry Potter frames. People who wear these glasses are a little bit quirkier than your average person and might have an appreciation for history or the vintage look.
  • Eyeglasses with logos belong to people who want to impress others. Swinburne University’s Riza Casidy and colleagues concluded that people who wear eyeglasses with logo do so for two reasons. They are fashion conscious, and they wear them to impress people. The bigger the logo, the more insecure the wearer.

Watch the video below to see what the co-hosts on "Good Morning America" had to say about what eyeglasses reveal about the wearers.

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Browline Frames

Browline frames are for those who mean business. They are a classic power accessory for a person's professional life. The style means people are quick on their feet and have a well-rounded personality.

Browline frames are the great balance between being bold and being simple. People who wear these are not afraid to make a statement, but they also don't let their ego get them in trouble.

That is the type of frame Sarah Paline wears.

Sarah Palin made a bold statement when she ran with John McCain as the Vice-President candidate in 2008.

Sarah Palin made a bold statement when she ran with John McCain as the Vice-President candidate in 2008.

Real or Fake?

People really do wear fake eyeglasses more often than you think. Most of the time they wear them just to make themselves look smarter. People also want eyeglasses that make them look very confident especially when going on a job interview.

Other than just for a career, there are a lot of other reasons people wear fake glasses. Fake glasses have become an accessory. People wear glasses to intentionally make a statement about themselves. So, in order to hide their insecurity and boost their confidence, they wear eyeglasses even though they don't need them.


Perception Conveyed

People who wear eyeglasses are perceived to be a certain way even though they might not be that way at all. When a person is seen walking through an airport or waiting in the doctor's office, he is perceived to be a certain way just because he is wearing eyeglasses.

University of Vienna psychologist Helmut Leder and his colleagues decided to study how people judge eyeglass wearers. They say people judge eyeglass wearers by looks alone without even speaking to the person. The team of Viennese researchers found that people wearing rimless glasses appear to be trustworthy.

Full-rim glasses seem to make a person's face look more trustworthy and distinctive. Because of the glasses, more attention is drawn to the eyes than if people are wearing no glasses at all or rimless glasses.

Here are some of the ways, eyeglass wearers are thought to be.

  • Glasses can make a person look honest.
  • People who wear eyeglasses are thought to be trustworthy and even more so if they wear glasses with rims.
  • People who wear glasses are thought to be intelligent. They are compared to teachers and librarians who read more and are therefore smart.
  • Have you noticed that nerds are smart, and they wear glasses? However, it's the type of glasses they wear that set them apart from other wearers.


The number one reason most people wear eyeglasses is for an improvement in their vision.

Some people wear fake eyeglasses to boost their confidence. They also wear fake eyeglasses as an accessory.



Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on September 17, 2017:

Thanks, Dora Isaac Weithers, for reading and commenting. I see from your beautiful photo that you are not wearing glasses. Good for you!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 17, 2017:

I know for sure that people hide themselves behind glasses; and that the logo wearer intends to make an impression. I find all these other reasons very interesting. Good read! Thank you.

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