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You Tie A Tie

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A Very Simple And Professional Tie Knot

A Very Simple And Professional Tie Knot

You Tie A Tie Knot To Fit Your Shirt Collar

The easiest tie knot that I use is the oriental knot because it is small, simple, and it matches the style of shirt collar that makes up the majority of my wardrobe. The most professional knot to wear really is the knot that best fits the collar of your shirt, and is comfortable to the wearer. Chances are that you'll be wearing that choker all day and if it's not comfortable then you'll not be comfortable in it. Which is important if you want to look and feel like a professional.

The tie should fill the space between the front of your shirt collar above the buttons. Keep in mind that if the knot you choose is more complex it will typically be larger as well. However, you don't want to go too far with this as a knot that is too large will end up under your shirt collar and not be fully visible. If you happen to have a tie that is thicker this will be the case also.

The knot of your tie will draw attention to your face, this is a good thing in the professional world of business and dress. We want the personal encounters in our professional lives to be of influence and good impression. So you tie a tie to have impact on this idea and complement your professional appearance with a splash of personality and character.

Other Simple Tie Knots

Other Simple Tie Knots

Tie Your Tie To Fit

Whether your a business professional or a guy on a bus with a button-up, if your shirts usually wear a collar, then you should know how to tie a tie. With the ease and simplicity of the oriental knot, you will hopefully never have to ask your momma to tie your tie again. This is an unprofessional practice and should eliminate your chances of attaining the sexiest man of the year award. The knot of the tie, next to style and color, brings together your personal apparel by matching the size of the knot with the gap of space between the shirt collar fashionably, neat, and stylish.

There are several other knots that you should learn in order to ensure that you'll be able to look your best, whichever shirt collar style you are going to be wearing. These other common knots are simple and will help you to fit that professional look you're after. There're the four-in-hand knot, half-winsor, winsor, the double-knot and the double-cross knot. Add these knots to your know how and you will always have the ability to look and feel professional.

Fun Ties, Professional Knots

It is very important to impress on your clients, coworkers, and employers but we are also unique individuals with our own sense of style and fashion. There are the bland and strictly professional ties that carry a monotone, drab appearance and then there are very colorful ties with prints and fun sizes.

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You may not want to come in to interview for that job you have been after forever wearing your most colorful and fun sized tie, with the hope that your rambunctious display of personal character is going to land the job. Always consider the occasion that is calling for a tie and don't go to funerals dressed like a clown.

It may just be that your only outlet for any fun in dress is the tie, if you work for a company with a strict dress code. In this situation, take every opportunity you get to show who you are in the workplace. Ties can be very fun indeed, you can still maintain your professionalism as long as you are picking the right knot to fill that space and not wearing completely unprofessional prints that depict gore or inappropriate material.

Complex Tie Knots

Complex Tie Knots

Brief History Of The Tie

In the 1820's, men would wear a cravat around the neck of their dress. The cravat descended from a style worn by a military unit called the Croats, in the 1600's. The cravat was also tied in certain styles that could imply a mans wealth status. The modern tailored tie came about in the late 1800's and has evolved through to the present day, it has changed in its design and manufacturing process. It is now longer to compensate for the fact that men used to wear their trousers higher, much closer to the bellybutton. The tie is fashionable and is a sexy piece of attire. When worn with confidence and in comfort, a man appears sophisticated, intelligent, and powerful. Imagine what the devil looks like in a suit and tie. Maybe he invented it?

Loose Trinity

Loose Trinity

Wear A Tie, Be Sexy

The oriental knot is my go to knot when I'm in a hurry and need to be presentable quick. It also looks great because it matches the collar style that makes up my closet of shirts. If the oriental knot is not for you I've included some other common knots that will fill up that empty space above your shirt buttons. Try them out and stick to what you're comfortable with. Look, feel and be a professional and the tie will fall in line with you, meaning do some freaking research and learn how to wear a tie, not just how to tie the tie. The tie has been around for a good while and most likely it's not going to disappear soon, I don't believe, so as a man, you should learn at least a knot that will keep you from saying that you don't know how to tie a tie. Please comment and tell me what you guys think about this article, it will help me to create more like it in the future or better. Thank you guys for reading and God bless you all. Be sexy..


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