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Anti-Aging Tips for Youthful Looking Skin, Reverse Skin Aging

Avoiding Wrinkles

Many people believe in preventing skin aging at any age. How do we prevent wrinkles from forming on the face, and when? Well it is easy; we can begin by using the right products. And we can begin as early as the teenage years in preventing wrinkles, if there are visible lines on the face. There are many products out there, but we shouldn't use many of them. Just use simple wrinkle prevention products, that aren't harsh to the face. The idea is to avoid wrinkles, and keep a clean clear complexion. Example of simple products are: facial astringents, mild soap and water, facial masks, moisturizers, sun block lotions, under eye oils, and 100% cocoa butter. But for individuals 40 years of age and older, a wrinkle cream with a small amount of "retinol" may be needed if you already have a few wrinkles. Now that we know about some simple facial products that can help with avoiding wrinkles, we can get started.

Let's start with facial astringents, there are a few that are really good, one of the best would be: Witch Hazel, or Sea Breeze (from Neutrogena), use either one of these astringents with a cotton ball or cotton pad. These facial astringents help to prevent clogged pores, acne, and prevent skin aging.

Witch Hazel is a 100% natural astringent for the face and body, it helps in avoiding acne and clogged pores. Also Witch Hazel can be used for: insect bites, minor cuts, relieve minor skin irritations, and minor scrapes. Witch Hazel astringent will close the pores on the face which also assists with making the skin tighter. Apply the facial astringent to your face with a 100% cotton-pad, wiping the face in an upward motion. Begin wiping at the chin area and working your way up to the forehead, all in an upward wiping motion. You can also apply the astringent to the neck, wiping it in an upward motion of course. Because the neck has to look just as young as the face, and the face and neck should always match in appearance. Also, wiping in an upward motion is better than wiping or pushing the skin downward, which will eventually cause sagging and wrinkles. The cotton pads to use are made with 100% Cotton, not rayon or anything else.

Facial Soaps

Now let's talk about mild facial soaps, the best facial soaps are; Dove soap, and Neutrogena Clearasil soap (the transparent bar). These two facial soaps are gentle and great for washing the face daily, and helps with avoiding wrinkles. These soaps can help prevent eye wrinkles, and prevent skin aging in general. Using mild facial soaps compared to using regular soaps, on the face can also assist with reversing the aging process.

Facial Astringents Keep the Pores Clean.

Facial Astringents Keep the Pores Clean.

Facial Masks Assist with Preventing Skin Aging

Then there are your face masks; these facial masks get impurities out of the skin. A couple of good facial masks to use are "Mint Julep" by (Queen Helene) or Noxzema. Again, when applying facial mask; wipe it on in an upward motion, avoid applying it around the eyes to avoid creating crow's feet lines around the eyes. Begin applying the mask to the chin, jaw line, upper lip, nose, avoiding the frown-line area by the mouth as well, and work your way up to the forehead area. Read the instructions on the "facial mask container" on how long to leave it on, and then rinse. Never agitate the facial masks while it's on your face, avoid showing facial expressions also. A facial mask can be applied once a week for some individuals, and once a month for others. By getting impurities out of the face, facial masks also assist with avoiding wrinkles.

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Facial Moisturizers

Add a moisturizer to your face after rinsing away the facial mask. Choose a moisturizer that more natural ingredients, there are different types of moisturizers. A few of the best facial moisturizers to use are: Shea Butter (unrefined), Aloe Vera moisturizers, and Vitamin E. Avoid using moisturizers that contain petroleum, due to them clogging the pores. Mainly, avoid cigarette smoke in your environment, due to it eventually causing serious wrinkles on the face. Also remember, using sun block lotion is crucial in avoiding wrinkles. Sun block lotion should be applied in the summer time and on semi sunny days, to protect your face from the sun's ultra violet rays. But some people use sun block lotion on their face every day, not matter what season it is. You can use sun block lotions with SPF's 15 - 80; apply a thin layer of it on the face. And apply a very small amount of sun block lotion around the eye area to avoid extra lotion getting into the eye. If you're serious about reversing the aging process, then using sun block lotion will really help.

Did you know that 'Preparation H' can be used for under-eye puffiness?

How to Prevent Skin Aging

How to Prevent Skin Aging

How to Prevent Skin Aging

How to Prevent Skin Aging

Reverse the Aging Process

Wrinkle creams should only be used for individuals that actually have wrinkles. We all can prevent skin aging starting at early teenage years. Other major tips to keeping a youthful appearance is: drinking water, eating fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, smile more often, forgive those who've hurt you, and protect yourself from prolonged times in the sun. Well, physical exercise is another major tip, to the attempt on keeping a youthful appearance, and preventing skin aging. Exercise can also be a hobby or activity that you enjoy doing such as, crocheting as a hobby.

Further, some people can only get up to a recommended 15 minutes of sunshine (according to research), throughout the whole day. So, take sunshine breaks, off and on, during the hot temperature days. And do not forget to wipe away make-up before going to bed at night. A good make-up remover is Pond's Fade Cream, apply it to your face; then wipe the make-up away with a facial cloth.

I can't say this enough, "wipe the sun block in an upward motion on the face, to push your skin up and not downward, and this goes for anything that you apply to your face or neck, push up not down. Most importantly, apply one half of a dime size amount of moisturizer/oil on your face before going to bed, especially around your eyes and mouth. Applying moisturizer around your eyes and mouth as your nighttime regimen will help prevent potential skin aging. But wash your face first with a mild facial soap before applying your moisturizer. There are different oils to use for your night time regimen, a few are: avocado oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil, lavender oil, and coconut oil.

And for the individuals that are already showing signs of wrinkles, you can use a wrinkle cream for your night time regimen, a cream that contains "retinol." Finally, one key to preventing skin aging is to keep a sense of humor and stay young-at-heart.

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