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Words Still Speak Louder Than Ink

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

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to explain. The wording, Bugs Bunny and Hell's Angels, both brand-names, I used simply to editorial the points surrounding the names. Thank you, Kenneth.

Yes, sir. This tattoo makes me big and strong.

Yes, sir. This tattoo makes me big and strong.

Oh, Momma, Where Did it Begin?

a dare? A sip of stolen liquor? Or a pretty brunette's pretty lips telling us to do it? We may exhaust the verb, searching. There was a lot of sad days because of that failure. We all have had "this" type of experience such as being a witness to the first tattoo. Just wish that I had a copy of 70's hit duo, Brewer & Shipley's hit, "One Toke Over The Line Sweet Jesus," to give this topic a mild, mellow tone of reading.

These Quotes Are in All Probability, Imaginary-but-Possibly True

  • Speaking of the (first) tattoo, Tattoo, or tattow in the 18th century, was a loanword from the Samoan word tatau, meaning "to strike." This was the serious meaning.
  • The first mother in 1950 cried in fear, "Ohhhh, our baby!" "Carlton" has went and got the Devil to write on his arm!"
  • The first priest to see a tattoo on a woman said, "God have mercy on this wayward soul! Of course the priest whispered these cold words.
  • There were many more vocal outbursts that came with the first sight of the tattoo.
  • On the other side of the spectrum, it took men (and a few girls) with daring and grit to put a tattoo on their forearm. And the same can be said about the highly-free-spirited females who did not want to be left out of their "gang."
Show me a sailor who did not have a tattoo and I will show you a Marine.

Show me a sailor who did not have a tattoo and I will show you a Marine.

The Tattoo And War Time U.S.A.

that we cannot ignore. Tattoo's went with most of our military heroes as they marched on to war and I think that it was their tattoo that gave them the confidence to take on the German and Japanese soldiers and fight at any cost with anything that their hands could find. The U.S. Military had a mighty tough set of young guys.
Why then did U.S. Military men get tattoo's with the word, "Mom" written below their heart tattoo'd in red? Could be, these guys just had to look at their mom's and feel a sense of peace that went with them in war and darkness.

The U.S. Marines, not to be outdone, had the Marine logo on their left or right arm with "U.S.M.C." underneath the logo. They also had bulldogs; wolves; snakes; swords and any symbol that could say to their enemy, Do not mess with us. Simple as that. Some enemy soldiers did mess with a few Marines. Some didn't. But the ones who did mess with the Corp, paid the price with their lives. Yes, sad and very true.

How About These Popular Name Tattoos for Women

⦁ Names of Significant Other. Women love wearing this tattoo on their forearms. ..on the thighs, heels, and small of back.

⦁ Dove. The universal symbol of peace.

⦁ Roses. In a name tattoo is used to express the love of a woman for any special man in her life.

⦁ Butterflies signify. Sensitivity, caring of the wings of a butterfly reminds us of a beautiful lady.

⦁ Birth Dates. Show pride the spounse has for the other spouse.

Tattoo's And The Romance Connection

as you might have guessed, has played a big part of the tattoo and how it helped a lot of soldiers "break the ice" with a lot of pretty young ladies who admired the soldiers for their confidence and uniforms. Most men in the military wore the famous hula girl that "danced" right and left when the soldiers would flex their forearm.

But the hula girl did come with a terrible price. Not death, but close. A love-sick soldier would have his girl's name tattoo'd on his arm or chest, and the girl didn't want to leave her village and the soldier's life was crushed, but he went home, and probably didn't think that he had a hula girl on his arm dancing a tune.

That was until . . .the "true" girlfriend's boyfriend, the soldier returning from war, just happened to see the hula girl on the guy's arm while he was mowing the yard without a shirt, and that is where a big fight started.

"Just--what--is--this--on--your--forearm?" Newlywed girl cries in anger.

"Whattaya men, sweetie?" Newlywed husband answers in fear.

"Looks like you've been seeing other girls. Right, Jim?" Newlywed bride replies.

"Oh, no. Jenny. This tattoo was given to me by my uncle Toby when I came out of the Navy," Newlywed husband hopes this truthful answer will help the situation.

"Oh, I see. Your uncle had a thing about this hussie, and wanted you to know her too, huh?" Angry newlywed wife is spewing while stamping her foot on the ground.

"Okay, Jenny. I will take you to the tattoo parlor where I got this tattoo to show you that I was man enough for you," Newlywed husband says in confidence.

Later that day . . .

Newlywed husband and wife reach "Tiger and Cub's Famous Tattoo's" and upon walking inside, the owner recognizes "Jim," walks up to him and the wife, and shakes his hand.

"Hey, "Jim," so you got married, huh? Well, is this the fashion model that you were dating and begged me to give you . . .THAT hula girl tattoo?" Tattoo owner explains.

Newlywed husband: "So, uhhh, "Jenny," I, errr, uhhh, want to . ..

Newlywed wife: "Shut up, "Jimmy! I want the tattoo owner to tell me more!"
Truth wins out--even with the tattoo purchase.

The Evidence of a Real Man and Other Truth's

is the tall guy who was raised in the rural part of his town and goes to work at a local sawmill, where hard work, sweat, and short tempers are on tap. The real man gets a Pink Tattoo of an Angel with Yellow Curly Hair and smiling. Oh, the saw-miller goes into work wearing short sleeve shirts.

Wearing a tattoo does not guarantee that you will not encounter bullies. Especially if you are walking outside in the dark on the southside of Baton Rouge, and sporting a skeleton and crossbones tattoo and yes, you are wearing a tee-shirt. Great. But Five, street-smart bullies, unemployed bouncers, meet you and proceed to beat you until you pass-out.

If I were to get myself a tattoo, I would ask for the word, "Me" to be drawn on my upper right arm. On the upper left arm, I would have drawn, "Don't know!" In short, switch to one side to the other when asked a really senseless question.

Should a member of Hell's Angels ever wear a butterfly tattoo? Sure. If he or she can win the initiation rite, he/she should have no problem with this or any tattoo.
Tattoo's, I don't wear them. Not that I am ashamed to get one, it's because my wife told me in no uncertain terms that I am not getting one. So to respect her, I have chosen to not get myself a Bugs Bunny tattoo.

In Closing,

There Are Thousands of Various Tattoo Wording,
So I chose these to give you a few examples:

⦁ I’m Going to Hate This One Day.
⦁ Not Stationary.

⦁ Yes, It Hurt When I Got This Tattoo -- What Kind of Senseless Question is This?

⦁ This Tattoo Thing Was a Dare.

⦁ This Was My First Tattoo!

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Yes, guys. Girls can also  wear tattoo's and I think that they look great.

Yes, guys. Girls can also wear tattoo's and I think that they look great.

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