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Sexy Womens Shoes - Heels Instead of Flip-Flops

The girls on Sex in the City wear the most stylish shoes!

The girls on Sex in the City wear the most stylish shoes!

Sexy Women's Shoes

Women and shoes - its an endless love affair! No matter your body shape or size, you can always find something that will fit your feet. Did you know that the pair you select can complete your outfit (for better or worse), make a statement about your personality, as well as cover/protect your soles when you're out and about?

Each of the many styles that are available probably warrants an entire Hub all to itself. But for those that want to see it all.... you've come to the right place. So let's take a "walk," shall we, into a woman's dream shoe closet.

Women's shoe styles are constantly changing. But the one thing that never goes out of style is comfort. Just make sure that your ideals match. There are shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. In fact, these days, you are lucky to that so many designers have your good foot health in mind!


With summer just around the corner, let's start with the most casual of all shoes: the flip flop. Years ago, people would only wear these to the beach or the pool. Today's dressed-up styles of thongs, and a trend toward casual wear, have resulted in the flip-flop being worn to the mall, to work, and even to the White House! I tend to agree that these shoes are a bit too casual, even with rhinestones and the best pedicure ever, to be worn into professional settings.

Below is a photograph of the college women that were criticized for donning flip-flops to see the Commander-in-Chief. You can see in the picture that, although comfortable, they look a bit sloppy compared to the girls wearing sandals. I am all for comfort, but when going out in public if you want to look your best, add a bit of a heel, even if only 1/4 inch. It will look much more polished and give your legs better muscle definition (i.e. sexy calves). Bottom line: find a nice sandal to wear to worship and definitely into the boardroom! Just about any other place is fair game for thongs.

Click on the small thumbnail images to the above right to see an enlarged photo of several casual versions of this popular footwear.

The Flip-Flop Flap at the White House

The Flip-Flop Flap at the White House


Another popular casual shoe is the sneaker. There are so many choices out there, your head will spin! Retro is hot these days, with Converse making a comeback. Other manufacturers, including Nike, are capitalizing on the look as well with some of their own styles. Vans remain popular, as are Keds.

Depending on their age and interests, women enjoy bright tennis shoes, funky patterns, and even designer brands (i.e. Coach and Burberry). Sketchers has a wide variety of sneakers, some of which can almost double as flats.

Like the flip-flop, care has to be taken in determining the appropriate time to don tennis shoes. Ellen DeGeneres can pull off wearing them with a suit. Most of us non-celebrities cannot. Sneakers look sporty and carefree - great with jeans, a denim skirt, sweats, or shorts. Make sure that they are clean and up-to-date. Also, running shoes aren't cute with jeans. They look frumpy. Keep your exercise shoes for only that purpose. Get a couple of pairs of casual sneakers to wear at other times for the ultimate in comfort.

Kitten Heels

Doesn't the name just sound so cute and adorable? Trust me, if you purchase the right size/width of shoe, you will love this style! It is excellent for just about any occasion (work, casual wear, dress). The heel is low enough to prevent discomfort, particularly if you are prone to bunions. Generally, a "kitten heel," is about 1/4-1 inch. In addition to regular shoes, manufacturers have added these heels to mules (shoes without a back or back strap) and flip flops. I own several pairs to give me that extra lift I mentioned above when wearing skirts, capris, denim or even suits. They are so easy to slip on and go, particularly if you wear them without socks.

You can purchase kitten-heeled shoes in a wide variety of colors, leathers, prints and price ranges. Pictured to the right is a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Gorgeous! Click on the other thumbnails to see other great styles.

One additional tip: If you purchase pointy-toed shoes, they will elongate your legs and help you appear slimmer. Fortunately, square-toed shoes, which are also in fashion, do not add apparent weight to your body. Try on several sizes and widths to make sure you get the best fit. Pointy-toes do not necessarily equal discomfort.

High Heels

For most women (and men), this is the essence of femininity. Nothing says, "look at me," like a nice quality pair of heels. Once again, there is a wide variety of styles, from "regular" heels (1-3 inches), to stilettos. For professional women, the standby pump is a classic. Well-maintained and polished, it can set off your suit in a classic manner. For elegant occasions, strappy numbers are popular. These tend to be less comfortable than many other types of shoes, particularly when the wedding reception is in its third hour and you're still dancing.

Stilettos are ultra-high heels, from 3 inches and up. They can make your legs look great, but your toes and arch could pay the price. If you have bunions, the extra pressure that will result on the ball of your foot may exacerbate the condition. There are probably not many podiatrists that would recommend this shoe to their patients.

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Another variety of heels is the platform. These have come back into vogue after being a big hit in the 1970s. A platform shoe has an additional 1/2-2 inches of height in the toe of the shoe, in addition to the heel height. Of course, you can imagine that they may be difficult to walk in.

With heels, it is especially important that you try them on before purchasing. Put them on both feet because there may be a slight difference in size. Manufacturers' sizes vary, so even if you believe you wear a 6.5, you may want to purchase a 7 in one brand, or a 6 in another. Walk around and see how they feel. If you wobble or have difficulty, and particularly if the shoe pinches at all, it is probably time to find another style.

Your feet deserve better than a pair of Crocs!

Your feet deserve better than a pair of Crocs!

Other Shoe Styles

Being as it is springtime when this Hub is published, it is really difficult to discuss boots, or even flats. Boots are seasonal and are very stylish (and practical) when the weather turns cool. Many versions are simply designed for fashion, though, as they have high heels, soft leather and other components that would not fare well if repeatedly exposed to Mother Nature. Then there are Uggs, and other... well, ugly boots. These appear to be practical for snow and sleet, but Hollywood has shown us that even when the sun is shining and its 60 degrees outside, it may be Ugg weather. Look for a follow-up Hub in about 4 months.

With respect to flats, I have a personal opinion that if you are looking for comfort, go with a tennis shoe or flip flop. Flats, to me, are not flattering. I much prefer buying a shoe with a small bit of a heel to add a bit of flair to my outfit. Flats, such as penny loafers and other sensible shoes are not very feminine. If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet constantly, then definitely get a few pairs. But if you are selecting a shoe to wear to the PTA meeting, or other casual event, there are many better styles from which to choose.

And, finally, one of the worst shoe-offenders ever: the Croc! They may be cute for your kids, but really.... you are a grown woman. Pick something less plastic to wear on your feet. Even the new styles are still made out of faux material. You've worked hard. You deserve better. If you want a casual shoe for the summer, pick out a nice flip-flop. Too cold? There are plenty of stylish sneakers. Enough said. (If I catch you wearing these out and about, I may have to call Stacy and Clinton!)

Freshen up before warmer weather

Freshen up before warmer weather

Shoe Styles Aside

One thing to remember with respect to shoes is to keep them in good condition. You would not wear a shirt or coat with stains or holes, would you? If you dress well, then you need to make sure that the look is consistent from your head to your feet. Polish your shoes frequently. Examine the toes and soles for signs of separation or other damage. If you have invested wisely, it is worth your money to take them to a professional shoe repair person. Discard shoes that are scuffed, ripped, broken or otherwise beyond repair. You can wear the hottest jeans, the nicest suits, or the most beautiful gowns, but if your shoes are in ill-repair, they will destroy your entire look.

In a similar vein, make sure that your feet are well-groomed before you don sandals or open-toed shoes. Regular tub-soaking, exfoliation and pedicures can improve the overall look of your feet. Shave your toes, if necessary! There is nothing tackier than chipped polish and dry heels on public display.

So, let's go shopping now! So many great styles and only so much room in the closet, right?


Mandy76 from Mount Shasta, California on August 02, 2009:

Whew! That's a whole lot of comments about shoes! lol. However, I had to comment because there is nothing like a sexy pair of shoes to make you feel good, or even a fun pair of shoes.

They affect the way you carry yourself and even the way you feel that day. Great subject!

kfsteve391 from Mesa, Arizona on June 19, 2009:

Got my first pair of strappy high heel sandals two months ago. I now have three pairs. Have silver, pink and beige. They are from 3 to 4.25 inches in heel height. They all have very thin little straps and are extremely sexy. They look great and I am really enjoying wearing them.

Pretty Model Girl from Tempe, AZ on May 25, 2009:

This hub reminds me of how much I love heels. There goes my next paycheck :-/

blondepoet from australia on May 13, 2009:

I love the heels give me any shape, anything at all with a heel and I will wear it LMAO.

deccasandy from Belmont on March 16, 2009:

Yeah indeed a very nice hub. Women love heels. And if worn properly heels enhance personality adding to the elegance of the dress. I loved the kitten heels, the look cute. Women have so many wonderful options for dresses and matching footwear. I envy them.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on January 22, 2009:

Hi livelovecoffee and PUJUNG,

Shoes can make or break an outfit - even if its a casual one. I believe in investing in shoes more than almost any other part of my wardrobe. Thank you for the comments. Glad to see I'm not the only one that feels this way!


PUJUNG from Philippines on January 21, 2009:

i started wearing high heeled shoes just recently and am lovin' them. i think we have to choose the right shoes for us as we age. am 33, hard working and a mom of 2... i think i deserve a nice pair...

livelovecoffee from Georgia on January 21, 2009:

I think nice shoes on a women make them look very classy. Great hub!

moonlake from America on January 11, 2009:

In my day we called our high heels or stilettos....spikes they also had pointed toes. The last pair I ever owned was a lacey looking patient leather red ones. Now I stick to kitten heels and only wear those when I have to.

For the most part I have to wear birkenstock and I hate the way they look. I even had to give up my flip-flops that I love.

Enjoyed your hub.

how to increase vertical on December 15, 2008:

Excellent Hub and very good post.. Thanks for the good research of the shoes.... I found a lot of stuff here regarding shoes.....

GLORY on December 14, 2008:

You have provided good information about different types of footwear.This hub is useful and interesting.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on December 12, 2008:

Hi jeanius, great name, by the way! I agree that women that are under about 5'3" who wear heels with jeans can look like they are trying too hard. I am 5'4", so its OK for me (of course). But seriously, I don't wear classic heels with jeans, but heeled boots or other similar shoes. We totally agree on the point that girly-shoes look best with skirts, dresses and other feminine outfits. Flip flop with shoes can be OK, if they are more shoe-like than sandal-like! :)

Thanks for the comment - best, Steph

jeanius on December 11, 2008:

Great hub- thanks for reminding me how much I hate, no despise, crocs- worst invention!

I know I'm not popular for saying this, but I hate the look of heels with jeans- mostly short women wear these and it looks like they're trying too hard rather than accepting and accentuating their true self- I don't find the look flattering on any woman though. I love girly or jeweled flip flops with jeans- it's cute and funky and makes the jeans seem dressier without having to put on heels. Heels are a must with skirts- legs look better as we all know. But no flip flops with heels- these are another disaster invention (in my opinion).

sharonsarah on October 06, 2008:

Wow, wha a ncie hub. I agree with you, women and shoes have lovable relation since many years. Nice models are given here. I think you are so much interested in shopping.

Hereis my hub about online shopping. I think you will like this.

starrkissed from Arizona on September 07, 2008:

Great hub! I'm 22 and still don't own a pair of heels or even know how to walk in them. My wedding is in December, so I think it's about time to learn!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on August 12, 2008:

Histiletto, thank you for the comprehensive comment! You have definitely added to the conversation. One size, and one "shoe" does not fit all! Be yourself as you are most comfortable and you will be happiest. Best, Steph

Histiletto on August 12, 2008:

Hey Steph, nice hub for all "shoe" enthusiast. The comments have been somewhat insightful and informative. We surely do have opinions about our footwear.

In discussions like this, important elements usually get ignored or passed over concerning the right of individuals to choose for themselves according to who they are. There has been some unfavorable comments directed toward men for creating and promoting the high/stiletto heel. The fact that men and women originally had the choice in wearing high heels together seems to be left out. To top it off, society now considers this type of footwear for women only, denying this choice from men. (As a matter of clarification, the references to heels or stilettoes usually includes all footwear worn by women, due to the fact they also wear men's footwear when they choose to.)

As a man, I wouldn't have a problem with this logic, if I didn't have the desire to wear high heels. To this, some would say, if that is the way you feel, then go for it. However, society has deemed a man can't or shouldn't have such desires. If he exhibits or expresses such things, the he is ridiculed, persecuted, and/or exiled from social acceptance like a perverted monster of some kind. The only perceived crime is not being in step with the social standards, that obviously needs revision to reflect the way people really are.

By the way, I'm one of many men from the world over who have this desire. Having the same desire to wear heels as women shows that men are not as different from women as society wants everyone to believe. In addition, many women have commented, not only in this hub, that they would rather not wear heels unless they have to. Likewise, there are some men that will not wear them, either. Sounds like a matter of individual choice to me.

Much of our differences come from our perspectives, personalities, and abilities. We all have the same possiblities, it's the choices we make from who we are that helps determine our degrees of success and achievement in our environment.

I hope we can accept people for who they are and quit trying to make them fit the social mold that is not in their nature.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on August 05, 2008:

Thank you shangmelissa! I think that would be a great job!

shangmelissa on August 04, 2008:

NIce info! You could write for fashion! ;)

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 31, 2008:

Take me with you! I love shoe shopping!

WOTPN on July 31, 2008:

I want to leave the office and go shopping for shoes. Right now.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 31, 2008:

:-) Adam, I agree with your comment. Shoes complete the outfit! Its no wonder women love them so much.

Adam B on July 31, 2008:

Nice Hub. I in no way have a foot fetish, but I do enjoy well taken care of feet and one of the sexiest things in my mind is a nice pair of high heels on a woman. The taller the better!

Adam B on July 31, 2008:

opps, two coments for the price of one.

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 25, 2008:

:-) Shoes are the best, aren't they? I'm wearing a new pair today, I must admit!

Patricia Bedard from Venice Beach on July 25, 2008:

Shoes! I love shoes! Saw sooo many I would buy in a quick second!

epictruth from Frisco on July 21, 2008:

Just passed this hub onto my significant other. She'll love it! Thanks!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 07, 2008:

Princessa! I love those flip-flops with a little bit of a heel! I have a "fancy" gold pair that I wear to the office on casual Fridays. Love, love, love shoes! -Steph

Wendy Iturrizaga from France on July 07, 2008:

I agree with you... the Crocs are the worst offenders ever!

Usually I would go for high heels, the higher the better, but occassionally I wear flip flops during the day with my sknny jeans. For the beach I have found flip flops with kitten heels which I love as they add hight and make my legs look slimmer and longer!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 05, 2008:

Thanks Lilymag and jboland. There is a time and a place for just about ANY shoe. Living in California probably does give you the right to wear flip-flops more often than the rest of the nation...And, on a sunny summer day, they can be very cute and casual. I need to insert a little photo with each of my comments. Today, in fact, I am wearing flip flops. :) Its Saturday, 85 degrees, and just perfect weather for the shoe.

jboland from Chico, CA on July 05, 2008:

Awesome hub steph and lots of good responses. I guess I find myself in the minority because I find a girl in flip-flops irrestitable. There's just something unpretentious about it (probably a result of growing up on the California coast). Heels are great too though. And I can't agree with you more about jeans and tennis shoes, yuck!

Lilymag from Upstate New York on July 05, 2008:

Love it! I could wear flip flops all year!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 05, 2008:

stutin - I think its great when tall women wear heels. I've never seen the memo that says they only have to wear flats. :-) Steph

Dr Stuti Nilesh Pardhe from Jaipur on July 04, 2008:

Hmmmm interesting Hub. I am tall but I still like to wear hills to make my legs look longer. Enjoyed the Hub!

Stephanie Marshall (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 04, 2008:

Thank you compu-smart! Yes, the high heels do make the legs look exceptionally nice. No wonder we women are willing to endure a bit of pain in the name of beauty (once again). :-) Steph