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Dainty Women's Lower Back Tattoos

Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Some women shy away from getting a tattoo on their lower back. It's sometimes referred to as a "tramp stamp." I think if you want to get on your lower back or any part of your body, go for it. Who cares what anybody else thinks or says.

My lower back tattoo was the last tattoo that I got and I love it ! I like it because it's one of those tattoos that's easy to conceal, but also fun to show off when you want to. Like by wearing a bikini or low rise jeans are fun ways to show off a tattoo on your lower back.

The back, stomach, and thighs are all good places to have a tattoo depending upon your job or career you may need to have the option of hiding a tattoo. Not all jobs are tattoo friendly.

Dainty Lower Back Tattoo


Flower Lower Back Tattoo


Tattoo Scabbing and Healing

If you do get a lower back tattoo, make sure you are able to let it heal properly. What I mean is, while your tattoo is healing it's very easy for things to rub on it. Wearing jeans, shorts, capris or anything with a waistband will rub against your tattoo while it is scabbing and trying to heal.

You will feel every time you move as that tattoo is healing so make sure you don't have to do real physical work.

Daily Lower Back Tattoo


Lower Back Heart Tattoo

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Tattoo Bruising

My lower back tattoo was the most painful of all my tattoos. Not so much the tattoo itself, but rather the healing because when you get one on your lower back, it tends to bruise. My tattoo artist told me this after he was done with my tattoo, and for two weeks it was bruised and extremely sore on top of the healing itself.

Pretty and Unique Lower Back Tattoo


Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo


Tattoo Creams For Healing

Another thing to make sure to do is put on the cream for your tattoo. It's easy to forget to do, but it will help with the pulling of the scab. You don't want your scab to pull out because it will pull out the color/ink. Use unscented lotion several times a day and only put on A&D Ointment once a day.

When I got my last tattoo my artist recommended this to me because the lotion absorbs better into the skin verses the A&D which sits on top of the skin and doesn't allow it to get the air it needs to heal properly.


DeborahFantasia (author) from Italy on June 23, 2011:

Thank you !

Erin Bower from Georgia on June 23, 2011:

I'm not a big fan of lower back tattoos, but your article was helpful for those that want to get one.

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