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Women's Dainty Foot Tattoos

Unique Way to Express Yourself

Foot tattoos are ones you don't see a lot of. If you are looking for a unique, different tattoo you may want to look into a foot tattoo. There are some really pretty designs you can get for your tattoo. What's nice about a foot tattoo is they are easy to hide by putting on shoes. Depending upon your career choice you may need to be able to conceal your tattoo. Some people like to flaunt their tattoos, while others like to be able to conceal them if they so choose to. A foot tattoo while very pretty, is an extremely sensitive area to get a tattoo. There's very little skin and bone right underneath it. If you have never gotten a tattoo before, make sure to take this into consideration.

womens flower foot tattoo


flower foot tattoo


Taking Care of a New Tattoo

If you get a foot tattoo, make sure to keep it out of the sun and absolutely no submerging it into water like a lake or pool. With Summer time being the most common time to want to get a tattoo, people don't think of the fact afterwards while it's healing you can't go into water or expose the tattoo to the sun.

dainty flower foot tattoo


very detailed and unique foot tattoo


What Cream to Put on a New Tattoo

Make sure to put on your cream for your tattoo. Most people use A&D Ointment. I would use it once a day and use unscented lotion 3-4 times a day. My tattoo artist recommended I use unscented lotion rather than the A&D. He said the A&D Ointment is thick and coats your tattoo making it hard to heal as effectively because a new tattoo needs air. The lotion will absorb right into your tattoo while letting it still breathe.

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stars and butterflies foot tattoo


cross foot tattoo


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