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Madamfo Womenswear: The Luxury Womenswear Brand Born During the Reflective Stillness of the Global Lockdown

Born in London, I currently live and work in Accra, Ghana. I am a writer and creative entrepreneur.

Madamfo Luxury Womenswear


They say that darkness often births beauty, light and unfathomable creativity. The brand I am featuring today is one that was born out of a somewhat dark and jaded space in time. During the global lockdown of 2020, the seeds for the luxury womenswear brand Madamfo were sewn.

Madamfo, pronounced Mah-dahm-fo means "my friend" in the Twi language(One of the languages spoken in Ghana, West Africa) British born Ghanaian, creative entrepreneur Louise(Elle)Darko is the brains behind the opulent range of stylish womenswear.

Madamfo offers effortless, minimal,ultra-feminine yet versatile, functional and potent style.

The pieces are uncomplicated yet intricate, artistic and in some way thought-provoking, they tell a creative story as they subtly kiss the female form.

Utilizing soft and flowy fabrics, Louise(Elle) pours her feminine creative energy into each piece. Just observe the classic Ntoma wrap dress like you would a brand new work of art.

The ebb and flow of the fabric and the intense fluidity of the garment makes Madamfo Womenswear the perfect addition to a classic contemporary collection for the style-conscious woman.

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Effortless and Fluid

Chartreuse Ntoma Dress

Chartreuse Ntoma Dress

Louise(Elle) creates each piece with the beauty of the feminine frame in mind. Each piece can easily transition from day to evening wear and from laid back and effortless to full-on dramatic, glam. The cross-back Labadi dress for example(pictured below) provides flexibility, elegance and comfort. The Ntoma wrap dress offers classic styling, versatility and effortless allure.

The Madamfo colours are mesmerising and vibrant with sumptuous olive green, vivacious Chartreuse and earthy copper rust. They add drama and artistic flair to the collection, making each piece eye-catching and unforgettable.

Cross-back Labadi Dress

Cross-back Labadi Dress

Cross-back Labadi Dress

Louise(Elle) creates all Madamfo pieces from her creative space in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her creativity continues to flow as she consistently introduces fresh hues and subtle tweaks to breathe new life into classic pieces.

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