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Fashion Fixes: How to Fashion An Unshapely Figure

Troubled with your curves and extra jiggly bits? If you believe that trends are meant only for shapely bodies, you were never more wrong. A bulging waist, big thighs, large bottoms, tubby legs… all these do spell trouble from the fashion point of view. But, you don’t need a perfect figure to flaunt a trend. What you do need is some good fashion wisdom and a bit of common sense and you’re all set to fix flaws and look gorgeous. Here are some tips for how to fashion an unshapely figure.

Fashion Fixes for a Not So Good looking

Fashion Fixes for a Not So Good looking

The Commonest Fashion Mistakes

The biggest and commonest fashion mistake is an unrealistic idea of one’s real body. Some things look good only on really fit bodies and maintaining that level of fitness is not easy for the average girl. Women today are exposed to so much media and fashion that it is easy to get carried away with the unrealistic and imposing diktats of the fashion industry.

It is very important to understand that not everything that looks fabulous on a model or a film star will look good on oneself. Also, it is equally important to understand what our lifestyle, work profile and social circumstances are!!

How to Make a Flat Chest Look Glamorous

Deep V-Necks and high necks flatter the flat chested body type. They can carry V-necks with panache and look very stylish too.. A fitted body also enhances such body types. It makes the figure look fuller and compensates for a flat chest, giving a glam quotient. In cut armhole halters with turtle or deep V-necks always look great on flat-chested body types. They distract attention from the flat chest and lay emphasis on the arms, making the person look attractive.

Fabrics like silk, Lycra or cotton as well as heavy textured fabrics like drill twill work well with flat chests. These fabrics complement the figure and make the clothes look exquisite. Prints also enhance a flat chest. They focus the attention from the flat chest to the prints and the figure of the person thus lending a very flattering and glamorous look.

Fashion fixes for large butt

Fashion fixes for large butt

Ways to Dress your Bottom

  • Wear tops that are fitted to your waist and then flare out a bit or a buttoned-down shirt.
  • Avoid loose body-doll dresses that make your hips look larger than they really are.
  • Try fitted or semi-fitted tops and tees as long as they are hip-length.
  • Draw notice away from the hips by wearing something flashy – a shoulder brooch or even a flower or a one-shoulder drape or something jazzy on the upper tone.
  • A wide neckline helps draw focus towards it instead of the hips.
  • Wear dark colors on the bottom – they always tend to minimize the appearance of large hips.

How to make large Butt appear sexy

Understanding your figure / body is the most important part of dressing. Everyone has body parts that are less flattering than others and the key is in learning to accentuate the good and hide the bad. If you have large hips / butt, the first thing to avoid is tight clothing that draws attention to the hips / butt. Do not wear Capri pants or low-waist jeans as those accentuate your hips and draws attention to problem areas. Go for wide leg trousers / jeans instead.

Skinny jeans that are slightly high-waist and wedge heels. NEVER wear an ankle strap or tie-up heels with a dress – these make you look short and stubby. Pumps are the best with any ensemble – be it trousers, jeans or a dress – as they create the illusion of a trim and slim fit.

How to hide those Tummy tyres

How to make fat arms look cool

Many women distressed by fat arms. The unattractive flab can be easily concealed by sporting appropriate sleeves. Avoid wearing tight stretchable fabric net, Lycra or fitted stain sleeves as these tend to cling to the body and accentuate the flabby shape of the arms. Instead opt for sleeves which are fluid, long and made from softer material like Georgette. Butterfly sleeves, kimono sleeves, dolmain sleeves and flared sleeves work well for fat arms.

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Poncho styles and ruffled and layered sleeves also work best here. Strictly avoid Magyar cuts and raglan cuts as these highlight the arm portion. Also, avoid colour blocked sleeve detailing, textured sleeve patterns and arm placement motifs. Instead opt for neckline centered detailing in an outfit.

Strictly stay away from will-power neckline, sleek noodle straps and sleeveless ensembles, as they make the case more severe.

Skinny Body Vs Curvy Body

Skinny Body Vs Curvy Body

How to make a skinny body seem stunning

You can enhance your glamour quotient by wearing clothes and materials that give you a fuller look and make you look hip. Go for thicker materials and loud and big prints. Try not to wear body-hugging patterns as they will highlight your skinny body even more. If the material is thin, go for thicker linings.

Shimmering materials attract attention; so do lace, sequin, silk, embossed and leather finishes. Choose patterns and designs that flatter your body type and enhance your good points. Go for peplum style dresses and tops. A flowy dress or top will give you a fuller look. Layering also gives the illusion of curves; so do wear layered tops.

How to look Hotter with Tubby Legs

You need not be size zero to look happening. Fashion has something special to offer all types of bodies. By varying your designs and styles, you can look beautiful and sizzling and be the toast and talk of the town. Remember, you can look gorgeous even if you have tubby legs. Nobody is perfect.

Just be confident and carry it with a smile. Try to wear outfits that cover the legs and do not expose their size. Go for long flared bottoms with a fitted bodice. This gives an impression of a slim figure. Long skirts and palazzos are very in.

Team up colorful long skirts with short cropped tops if you have the courage to show your belly. Be brave and go for short linings with transparent, flared skirts.

Ways to hide those Tummy tyres

Ways to hide those Tummy tyres

How to hide those Tummy tyres

Those with a tummy should avoid wearing tight tops as these emphasize the tummy and attract attention to it. Wear leggings as they will cover your belly and tuck your tummy in. Of course, you have to wear a top that suits you too. Go for long and loose tops.

You can also wear tunics and long tops that hide your belly. Layered clothes or loose jackets also work well in hiding your punch. Always wear clothes that emphasize a vertical line and you will look better. Avoid belts. If you are wearing pants or skirts, see to it that the top is worn over these. Never tuck it in.

Some Tips to look Hot

  • Whenever there is a new trend, first evaluate it and see how can include it in your wardrobe.
  • You can safely interpret trends like skinny jeans, pop or neon colours, floral prints, etc. in your lifestyle.
  • However, some other trends like the see-through fabric, midriff baring or keyhole styles are not feasible for all to adopt.
  • You need to perfect body and the kind of lifestyle that supports very high fashion and should be living in a permissive enough society to follow it blindly
  • Understand that you are more important than what you wear and you are the one to decide what looks good on you.
  • Do not let any advertisements or brand influence you.

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