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Wigs Gone Wild!

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Some of my wig collection

Part of my wig collection so far

Part of my wig collection so far

So many shops and online stores exist that sell wigs. You can find a local business to frequent or scour the Internet for your favorite looks. I've purchased both cheap and more expensive versions, and there's definitely a difference, but both options are still worthwhile. Don't be afraid to give one a try! You can hide the fact it's a wig easily with the right techniques. A cloth headband, for example, works great at hiding a wig with a bad hairline.

People all over the world have various reasons for wearing wigs. Perhaps you have Alopecia and you've been experiencing hair loss. Maybe you have cancer and your hair is falling out in clumps. You can shave it off and show off your badass bald look, or switch it up once in a while and throw a wig on to make you feel like your old self again. There are also those who simply wear wigs because they're fun and stylish. I myself have a full head of hair, but it's so dark that it makes it difficult to dye it to the cool colors I would like. Wigs allow me to change up my color and style without having to damage my hair.

Styles By Soma wigs

Me wearing Justice, a Styles By Soma original

Me wearing Justice, a Styles By Soma original

My mom came across a live wig show shared by a friend on Facebook. That led her to finding Tiffany Soma and her amazing group of brand ambassadors that are there to encourage you, support you, and show you some of the coolest styles around. She started splashing out Tiffany's videos and sharing some of the styles she was buying with me, and that got me hooked as well. Tiffany is an amazing woman with an exclusive Facebook group where thousands of women share their experiences and photos of their latest wig purchases. The wigs are high quality at an affordable price, all under $180. She's got pixies, medium-length options, straight styles, and long lustrous curls.

Right now, Tiffany goes live every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night to show off some new wig options she just got in or some older popular styles still available. She's got over 400 wigs on her website that you can check out.

You rarely have to pay full price, either. Tiffany sends out discount codes with orders, offers regular deals on her website, offers special codes when you post a pic review to help out others, and even has a $100 Hump Day special every Wednesday with select styles available. One time, she even did a 30-minute flash sale where every single wig on her site was $100. She'll have sample sales as well to get rid of some of the styles she wore for only a few minutes to take photos and show on her lives. Many were $65 off the last time she did.

Looking for jewelry, clothing, hair care products, tanning lotion, makeup, or some fun treats? Tiffany has all of those options available as well on her website.

Joining the Soma Sisters has been a huge confidence booster and brought me to some new friends. Everyone is encouraging and supportive, and is there to answer questions and offer help if you need -- like with tips for cutting lace wigs or how best to wash them.

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Amazon wigs

Me wearing a pink Amazon wig

Me wearing a pink Amazon wig

I've ordered a few wigs now off of Amazon. They're all cute, but definitely a lower quality than my Soma wigs. I like being able to grab a fun color for under $20, but these wigs tangle much more easily, don't look as realistic at the hairline or part, and are fully synthetic. Some also have no combs inside to help hold them onto your hair.

Like my photo above, you can add a cloth headband so it hides the hairline and makes it look much more presentable. If you want to get started trying out a few wigs, or seeing which colors you might like best on you, then some cheap options off Amazon may suit your needs.

Wish wigs

Me wearing a wig from Wish

Me wearing a wig from Wish

Wish wigs will be along the lines of cheap brands you buy on Amazon. The one I ordered did arrive faster than expected, but it has no combs inside and is that synthetic, easy-to-tangle style. The hairline is also clearly fake and needs a headband to cover.

Wig care tips

When you order with Styles By Soma, you receive a care card with every wig. You're able to wash her human blends in a sink or tub easily. Put a bit of paraben/sulfate-free shampoo in warm water and simply swish the wig around. Drain the soapy water and fill it back up to swish and rinse the wig. You'll repeat the same process with your conditioner. Gently squeeze out the excess water and hang up or lay on a towel to dry. Don't twist or wring it out.

When brushing, it's important you use a brush only meant for wigs. Don't use brushes and combs that have been on your hair, because the oils from your head can mess with your wiggies. A wide toothed comb or simply your fingers is best for curly styles. You can use a wig brush on straight styles.

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