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Why do women take so long in the bathroom?


How is it that the female restroom lines are a mile long and the males are just walking right in and out at public places? Why is it that when we have a "special" night planned it takes the male maybe a third of the time to get ready? What could females possibly do in one little room for that length of time? I've done a little research on this topic and have asked many friends what their thoughts on the matter were and here's what I have come up with.

The Single Female

When asked about what really takes so long in the bathroom these are the answers I got from the single females.

  • Sitting in there trying to figure out how to get rid of a bad date!
  • Make sure their hair is perfect.
  • Putting on or reapplying their makeup.
  • They could be vain and like to check themselves out in the mirror.
  • All the under garments...and then have to hike all that mess back up.
  • We don't drip and dry or shake we wipe until dry.

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The Mom of Young Children

Mothers of young children are a completely different story. Most of these women don't go into a bathroom to make sure they are cute and that every hair is still in place. These women take so long for these reasons

  • Kids need to use the bathroom
  • Kids are wearing dirty diapers and need to be changed.
  • Rummaging through the diaper bag to find things for the baby.
  • Changing a kids clothes.
  • Blowing kids noses.
  • Washing poopy baby in the sink.
  • Washing baby's poopy clothes in the sink.
  • Needing to get away from the kids so they lock themselves in the bathroom.
  • The bathroom is the only place to relax.
  • To enjoy the aroma of a nice hot bath.

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Some other responses

There are so many different responses that two category's just didn't fit it all in. These are the other responses I got from a wide variety of women.

  • We actually wash our hands!
  • Cleaning out our purses
  • Changing clothes
  • Talking on our cell phones because it is quieter in the bathroom.
  • Having conversations with our friends.
  • Talking to total strangers.
  • Cleaning our contacts
  • Washing our feet, hair, clothes in the sink.
  • Blowdrying or curling hair.
  • Brushing our teeth and gargling.
  • Singing.
  • Crying.
  • A quiet place to give yourself an insulin shot without being stared at.

And of course there is always the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle (isn't that what they were in there for in the first place?)

Women's thoughts on the matter

Stephanie says "If I'm in there a long time it's usually to relax. A nice hot bath and a cold beer. Or else, damn, it just takes us longer to pee then men."

Sjarina says "I take my time because that is the only child free room in the house."

Natasha says "it depends on what time of day. Mornings I move slow and I'm not motivated. I usually spend too much time playing words with friends while I get ready. IN the evening it's for the silence and aroma of a nice hot bath. Aroma of raspberry or lavender, epsom salt and hot water just melt away the stress. The other piece is a woman has to look good and there are lots of steps you have to take to do that - wash, dry, straighten, applying chemicals, applying beauty products - and then you remember I don't just look good for a living and you rush to get dressed and run out the door."

Louise says "It is the only place I can go to and have complete privacy, so I take as much time as I can get away with."

Jeannie says "I always end up having to change the toliet paper roll,cleaning off the sink, brush my hair, wipe off the base bored cause when your sitting there you notice the spot on the wall or hair on the floor so i can't just wipe and leave. In public restrooms- because it takes time to cover the seat FULLY with toliet paper cause ewww you sure don't want someones yuck on your butt then the toliet paper is sooo cheap every square rips and then you pray it don't flood cause you used a pile of tissue to wrap the toilet seat."

My thoughts "I have a 6 foot bathtub in my bathroom. That basically sums up why I take so long at home. In public it takes me forever because I have three small children. None of which can go into the bathroom alone. They are to old to go in the same stalls (unless the handicap one is open) and then it's hurry up and wait while each one takes their turn. Then it's washing hands and drying hands and getting the toilet paper and paper towels off the bottom of their feet and in the trash, just to wash my hands again."

Bonnie went ahead and wrote a book for me -

"If I'm using a public restroom I have to find a place to hang my purse. No way will I set it on the floor, that has had who knows what on it. If there is a sturdy coat hanger in the stall - that's GOOD. Or maybe there is a place on the back of the stool to set it. Most places anymore don't have that. place to hang it, no place to set it............. you have to hold it while you are trying to undress, do your thing and re-dress. If it has a long handle you can hang it over your neck. If it's a shorter handle you can hold onto it with your teeth, or under your chin, or try to sandwich it under your arm - all the while doing your thing. Maybe you can stuff it inside your zipped up coat. Now try to undress and redress with your longer coat zipped up to protect that purse. And my purse is never a little one -- it's always rather large and stuffed to the enth degree with all sorts of 'essentials'.

Also, it never fails - you can't find the end of the toilet tissue up inside one of those big plastic monster holders that must be meant as deterrent from those who think toilet tissue is too high priced anymore. You never know which way it is rolled -- it's not just a matter of over the top, or under the back (like my sister insists on). PS after she pays a visit to your home you can bet that she's changed the way the toilet paper rolls. Love ya Sis. Most commercial establishments have the ones that roll to the right, or roll to the left, and you can't see up inside. You feel around, rip off the edges, maybe get enough to use for your little job. And if really lucky it will come off the roll as it should.

Then once the dirty deed is done try to figure out how to flush it. Oh some flush for you - sometimes many times before you are even finished - you wonder who might be pushing the button for you. Others might have a dinky little black button on the wall -- nothing written on it of course. Appears to be a little light diode or motion detector - sometimes it is. Heaven forbid that all bathrooms would have a universal flusher mechanism.

Then, there's the lavatory. I don't get along well with the automatic ones that are supposed to see you coming and start spouting water just at the right time. They never work for me. So there I stand waving my hand at the contraption, my arm, my handbag - anything I can think of to try to get it's attention. If there's a little kid around just ask them to turn on the water -- they always seem to know how -- or have the right wave, wink or whatever it takes.

We'll skip the drying. By the time you've finished with all the rest it's just easier to shake off whatever water you can, and wipe your hands dry on your pants."

There you have it. Many different reasons why women take so long in the bathrooms. It's not just one thing, it's normally multiple reasons we are in there a while. Whether it's doing the deed or just taking a break, give us a moment. We'll be back out eventually.

Hopefully you enjoyed my hub. Do you have any other insight about it? I would like to know Men's opinions on the subject too. Feel free to comment!

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CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on September 29, 2012:

reindeerz - Glad you liked it :) Thanks for the shares!

reindeerz from Georgia on September 29, 2012:

So funny! :) Thanks for sharing. - Tweeted!

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on September 28, 2012:

Nyamache - hehehe it's so very true! If we didn't wear all those under garments I'm sure we'd be out of there in no time! Thanks for reading and the comment :)

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on September 28, 2012:

rebeccamealey - Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed this one!

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on September 28, 2012:

midget38 - It's funny how many things we do in the bathroom LOL Thanks for reading and the comment :)

Joshua Nyamache from Kenya on September 27, 2012:

Sometime men are left wondering what is going on inside there. "All the under garments...and then have to hike all that mess back up. We don't drip and dry or shake we wipe until dry." These two could be good reasons.

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on September 27, 2012:

This is very cute and interesting to read. You would make a good roving reporter!

Michelle Liew from Singapore on September 27, 2012:

CassyLu, funny, but too true! It takes us a tad longer because we have so many more needs. Children, make up, name it! You've given us points to ponder today!!

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on August 18, 2012:

Your Cousins - I completely agree with this :) It's quiet in mine most of the time too LOL Thanks for the votes and comment :)

Your Cousins from Atlanta, GA on August 18, 2012:

I'm in the bathroom forever because it's my library and I love to read where there's peace and quiet. Voted up and funny!

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on May 28, 2012:

thanks leahlefler :) So many reasons, so little time LOL

Leah Lefler from Western New York on May 28, 2012:

I have to admit - I have hidden in the bathroom just to get a minute of peace and quiet. Then there are the technical reasons - we actually wipe, wash our hands, etc. - love this one!

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on February 13, 2012:

OH man Rehana Stormme - I didn't know that :( Thanks for letting me know. I totally agree, Content thieves SUCK!!! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know :)

Yup, we sure do take longer in the bathrooms. We can't argue the fact anymore LOL

Rehana Stormme on February 13, 2012:

Hi Cassy. I just found out that someone's been copying our hubs. They've used this hub on their website under the title "Why do female take so long in the bathroom" The site is Content thieves suck! I'm filing a DCMA complaint.

Otherwise, great hub! I guess women do take more time in the bathroom than men. lol

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 30, 2012:

Thanks Kenneth! I'm not sure about the "Hub Guru" but I sure do LOVE the compliment. I got my Note as well, again Thank You! And $1 Million for life, agreed, I'd share $1,000 just for fun :)

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on January 30, 2012:

cassylu, you are the "Hub Guru." Look for Your Personal Note of Thanks for Following me in your email today.


That sounds like Publishers Clearinghouse. Hey, if I win $1 million for life...I will give YOU $1,000.00 just for fun.


CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 30, 2012:

Thanks Just Ask Susan :) it was fun to write too!!! Thanks for SHARING!

janinsmus, I agree! Every male should read it too!!! Thanks for SHARING!

Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on January 30, 2012:

Funny. Every female should read it.

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on January 30, 2012:

This was a lot of fun to read and very entertaining.

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 27, 2012:

The floor is not an option for me either teaches12345! It's so nasty on the floor I couldn't imagine the stuff that gets on your purse while it sits there. Yuck!!! Glad you enjoyed my hub! It was a lot of fun to write :)

Dianna Mendez on January 27, 2012:

This is such an entertaining hub and I enjoyed reading through it. My thoughts are with the "where do you put your purse while using the bathroom?" Some places are considerate and have hooks or shelves but most have nothing available. So you are left to either hold your purse (which is awkward and hope you don't get it wet!) or to place it on the floor. The floor, as you mentioned, is not an option for me. Great hub!

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 27, 2012:

Kenneth - So very glad that you enjoyed my Hub :) Thanks so much for all the votes and the wonderful comment!!! It's possible females talk about Colin Farrell or Brad Pitt while in the restroom too, LOL. I've learned anything is possible with women in the restrooms LOL! Thanks for the follow!!!

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on January 27, 2012:

Outstanding! Hilarous and Profound hub, Cassy! Voted UP and all the buttons because YOU deserved it. Very well-written. Loved the input from your friends. And as a male, you have solved a life-long mystery "we" have always wondered about: Why females take so long in the restroom. We always thought it was to talk about how boring 'we' were at dinner. Or how they wish they were out with Colin Farrell...or Brad Pitt. Cassy, you are my type of writer. Loved it. Now I am Honored to Follow you and I invite you to check out my hubs and FOLLOW ME. That would make my day. Glad to meet you on Hubs. Sincerely, Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, a small northwest Alabama, a town that noted American artist, Norman Rockwell would have enjoyed painting. I will be looking for you.

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 23, 2012:

Joelipoo - a teeter-totter, that's funny! Always makes you wonder why they do it.

MelissaVsWorld - "Bonnie" sure had a good time giving me advice on this one. Amazed me she didn't have to sit there and think about it too long. I'm glad you found my Hub rather amusing :) It was a blast to write! Thanks for stopping by and all the great adds.

Thanks for SHARING :)

MelissaVsWorld from Here, There, and Everywhere. USA on January 23, 2012:


I found this to be rather amusing. It is true it takes us females so much longer to simply go in and do our business in the bathroom than it does our male counterparts, without even taking the time to do all of the other things in a bathroom we could be doing (such as makeup or changing clothes or, *gasp* shaving our legs). It is refreshing to see that "Bonnie" has much the same outlook and issues in the bathroom that I tend to have.

Voted Up + Interesting + Funny, and Thanks for SHARING with my readers on here, FB, and on Wordpress!

Joel from Ohio on January 23, 2012:

I was once told by a high school teacher that women go to the bathroom in pairs and take longer because there is a teeter-totter in there.

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 23, 2012:

Glad you laughed Brett.Tesol :) Was one of those topics that everyone always wonders about and never gets a good answer for. Thanks for the comments bonnielu2011 and Jeannie!

Thanks for SHARING!

Jeannie on January 23, 2012:

very odd subject but was funny seeing the different comments

bonnielu2011 on January 22, 2012:

So fun to see a 'male' has responded. That might be another topic for another day, CassyLu

Brett C from Asia on January 22, 2012:

Made me LAUGH, you have helped to answer and age old question that has baffled men since the bathroom was invented :-p

Thanks for SHARING.

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 22, 2012:

Thanks for the comments Natasha and Tiffany :) I couldn't imagine having two boys and always having to clean before I sat down, that would drive me nuts! LOL

Tiffany on January 22, 2012:

Very funny of course with two boys I always have to clean it before i can even use it!!!

Natasha on January 22, 2012:

Loved it! :)

CassyLu1981 (author) from Wilmington, NC on January 22, 2012:

LOL This one was so much fun to write. Lots of different reasons out there and I'm sure I've done almost every single one! Thanks for checking out my hub and the comment :)

Shasta Matova from USA on January 22, 2012:

I agree with all these. I'm so tired now after reading about how much work it is to go to the bathroom. Maybe I need a long bath.

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