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Why 'Paparazzi Accessories' Consultants give up...

Paparazzi Earrings

Paparazzi Earrings

For a majority of multilevel marketing (mlm) systems (Paparazzi Accessories fits that category) there is a large number who quit. The consultant reaches a point of not being interested anymore because they're no longer generating an income, and eventually they decide to give up. Team Razzorize at is hoping to make a difference by laying out basic stepping stones to assist new consultants.

Here are the top three reasons a 'paparazzi accessories' Independent Consultant reaches the point of giving up…

1. They don't know how to continue growth.

Almost all new [i]paparazzi accessories[/i] consultants begin the venture by inviting all of their friends and family to their home where they can share the fashionable jewelry. It is very exciting as the first taste of making money builds confidence in the new consultant. However, for many, they are unsure what to do next, now that they have shared with the people they know, what is the next step to continue having sales and placing themselves in front of new people and potential customers. This is a large issue that ends up causing a very large number of consultants to give up.

2. They don't have a supporter to guide them.

When a person decides to become an Independent Consultant of Paparazzi, they must enroll under a current consultant. This is what makes paparazzi a mlm system. By using that structure it allows all consultants an equal chance to earn bonuses based on the results of the people they refer. Yet, because of that opportunity to receive a bonus, there are some who focus entirely on signing up as many consultants as they can. They spend lots of time getting consultants, but don't take any time to work with the new consultants, ensuring they are headed in a direction for success. The end result, the new consultants don’t have anyone to ask any questions they may have about what to do next. Which is what contributes greatly to the first point above as to why so many consultants give up, no support system.

3. They don't put in any efforts.

Opposite of the last point, there are also many supportive Paparazzi Jewelry teams who are helping their team members to develop a path towards growing their business. Yet, there are also consultants who simply are not taking advantage of the support being provided and don’t put in their efforts. A get rich quick program doesn't exist and results can only be earned when the effort to follow through the game plan is implemented. This last point applies to a small percentage of consultants compared to the larger mlm brands like Amway, Mary Kay, and Avon. [b]Paparazzi Accessories[/b] is a brand that has a huge potential for many successful consultants because the jewelry and accessories are trendy and fit into anyones budget. The product itself does most of the work, as long as it is continuously placed in front of potential consumers.

Team Razzorize leader Tonia Rayfield is hoping to grow and inspire a strong network of successful team members. On her website [ ] she has a section labeled "Success Guide" which lays out a list of ideas to help new as well as existing consultants grow their Paparazzi Accessories business. This information is provided publicly at no cost.

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Henriettaallen on August 05, 2020:

I love Paparazzi! As with any business you have to work it. It is easy because the jewelry sells itself. I help new consultants under me personally through Zoom, on the phone, or Duo calls. Everyone knows it is easy to sell jewelry but there are things to learn and consider and sometimes you may need to make a call for clarification. Example: Some new consultants did not know they needed a license to sell and did not know where to go to get it. Also a few new consultants need help with understanding the Policy and Procedures of Paparazzi. Of course they should consult their upline.

There can be many things that new consultants may need help with, but they should not quit.

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My consultant # 215407, and I am enjoying my time with Paparazzi. Hope to hit the 6 figures within 3 to 4 years.

T Rivera on February 25, 2019:

Can my wife set up a table outside in front of our home on weekends in the Summer to sell Paparazzi? When we do that , should she charge sales tax? It would be $ 5.42 instead of $5. Should she only charge sales tax when doing card transactions and online sales?

Nottellingyou on April 16, 2018:

I have been in Paparazzi for the past two years. I have had great success. I had a team of 48. But, now, I would tell anyone considering joining - RUN! Do not join! When THE top seller resigns and walks away - that says something! And it because of all compliance is making up their own rules as they go to cancel accounts. And when you get your account canceled, you don't get paid. Even money you are entitled to. Compliance cancels because another consultant makes up some bogus story and turns you in. Rather than investigating, you are out. Done! The company was great. Now, you have to wait 3 weeks for your product to be shipped - from Utah. And the upline's solution? Order daily! Let's see...who benefits when a consultant has $500 - $1,000 locked up in inventory that corporate is taking their good ole sweet time shipping because of 'growing pains'? The upline! And if you dare mention that you are are out! So, they take your money...wait 3 weeks to ship and then keep your commission. Only a fool would consider signing up with this. I got my commission check and made sure I had all my inventory before I walked away. Now, the Paparazzi consultants are falling all over themselves because I get on Facebook and sell my jewelry at cost! It is not my fault they are still foolish enough to stay with this fraud of a company. Do your research! When consultants making $2,000-3,000 a month are getting their accounts canceled. And THE top seller - gives the company the finger...what does that tell you?

Lisa on September 14, 2015:

I joined paparazzi in July and I already have 2 people sign up and join my team! This company is amazing, the jewelry sells itself and all the consultants are super friendly and helpful! Sign up and join my team #37777. It's defiantly worth every penny!

Alma on June 05, 2015:

I'm with paparazzi 4 moths I love it, I have more sales doing home party's, and events, they have good product

Annie Ratliff on November 11, 2014:

I am thinking of trying to become a jewelry consultant with this company. Help me to make this decision final

Sharronda on February 27, 2014:

I just joined Paparazzi Accessories (23720) and I have noticed that I'm blown away by the quality of the jewelry because it is better than what I expected for $5. The jewelry can be sold for more than $5 but not under. They offer training, coming to 12 cities this year and the other consultants are willing to help and share information. I'm not saying that when you were involved these problems didn't exist but now I would say they have improved. Convention is only $99 when you attend the training in your nearest city for $25 and the hotel is $50/night and the flight is around $300 which a vacay with your fam could be made of it like mine. It's important to never give up because you don't know that change is just around the corner.

seve on February 19, 2014:


I was a Paparazzi consultant for over a year. I do not agree with your reasons of why some consultants quit. Before you make statements such as "they give up", or "they don't know where to go" let me tell you a thing or two. Evidently you are trying to grow your own Paparazzi business. And that's fine. But please, do not make the mistake of making up false accusations of why people quit. I'm guessing that you are trying to make yourself look good at the cost of others. I was happy with Paparazzi when I first started. I was one of 3 people in my state to sell it. I did really good at it and was looking forward to a promising career with it. UNTIL ------ 1. The QUALITY went DOWNHILL!!! I would have to spend hours repairing items received from corporate. The pieces were incorrectly assembled, dented and discolored. Sure, I could send them back, but why should I have to do that after every shipment. 30 defects within a $400 order was ridiculous! Not to mention the money I lost because customer's jewelry broke easily and I could not return it to corporate. 2. Paparazzi turned out to be a click. They provided no corporate training to those of us in the Northeast. None of the team leaders offered such training. I would have had to travel 100 miles to participate in another's team's training sessions. And at that, from what I heard they were nothing but a lunch and click session. Sorry, but my time and gas are move valuable to me than that. If you want any training from them you have to sell it in an area that is already swamped with it or spend over $1,000 in order to go to their conventions. And I heard that those were nothing but a big ra!ra! session. 3. Corporate doesn't give a dam about their consultants when they have problems. Consultants were selling product for double, even triple the retail amount. When we notified corporate they said they'd reinforce their pricing policy but they never did. So people in California were selling $5 pieces for $8 on the internet, (which is against policy) as well as in my area through other venues. Paparazzi corporate was not there for me when my team leader went MIA for 5 months. They never reprimanded her for that. She still received her commission checks. My high-level leaders did give some advice, but not much. I really didn't need it as I have many years of sales experience. I left because I found this company to be a joke that peddles junk jewelry and accessories. Sell it if you may, but please, do not make the mistake of saying that we left because we were lazy or stupid. I take that as a personal insult.

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