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Clutch Purse: Every Woman Should Own One

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What is a Clutch?

Most women have a lot of handbags. Among the many handbags women own, at least one of them should be a clutch bag.

A clutch is different from the other pocketbooks because it is typically smaller than others bags a woman owns. Some clutch bags are large enough to hold essentials when a woman doesn't want to carry a larger bag. Clutches are small enough to put into your larger bag and take it out when you need to use it alone.

It has no handles and no straps; therefore, a woman cannot wear it over her arm or over her shoulder. A clutch is designed to be held in one or both hands.

A clutch does come in different shapes. It can be rectangular, oval or round. A lot of women use clutches for weddings and even affairs, but a clutch is versatile that it can be used during the day as well.

The bag is named "clutch" because that's what women do with them. Because there are no handles, they have to clutch them.

A woman can carry a clutch when she doesn't want to carry a larger bag. It will hold necessities such as cell phone, wallet, makeup and her keys.

Some women prefer to have at least two clutch bags. They have a day clutch for casual outings and one for the evening affairs.

Princess Diana used her clutches to cover her cleavage.


Duchess Kate is almost never seen without a clutch.


Why Royal Women Carry Clutches

Duchess Kate is almost never seen without a clutch in front of her. She takes the word "clutch" literally because she usually clutches her bag with both hands. There is a good reason for that.

While there is no rule that royal women must carry clutches, but they do it so their hands won't be free. If their hands aren't free, it will keep them from having to touch and hug others.

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Clutches come in a variety of styles and popular colors to match anything in your wardrobe. Usually, women have one to match her little black dress for evening wear. They usually have a horizontal zipper on the top. There is a zipper compartment inside.

A clutch is much more elegant than a large bag that hangs over your shoulder when you attend formal affairs.

Since most don’t carry clutches too often, they won’t wear and tear as quickly, so you can keep them around for years. Because of this, be sure to choose a neutral color that will go with everything.

Do not overstuff your clutch because it will take away from your overall look. A good tip is to buy one with enough pocket to hold your belongings so you do not have to carry a bulky wallet.

There is one more reason for a woman to own a clutch. They are not that expensive and because they are not used that often, they will last a long time.


Meghan Markle Favors Large Bags

People accused Meghan Markle of breaking royal etiquette when she carried a handbag rather than a clutch for her first official engagement with Prince Harry in Nottingham. She carried an oversized burgundy and navy tote bag by Scottish label Strathberry. It had both a handle and a shoulder strap.

People who complained might not have been aware that there is no rule that royal cannot carry bags with straps or handle. It is really the woman's preference. Royal women carry clutches so that they won't be put in an awkward position to have to shake hands with people.

Meghan is so personable that she was photographed happily shaking hands with the waiting crowds.

Some commoners might not be aware that it is the protocol for them not to extend their hand to any member of the royal family unless the royal extends his or her hand first.


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