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White Tiger Tattoos

The white tiger is extremely rare, making it a fabulous tattoo idea ! Many people are wanting something that is not the norm, or something that everybody hasn't seen. The white tiger is illusive and has incredible ability to live in it's natural habitat.

The tiger itself is a fabulous animal. The white tiger tattoo looks great and it's not something you see everyday. There is something about any "big cat" that represents strength. A three dimensional white tiger would look awesome ! These 3D tattoos are incredibly realistic and have taken the tattoo world by storm.

Something to take into consideration is that white ink used for tattoos is hard to keep. Meaning, a lot of times after the scabbing and healing process occurs the white will come out of a tattoo. Because it has no pigment of color, it's hard to keep.

This is something you can discuss with your tattoo artist as well. A lot tattoo parlors won't even use white in their tattoos because of this very reason.

Neat White Tiger Tattoo


Cool White Tiger Tattoo


Pretty White Tiger Tattoo

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Unique White Tiger Tattoo


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