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Where Can I Buy Tretinoin in the UK?


Tretinoin Better Known as Retin-A

So where can you buy it if you live in the UK?

Unfortunately in order to get tretinoin in the UK we need to have a prescription. But don't worry, there are ways around the fact that we simply don't visit the dermatologist in the country unless we have acne or another skin issue.

There is one company I have found that will supply you with a prescription after an online consultation but you will then have to sign up for a subscription with them. All well and good to a point. The problem is that you have to commit to a monthly payment plan. So a tube of tretinoin a month? Seriously, you won't even get through a tube every three or four months let alone one month.

It has been my experience using tretinoin that a tube lasts around four months. You only need the very smallest amount (a pea size is plenty)

If you are getting through a tube a month then you are using far too much! Our skin is sensitive, even the toughest skin struggles to cope with tretinoin. You will peel and peel for the first few months and you will probably suffer dry skin too. This is enoug to put some people off. Indeed it almost put me off. I don't like to give up and I was sure I'd get there in the end. I have.

Buying Tretinoin online


Don't be put off or scared buying from overseas via ebay. It's so easy and actually quite hassle free. I have been buying mine for a year or so this way.

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I generally manage to pick up a tube very cheaply. Maybe £12 with free postage. I have no problem in waiting ten days or so as I generally order in advance. My tretinoin always arrives in good time.

The tubes you get when buying this way (so far) have been a little smaller than the tubes I was getting from my previous supplier but not all that much. I would have carried on using them but they started to use Google Wallet and I simply could not find a company that I could just pay with Paypal. I was surprised at this as I thought Paypal was a widely accepted method of payment these days.


Worth it for the Money

Yes, it really is worth it for the cost. It's relatively inexpensive and super-good. Really that's the very best description I can use. It really works to diminish and in some cases eradicate fine lines. It won't get rid of a wrinkle but it will certainly make it less noticeable and will firm up the skin in those areas quite a lot to be honest.

Buying Overseas - Are you Covered?

Yes you are when buying thorough Paypal. It gives the buyer the upper hand when using it as a form of payment. You don't have to sign up for an account either if you don't want to. You can still pay with a card through it's payment gateway. You can decide to sign up for an account afterwards but you don't have to.

Once you've paid anyone in this way, you have covered yourself for loss of order, negligence of the seller etc. Paypal will come down on the side of the consumer in most cases. I once ran a retail business (online only) and it used to annoy me that sellers were treated with such little regard (in my opinion) so you might as well take advantage of that fact!

Tips for Buying Via Ebay

You will notice that when the listings appear after you have typed in Retin-A, they will read as Retinol. This is how the sellers get away with listing it on the UK site as really speaking they shouldn't be. This is due to the fact that we really should have a prescription for it.

It is Retinoid not Retinol, but if you carry on to read the finer details you will see it is tretinoin. Don't but a mix of vitamin A and vitamin E however as I believe this to be Tretinoin free. That's fine if it's what you are looking for and it will be way more moisturising.

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