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Where to Buy the Best Dramatic Fake Eyelashes for Theatre, Goth or Drag

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I have a bit of an eyelash addiction!

I have a bit of an eyelash addiction!

If you favour dramatic, over-the-top makeup and eyelashes, we have something in common. As an alternative woman, I appreciate creative beauty, which allow people to be who we want to be. Since our eyes are the window to our soul, they deserve something beautiful to frame them with. The bigger, bolder and more theatrical, the better in my opinion!

I have built up quite a collection of fake eyelashes over the years and I have chosen a few of my favourite brands to share with you divas!

Sugarpill 'Supreme' lashes

Sugarpill 'Supreme' lashes


Sugarpill are most famous for their bright, high pigmented eyeshadows but their eyelashes are some of the most creative I have come across.

Eyelashes come in all sorts of unusual shapes and sizes and as an added bonus, they are a cruelty free brand - most of their products are vegan friendly.

For makeup inspiration, check out their Facebook page. The Sugarpill community submit their creative makeup looks for all to see. Some are simply stunning.

Stargazer 'Plume' False Eyelashes

Stargazer 'Plume' False Eyelashes


Stargazer is an affordable British brand that cater for people who appreciate wild makeup looks. Their eyelashes carry a colourful, fun, party vibe; perfect for Halloween or a one off night out.

You probably won't get many uses out of these eyelashes - maybe once or twice but I am giving them a mention because they are well known in the alternative / underground scene and loved by a lot of divas.

Their eyelashes can either be purchased via their website or commonly found in goth or costume shops.

Illamasqua 'Decadence' Lashes

Illamasqua 'Decadence' Lashes


Illamasqua is a unique British brand that focuses purely on creative, non conformist makeup looks. If you find mainstream beauty boring and unoriginal, check out their website right now!

Every now and then, the brand release new collections and sadly discontinue old styles, so you are advised to buy your eyelashes whilst they are still available. You may be able to find them elsewhere online but they are guaranteed to be more expensive.

Personally, I hate it when companies stop making products according to trend but if you are the sort of person who likes to try new makeup looks on a regular basis, you will like Illamasqua.



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I have known of Kryolan for a long time but it wasn't until my recent trip to their Covent Garden shop that I realised they sold the most beautiful theatrical eyelashes! They had several different styles all showcased behind glass - I was like a in a candy store. I couldn't decide which pair to choose from!

My favourite collection, is their 'Showgirl' range. I opted for the Showgirl SG-I because they are super long and dramatic. I have received many compliments wearing them. Not bad for £8!!

Just for the record, Kryolan sell the most amazing glitter gel that stays on for hours and hours, even in a hot club. It outlasted my Mac Glitter pigment. I must have been wearing it for 12 hours and it still looked perfect when I removed my makeup!

Sera G

Sera G have a vast selection of eyelashes like many of their competitors, although what caught my attention the most, was their vast array of unique lower lashes.

They also sell a fantastic black non-latex eyelash glue that hold fake eyelashes in place for a very long time; essential if you favour big, dramatic, false eyelashes. Some are very heavy to wear and have a tendency to come loose unless you stick them in place with a strong adhesive.

My only criticism with Sera G, is the price of some of their lashes. If you are like me and you like to buy a few different styles, you could end up spending £40+ easily. On the plus side, the quality of their lashes are excellent and you can get several wears out of them, on the condition you care for them well.

Elegant Lashes

Elegant lashes are an affordable brand from the US designed for professional makeup artists. No, I am not a makeup artist and No...I am not from the US but I like to buy their lashes because they allow you to buy in bulk! I always get compliments wearing the #301 Jumbo lashes. They are one of my all time favourites.

My only criticism, is that the lashes don't hold their curl for very long; maybe this is due to the fact that the lashes are made out of human hair. I will however continue to buy them due to their perfect shape. Maybe I will try curling them with my hair tongs to get more life out of them!

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