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Where To Get A Tattoo

Richard Hale is a tattoo enthusiast who studies and researches tattoo symbolism, meanings, and history.


Where to get a tattoo? This is actually a great question. Where should you get a tattoo? There are several important choices that you are going to have to make before you get tattooed. Many people believe that they should choose a tattoo symbol or design first. There is nothing wrong with this. However, where are you going to get tattooed? If you get inked on your ankle, it is only big enough to hold certain tattoo symbols. Some tattoo designs and symbols require a lot of detail and larger canvas. This is why it is equally important to think of both before you decide to get tattooed.

Every location on your body has advantages and disadvantages. Many men and women don't faithfully consider where they want to be tattooed. They are busy worrying about what tattoo they are going to get and rightfully so. Choosing the right tattoo design is crucial. Even so, it does matter where your going to get tattooed. This article will help you with that decision.


One of the hardest decisions you will make in regards to your tattoo will be choosing the correct tattoo symbols. There are hundreds of tattoo symbols to choose from and nearly all of them are meaningful. Once you have chosen your symbol, you will now have to choose where you want to get tattooed. By all means, this is no easy task. If your having trouble choosing a location, you have came to the right place. In this article, we will discuss each area on the body where people get tattooed. We will also discuss the pros and cons of those locations so you will hopefully be able to choose where to get tattooed.

Where to get a tattoo? The body can nearly be tattooed anywhere. You can say 95% of your body is your canvas. There are many things that can influence where you get tattooed. Below, you can find a few of these reasons.

  • Work
  • Weight
  • Other Tattoos
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Relationship
  • School
  • Gender

When you are deciding where to get tattooed, these are things that you may have to consider. Take work for example. If you are working for a company that constantly interacts with people face to face, do you really want that neck tattoo? Your employer may have policies regarding tattoos. This is not to say that your employer is showing discrimination toward you because you have a tattoo. Work can influence where you get tattooed. Some jobs may require your tattoo to be hidden, others may not. Just keep it in mind before you choose to get your head tattoo.

Weight can also influence where we get tattooed. For example, if you are overweight, you don't want to get a tattoo on your stomach. Not saying that you can't be all means, but you may not feel comfortable showing your stomach. Once again, I am not saying that you can't. If this is what you want, go for it. The stomach is an area that can change drastically. If you are overweight and you get a tattoo on your stomach, it will not look the same when you lose weight. The same can be said if you gain weight. Most tattoo parlors will probably recommend an arm tattoo or back tattoo. These are two areas that are less effected by weight gain and weight loss.

If you have more then one tattoo, it can surely affect where you get your next one tattooed. This is simple common sense. Depending on your other tattoo, you may want to consider adding to your previous tattoo. If you have an arm tattoo, perhaps you want to turn it into a full or half sleeve. If you have an upper arm tattoo on your right, you may want to add one on the left. Just stating the obvious, other tattoos can affect where we will next be tattooed.

Religion and culture can also affect where we choose to get tattooed. You don't see cultural influence in tattoos as much in this age and time, but it still does exist. Some cultures may require that women don't get tattooed above the head. If you practice your lifestyle according to your culture, this may apply to you. The same can be said for many religions. Most religions frown upon tattoos anyway. If you are of the Christian faith, it wouldn't be appropriate to get a groin tattoo. In such religions, many tattoo symbols may not be considered "appropriate". Once again, religion and culture can influence where you get tattooed.

Finally, relationships, school, and your gender can also determine where you get tattooed. Your partner or mate may want you to get tattooed in a specific area. They may not want you to get tattooed in certain areas. When it comes to school, we are not talking about junior high or high school. You may be in a Business School or trade school. They could have rules about tattoos. Although it may be on the back of your mind, you need to consider all of these before you choose to get tattooed anywhere on your body.

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Tattoo Stencils



This is a list of area where you can get tattooed

  • Upper Arms
  • Lower Arms
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Ankles
  • Toes
  • Stomach
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Sides
  • Groin
  • Wrist
  • Hands
  • Fingers
  • Hips
  • Chest
  • Front Neck
  • Back Neck
  • Back Shoulders
  • Top Shoulders
  • Butt
  • Groin
  • Head
  • Ears
  • Face
  • Elbows
  • Knees


Where do I get tattooed? Certain areas on the body have advantages over others. Some areas can cause mild pain and discomfort while other locations are not so sensitive. Some areas are very popular among both genders and some areas are rarely seen tattooed. As you read earlier, choosing a location for your tattoo can be extremely difficult. In all honesty, there is a lot that you have to consider. We will now take a closer look at everywhere you can get tattooed.

  • Upper And Lower Arms The upper and lower arms are a popular spot to get a tattoo, especially among men. The arms are usually wide and long enough to sport nearly all tattoo symbols. For larger tattoos, you can always bring your tattoo up on the shoulder or down the arm. If women do choose the upper arm, the shoulder is often included. Both upper and lower arm tattoos can be covered up if needed. This may be something you are looking for.
  • Legs The legs are also a popular area to get tattooed, mainly with men. Leg tattoos usually portray smaller tattoo symbols, such as the yin yang tattoo or peace sign tattoo. The back of the legs, usually the calf, is more commonly tattooed then the front. Women usually choose the side of the leg or the legs are part of a tattoo design that begins on the ankles.
  • Ankles The ankles are a very popular location to get tattooed among women. Women usually tend to sport off these tattoos in sandals or flip flops. Ankle tattoos are very easy to cover up and easy to show off. As you read above, ankle tattoos are commonly designed to rise onto the legs. Men may consider ankle tattoos, perhaps on the back heal. Women also choose the top of the foot.
  • Neck The neck is a popular place to get tattooed among men and women. The back of the neck is more popular then the sides and front. The back neck tattoo can be seen with your shirt on, which allows you to always show it off. The back neck is a small area so you mainly see small tattoo symbols inked there. Men do get tattooed on the front of the neck, but this is a tender area. Such tattooed may flow on the chest, back neck, or the upper shoulders.
  • Stomach The stomach is a very popular location to get tattooed among women. Stomach tattoos are usually considered cute and sexy. There are a variety of tattoo symbols that are appropriate for the stomach among women, such as the butterfly, star, heart, or dove. Men do get stomach tattoos, but they are usually placed above the belly button. Women usually get tattooed below the stomach. Stomach tattoos can be designed to flow on the sides, which gives you a large area to work with.
  • Upper And Lower Back The upper and lower back are two of the most popular locations to be tattooed. Women usually get tattooed on the lower back and men usually choose the upper back. Men can choose from a variety of tattoo symbols when it comes to upper back tattoos. Women usually get inked on the center of the lower back. They can add different styles of art to their tattoo symbol of choice.
  • Chest Chest tattoos are more commonly seen on men then women. They can be covered if needed, but men usually prefer to show such tattoos off. The chest is a decent sized area to work with so a variety of tattoo symbols may be appropriate. Women do get chest tattoos, but not as much as men. Some women may choose to be tattooed on their boobs.


As you can see, there is plenty to consider. Even after you finally choose the right tattoo symbol, you have to consider where you want to get tattooed. It is very important to take the time to do your own research. Before you choose a tattoo symbol, you want to make sure you fully understand what that tattoo means, represents, and stands for. If you wish to learn more about all the tattoo symbols that are available to you, be sure to follow the links below.



Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on April 08, 2013:

Rich, it all depends on your future plans. Some may prefer to add one on the lower left leg while some may continue with the same leg. If you have a plan, such as a sleeve, you would stay on your right leg. If your getting a related tattoo or a tattoo that is the same concept or meaning to your tattoo on your right leg, stay with that side. If you feel that you can't add to it or it wouldn't make sense for an additional tattoo, you can start anywhere else. Many clients prefer their tattoos to be separate, others prefer a sleeve. There really is no wrong choice. But as I said, if your tattoo is related in symbolism or meaning to the other, you may want to keep adding to your right leg. If not, you can go anywhere else on the body.

Rich on January 19, 2013:

If I have one on the outside of my lower right leg, where should the next one go?

Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on June 18, 2012:

Tillsontitan, thanks again for taking the time to drop by, comment, and vote. That is something that people have to think about. It is a lifelong commitment.

Mary Craig from New York on June 12, 2012:

Good advice and information. Young people need to think about the repurcussions of a big, bad tattoo on their arm or anyplace always visible. Discretion and taste are important, especially if you're planning a career where tattoos are taboo!

Voted up and useful.

Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on May 18, 2012:


Faith Reaper

b Malin




Thanks you all for taking the time to drop by and comment. People need to think about what their tattoo may look like when they get older, very important. That is why I prefer arm and back tattoos other then other areas.

Sueswan on May 14, 2012:

Hi Ricky,

If I was to get a tattoo, I would pick a butterfly or rose on the ankle.

I cringed when I read that the groin area could be tattoo. Oh, well to each his own. lol

Voted up and awesome

I hope you are doing well my friend. :)

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on May 12, 2012:

I'm wondering too what the effect of again is on a tattoo location. It might have looked great at a particular spot when you were younger but may look weird once that area gets flabby and wrinkled. Voting this Up and Useful.

BeyondMax from Sydney, Australia on May 12, 2012:

Cool stuff, so much interesting info as always, great ideas! (I was a bit startled by "My brother's keeper" tattoo, kinda left me speechless over the meanings...not that I am implying any, that's just my brain sort of exploded on the spot) =)

b. Malin on May 11, 2012:

Always Fun and Interesting to read your Hubs on Tattoos, Lyric. I know so many people who have them...I think about doing one, "little one", but then I chicken out!

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 11, 2012:

Great information here once again. I cannot help but say "ouch" on some of those areas! Ha. Well done. Great images as always. In His Love, Faith Reaper

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 10, 2012:

Well done my friend. Very useful and informative for anyone interested in getting a tattoo. Passing this on.

Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on May 10, 2012:


KJ Force



Thank you all for taking the time to read this article. I am glad you view this as a helpful article. Many people have trouble thinking about where to get tattooed. Many don't think about it until the last second. Hopefully, this will help them. A big thanks to you all.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on May 10, 2012:

good share thelyricwriter!!!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on May 10, 2012:

I have often thought of having a heart or a rose tattoo on my ankle, I just lacked the nerve. I do think they are beautiful. Your hub should assist anyone wanting to get a tattoo..Thank you Ricky..

kjforce from Florida on May 10, 2012:

If I were to ever get a tattoo it would probably be on the ankle, as this would draw the eye downward, no one would notice my weight gain..sorry couldn't resist the humor..very informative and I'm sure many people considering a tattoo thank you,never really considered

the importance of the placement of the Art..a very personal statement..thanks for sharing all the info, I found these "TH's" very enlightening..

Rosemary Sadler from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand on May 10, 2012:

An interesting hub packed with useful detailed information. Anyone reading this and wanting to have a tattoo done is going to benefit from your advice.

Well done Ricky Voted U A & I

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