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What to do after you get a sunburn


Nobody likes to get sunburned but now that you have, what's next? No matter where the sunburn is, you can treat it the same just with different products. You treat the skin on your face different than the rest of your body because it is much more sensitive. Just like you treat the skin on your feet different due to them being hardier and more resistant.

The basic regiment you should do after you have gotten sunburned is:

  1. Apply a thick cream to the area(s) affected
  2. Gently massage into skin
  3. Apply a cooling pack - ice is too harsh
  4. Apply thick cream to the area(s) affected a second time
    Use a gentle sugar scrub to remove surface skin
  5. Apply thick cream again or aloe

Face: Use a thick cream formulated for the face. That way it doesn't have irritants in it that body creams may have in them. The sun dries the skin out so you must replenish that moisture in order for your skin to heal properly.

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